It’s U Day, Guys & Dolls…. did you feel the bumpy shift? I sure did. sigh.

IMG_2100After much ado about something monumental, today . . .

the big beautiful ball of purposeful upheaval & chaos made it’s way into the earthy bull of a sign Taurus and on the New Moon, no less. After his 8 year holiday in Aries playing with fire and revolutionizing that House, it’s now time for the new House to become independent and aligned with who you are, not who society would like you to be. The outlaying wild frontier Uranus does not follow rules. He really doesn’t give a damn what others think about him or anything else. He is electricity charged with change. He looks only forward, no rear-view mirror in sight–that was ripped from his locomotion at conception. Uranus will not show up at your customary May Day Pole Dance or 4th of July barbeque–tradition is a ritual this beauty does not subscribe to. Now, perhaps if you got Jack White to whip up something utterly sparkly new and never heard before to play aboard another something that say Tesla dreamt of and someone from The Orange Show Houston imagined into being? He might show–because he’s loud, into technology, and not only celebrates, but demands that which is original and authentic to self. But tell Jack to hold off. Uranus is busy at the moment. Right now he’s dancing his favorite dance–setting into motion a collide scope of seeming chaos and violence, noise and lightening bolts, volcanos and revolution. Intuition will find Uranus unearthing invention and progression and radical cause.

And while it might seem random, it is anything but.

And while it might make you want to burrow under the covers, you cannot hide.

The only solution is to get in alignment with what your highest purpose is, what your needs and dreams and most secret desires are and set them all free into this whirling dervish of sound and vision.

If you haven’t yet (and oh some of us certainly have) gotten whip lash from the sudden bolt of energy zapped into your life, it is likely you will before this week ends. Try to sit with it. Pause. Try not to react. Think. Breathe. Say your mantra. Say your prayers. Drink your water. Hell, drink tequila. But do. not. act.

This is your first introduction into what the theme of the next eight years will hold for you. Think of it as a  Coming Attractions Reel just before the lovely snuggly butter cream cake nourished  Star Wars-Love Actually-Crossing Delaney-True Romance-The Natural film festival with the one whose skin you love to smell, late Spring lazy Sunday-school-is-almost-out time to go barefoot Love Fest produced by none other than that nature loving flower sniffing pleasure seeking bull named Taurus.

Remember: it’s all for your own good. In the end.

I’ll write Part 2 for you and fill you in on my shock and awe tomorrow. In the meantime, go over to for you free natal chart and see which House our friend Uranus will be hanging out in for you. The beauty of astrology? You can use the blueprint of the cosmos to live your life in the fullest, most resourceful, and least challenging way possible. Let’s start now. Together.