Mars is Having a Rave–and you’re attendance is mandatory, like it or not.

mars view

Kitty’s Forecast for the week of June 15, 2018

Step 1 in Surviving the Summer of 2018

Welcome to end the end of Spring. While we have a few more days to wait until the summer solstice comes dancing barefoot with daisies braided in her hair, we are in the midst of this one last week of spring. And what a week it is!

Before I go further, my best advice is read the following list & paragraph—then come back & finish after important instructions…….

1. Go straight to bathe in a mixture of epsom salt and baking soda. Add sandalwood essential oil to the bath. If you have sandalwood incense, a candle, or essential oil—light these too.
2. Learn a new mantra or use your favorite and repeat as you light candles (if you do) and bathe.
Air dry.
Dress lightly in cotton.
3. Go immediately and contact anyone you know that is fragile in any way….. prone to depression, suffering grief or loss, in chronic pain, has suffered a tragedy… This might be and includes you.
4. Comfort them. See what they need. Check in. Be certain they are safe and feeling well.
5. If this is you (and you know if you’re white knuckling it–be honest with yourself)—self-care, self-care, self-care, self-care! Sleep. Take time off. Eat some ice cream. Schedule a read or a cleansing or a detox or an oil treatment with us here at The Euphorium if you’re near Houston. Have candles dressed and lit for you or any one your loved ones…..this is the perfect time to up your spiritual practices. Have your protection jewelry re-blessed and your crystals reiki infused. Why?

I now return to your regularly scheduled forecast for details………

Why? First, Leo is hanging out on the North Node having a little party, or, ah, rather rave. complete with synthetic drugs and flashing light sticks, with Uranus.
Let me explain.
Uranus is squaring the Nodes.
Squaring is not good. Think boxing.  Squaring off means something is going to happen and you might end up bloody on the ground. Uranus is a street fighting man. 

Uranus is the planet of chaos and destruction. While it’s for a reason (think organized chaos) it will perhaps take awhile to understand and reap the positivity he will bring you over the next 8 years as he burrows down in Taurus (he’s been in Aries for the last 7 plus years). Uranus doesn’t love being in Taurus. Taurus is grounded and sensual and stubborn and grazes slowly. Uranus? He’s a special effects movie. Bombs, flares, floods, explosions, fireworks. (hint hint….It’s a great good time to schedule a reading and find out what area of your life you can expect major Uranian upheaval.) The North Node—our spiritual node—is in dramatic proud feisty looking for a show Leo. The result is a lot of rage energy.

And then. Our South Node is in Aquarius until November 6, 2018. While the North Node is our spiritual node that brings in what we need and desire……. Our South is about release and letting go. Aquarius is a little funky town to begin with and currently it is being squared by Mars—a big ball of red hot masculine energy that can help us in so many powerful ways, but here? The red planet is forcing release. It’s forcing letting go. What we learned this past week was that letting go can sometimes mean truly letting go as we are still settling into the loss and news of the amazing intellect and adventure and walking cultural devil-may-care sexiness. & charm that is Anthony Bourdain and our darling, whimsical Kate Spade–both parents, both huge successes, both loaded, both beloved, and both opted to release their spirit by hanging. It should be noted here that Taurus rules the throat….

This is going to be a thing all summer. This happened the first week of Mars going into the South Node. Normally, we love Mars. Mars is power and drive and hot and gets things done. Releasing isn’t bad either. We can all use a decluttering now and then. Letting go creates a vacuum for something better. We let go of something taking up space and weighing us down and we receive in return something…. magical. Perfect. Something we didn’t know we needed or didn’t know existed.

But this summer with the nodes in Aquarius and that power crossing in? Things can happen, as sadly we’ve just all witnessed. The letting go was of everything—the letting of hope itself that has left us all saddened and confused.

Aquarius is fixed and Mars is action. There is no compromise between these two and the result is intense take no prisoner attitude with no limits. As we prepare for this Mars power to cross into the nodes again—the second time it will be backwards, as Mars goes retrograde June 26 until August 27—and then there will be a third transit.

So what can we do?

Astrology is timing and knowing the possibilities gives us room and a chance to prepare. If we know that we will be at our wit’s end, that our patience and anger may snap, that we are likely to be more vulnerable and more driven at the same time? Be kind and do self-care. Breathe. Do yoga. Stretch. Eat healthfully. Avoid foods that give inflammation (non-organic and those with gluten). Take your spiritual path. Commune with nature. Stay out of volatile situations that you know are going to be!

Keep your cool—both literally and figuratively! With heat rising inside and outside to scorching degrees, bad things can erupt! Losing your temper will only hurt you. Remember—there isn’t going to be compromise. Just wait it out.

Come visit us here at the Euphorium for healing. Detox, cleansing, connecting, relaxing, getting answers…. All of our services are such that they can be true assets in chaotic times just as these. Prevention. Knowledge and prevention is everything.

If you’re  not in the Houston area, hit me up for on-line services, including your astrological read, tarot, reiki healing, or maybe a combination of all with an intuitive couseling session.

More next week on Venus, Mars in retrograde, the Mars and South Node Square off, and the three eclipses we will be facing down this summer……. yes, three.

In the meantime if you’d like to know more about how these might effect you on a more personal level, schedule an appointment with me and we’ll dive into your chart and see what the planets are suggesting specifically for you.

Love and all good things,

Here’s a mantra for Mars:

Here’s another for calming & to bring anxiety down.