Why You Should Be Working With Crystals

crystal healing

Did you know that if your elementals are off, you are working harder than you need to?

Everyone is made up of earth, wind, fire, and water. All represent a different aspect that together—balanced—work with your needs to manifest the life you desire, to keep your ailments in check, to assist you in making your path less challenging.

How do you know which elements you’re strong in and which you’re weak in? 

A natal chart read. By doing a house/sign anaylsis of your chart I can determine your elementals, determining which areas are  your strongest and help you– and which areas you are the weakest in.  Then I can prescribe a cure.

The cure? The perfect crystals that will not only balance you, but I can teach you how to use the crystal to bring out the elements you need for a specific aspect or task in your life—a project, a dilemma, a love situation, an obstacle. 

In addition…. What else can crystals do?

Crystals interact with your chakras to encourage and heal emotional and physical and spiritual needs and put you in alignment.

Here are some other Beautiful Benefits of Crystal Healing:

Crystals can………..

  1. Help you make the right decisions.
  2. Eliminate worry,  freeing your mind to nurture, heal, & create instead.
  3. Give you a sense of real peacefulness.
  4. Improve your confidence.
  5. Increase energy.
  6. Open up opportunities.
  7. Increase focus.
  8. Sharpen your people-communication skills, bringing them to an all  new level.
  9. Assist in helping you act now, rather than procrastinate.
  10. Ward off discouragement.
  11. Make your daily Saturn—the grind and ‘to dos’ and ‘have tos’—much more tolerable!
  12. Color your world brighter!
  13. Spiritual peace & healing.
  14. Increase your humility.
  15. Increase your patience so you are capable of being still & quiet in your life.
  16. Add joy to simple things.
  17. Help you live in the moment—live in gratitude.
  18. Settle down anxiety.
  19. Protect and shield–keeping malefic & negative energy away.
  20. Help you connect with  your higher angels.

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Love and all good things,