Lunar Eclipse Fall Out

Summer 2018

The much heralded Total Lunar  Eclipse in Aquarius has passed….  it occurred at 3:30 CST and lasted for 100 minutes–the longest the 21st Century will experience. Few,  if any alive today,  will experience this happening again. This Blood Moon still reigns Full and simply because the actual eclipse is over, the effects are barely getting started, if indeed they have at all. For some of us it will be during the next weeks…. As far as the power of the Full Moon, it is active for three days, so if you haven’t charged your crystals or done your hoodoo or spell crafted, there’s still time.


This eclipse was in this family of Aquarius/Leo Eclipses. The last in this family will occur on January 21, 2019. The others occurred on the following dates:

  • Penumbral LUNAR Eclipse 2016 August 18 5:26:31 25 Aquarius 52
  • Penumbral LUNAR Eclipse 2017 February 10 19:32:49 22 Leo 28
  • Partial LUNAR Eclipse 2017 August 7 14:10:33 15 Aquarius 25
  • Total SOLAR Eclipse 2017 August 21 14:30:06 28 Leo 53
  • Total LUNAR Eclipse 2018 January 31 8:26:39 11 Leo 37
  • Partial SOLAR Eclipse 2018 February 15 16:05:07 27 Aquarius 08
  • Total LUNAR Eclipse 2018 July 27 16:20:15 4 Aquarius 45
  • Partial SOLAR Eclipse 2018 August 11 5:57:38 18 Leo 42
  • Total LUNAR Eclipse 2019 January 21 0:15:58 0 Leo 52

Look back to these dates and see if anything was happening, changing, causing chaos at these times in  your life give or take a week or three or so. See if you can find a  common theme. This is heading toward the grand finale to what you were being taught,  what the universe wanted you to learn, that will move you forward on your path to your highest self and life’s purpose. Eclipses mean change. They serve to catapult us forward, even if it seems chaotic and ugly….. sometimes we have to be forced to stop beating our head into the same brick wall only to have it bleed again. Sometimes the universe demands we move on and release that which is serving to keep us from our path no matter how comfortalbe and familiar it is–and often, it’s painful or dull or deadening or causing a block and you even know it, but fear keeps you from moving on…. we think at least it’s a discomfort we know and understand. So we continue, and that discomfort becomes a sad kind of comfort. And then all hell breaks loose. And it’s  name is the South Node.

Eclipses happen in one of the Moon’s Nodes–the North or South. The North brings in the good stuff. The South declutters that which no longer serves us. It often comes as a shock. As a hurt. As a heartbreak. As an upheavel that leaves us surrounded by shrapnel.  It is then up to use to dig through that shrapnel and locate the bits and pieces we can use to build a new life on. A new, stronger, brighter, shinier one. And by doing so we are forced to call on our best selves…. and when we do so, we become much closer to our best selves.

Dancing with the cosmos is much much easier than fighting it. When you move with the dance rather than trying to change that waltz to a lindy hop,  you will find you’re a pretty skilled dancer after all. Maybe even So You Think You Can  Dance ready. Suit  up.

This eclipse happened on the South  Node in Aquarius. In addtion… and oh there are so many additions……

Mars is in retrograde. Mars in in Aquarius. Mars hates both. On  a good day, he is all power and fury and agression. He’s been called a liar and a cheat, a bringer of war and the last one you want to show up anywhere. However, he’s strength and we all need strength. The fire sign Mars rules House 1 (the self) and House 8 (the house of transformation, sex,death). Considered a malefic, he also rules Scorpio and Aries. If you have Aquarious in the first or 8th house, if you are a Scorpio or Aries sun, rising, or moon, you might find that you will feel stronger effects from this Mars transit.

Mars is also out of bounds, and when  he is out of bounds? There’s simply no way to predict. He’s James Dean. He’s the Rebel Without a Cause. He’s Frankenstein’s Monster running amok but he has intelligence and wherewithall. He’s the one who won’t be named. Let’s not, shall we?

mars view

Mars  is one degree from the South Node which is one degree from the Moon. Mars is hitting the South Node for the second of three times this summer. The last time? The week that Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade released everything and ended their lives–both using what is considered the most violent method of all, hanging, and leaving behind a child. They opted for the ultimate release. Be kind. Be kind. Be kind.


We cannot change what we cannot control. We can only control what is in our power. Let Mars teach us this. We can control our responses, our tempers, our actions. Check on your loved ones not just today but every day. Hold your tongue. Avoid confrontations and touchy subjects with those you love and are important in your life. Nothing good will come of it and we are all in this boat whose holes are patched and peeling away together. The summer will indeed end.

More additions.

We are in the summer of retrogrades. Not only Mars, but of course, now Mercury. Mercury is in Leo, which is in  his detriment and Venus is (not in retrograde until October) in her detriment in Virgo. Picky picky Virgo while Venus is all beauty and love and sparkle. Detriment translates to not happy. Mercury rules communication and engine type things–like those you work with and travel with. He causes delays and break downs and lost messages and miscommunication. There’s nothing you can do about it, so instead of stressing beyond stress and giving yourself a stroke or reinacting Michael Douglas in “Falling Down” just take something with you to do–a book (what?) or project and realize it’s everyone, folks. And just like the summer heat pushed William Hurt over the edge in “Body Heat,” it’s not helping the cause when red hot Mars and zippy little Mercury are both slowed down and backwards. Try  walking backwards. See how fun that is? Now do it in a place you hate–your job or your ex’s house or Wal-Mart under those god awful florescent lights with the tiny rows and screaming babies. Imagine how cranky you’d be. Just be cool. Be cool. Be George Clooney-Seth Gecko  “From Dusk till Dawn” cool.

Pluto,  Saturn, Neptune, and Chiron are all retrograde as well. Uranus is about to be. Jupiter just went direct on July 10 and Uranus will turn around August 7.

There are a lot of ugly aspects too, but you are getting the idea.

So my friends, other than hold your temper and breathe deeply before causing someone to pull out a Sig Sauer P365 Nitron Micro-Compact (yeah, I googled that–we are American, home of the free to murder school children) and do a drive-by in rush hour traffic (Think about it. You go out over road rage brought on by climate change and Mars retrograde in the soaring heat. This is not how you want to go out, Skippy.)–what else can you do. Try these on for size. While they are tips to survive the eclipse, they  will be powerful the rest of the summer, folks. Remember Eclipse  Part 3 (you know how the summer loves sequels!) is coming up on August 11 and the retrogrades carry on until the very tail end of this long, hot summer.



It’s the end of the world as we know it  & I want to feel fine

Survival Kit…

  1. Hydrate. No, coffee and Coca-Cola do not hydrate. Think water. Herbal tea.
  2. While you’re thinking water?  Be around it. Get in it. Have splashy-splashy time in the  pool (calling Eddie Izzard, calling Eddie Izzard….). Go to the coast. Drive to a lake. Stand in a waterfall. Soak in a tub. Shower often.
  3. As long as you’re bathing, do it up  right. Throw some rosemary and thyme in there–fresh or dried–and add some Sandalwood Essential Oil. These will soak in and soothe you, call in what you wish to manifest, and remove negative energies and shielding you against other malefics be they electronic energy,  annoyed ghosts, or mean mean people. Rub a cream or oil containing camphor or tea tree oil into your feet. Breathe deeply. Feel your head clear.
  4. Speaking of shielding, turn to crystals. Black  tourmaline is the go to shield and protect stone. While all of these tempers are flaring and people are showing their worst (oh my god can it get any worst I ask you? Worse than children in cages and racism and Nia being slaughtered and Tony hanging himself and cops raviging and pillaging? Oh yeah, there’s Dictator Trump and his un-merry scowling band of menions & their world take over using lies and hate) having some constant protection is a very good thing to do. The crystal can be small. Palm size. Smaller. Tuck it in  your pocket, your hand bag, put a piece on your desk, wear it in jewelry. Don’t leave home without it.
  5. Other stones you might consider having nearby? Moonstone–any color: milky white, peach, green. Mine is green. Selenite. A beautiful selenite tower is under $10 on  Amazon. Girasol–this stone is clear quartz caught in the moment of turning  into Opal. In this time of transition,  what could be more perfect? And lastly,  opal itself. (by the by,  has beautiful crystals in their Shop section under accessories. There is gorgeous girasol and some lovely selenite. I purchased my moonstone & girasol there… you can find smaller lovely sourced pieces on Itsy)
  6. Do your ritual work. Do you use a mala  or hand mudra for recitations/prayers? Do you meditate? Do you visualize? Don’t let up. If you don’t, pick something and begin. There are meditations tuned to your astrology on Chani Nicholas’ site in her (now half priced) Eclipse Part I class ( and there’s a powerful  recitation on Benebell Wen’s page in her Tinkering Bell #7 Seal of Changes blogpost. (
  7. Sit still and reflect. That’s what retrogrades are all about. Slowing  down. Feeling groovy.  Reevaluating your life. Are you on your path?  That’s the whole idea. You aren’t here to be one of the misrable and the horrible (but those are the only life options if you believe Alvy Singer and right now, I’m not sure I don’t) but to live the life that you have all the makings for. You were given a blue print when you were born. Now whether you follow it is up to you. Does something feel so so right? It’s likely part of your path (unless you’re high as a kite, then baby, just lay back and look at that glorious map in the sky we have been gifted and feel. Save thinking for tomorrow. It will still all be there and you on the outside, blind, eyes that cannot see… sing  I will follow… I will follow….  We are given talents, gifts, and desires for a reason. The things that make  us feel alive?  Do those. It’s your signal you’re on the right track. Anything you love will get you where you need to be. Just follow it….. I will follow….. I will follow….. If you’re not feeling this, how can you be on the right path? We all have situational pain and chaos and challenges. We are being forced to get to where we need to be. Take this time to consider if you are being forced into something new through continuing chaos in your life or if  you are dancing with the planets.
  8. Dance. Dance. Dance the magic dance. On the dancefloor. On the living room floor. In the park. Behind the school house. Inside the elevator. Dance in your suit,  your jammies, your underwear, your skin. Play music. Play It Loud, as both Slade and the  Black Eyed Peas demanded. Play Bowie. Play the Go Go’s. Play the  Spice Girls. Play Vampire  Weekend and Foster the People.  Jack White’s “Connected by Love” at top volume. The new David Byrne “I Dance Like This”. Give Lou Reed’s “Transformer” a go.  If you’re really adventurous, spin Laurie Anderson’s  “Strange Angels” LP. Hell, go see live music. If you’re super duper lucky go see the Longshot and you better thank your lucky stars you can. If you can’t, play them dang it. Madonna. Always Madonna. And ABBA. Go to the movies and see the giant lizards. Eat pie at all hours. Read David Sedaris. Read a young adult novel (Meg Cabot, anyone?).
  9. Sleep. Rest. Imagine. Dream. Visualize. Play. Laugh. Wonder. Register to vote.
  10. Don’t act. Don’t sign things. Don’t overload yourself. Schedule down time.  Take more than  usual. The minute you sneeze go to the doctor. Say no. Eat well.  Take well sourced vitamins. Go vegan. Go organic. Try Mapo Tofu at your local good great  Chinese.  If you like spice, you’ll be sold. (when in Houston? Spicy Girl on Winbern.) Try out new fruits. Avoid dairy. Indulge in a Mexican Coke. Throw out anything with corn syrup. Bake something using real products. Fast for 24 hours. Or 10. Treat yourself to fresh squeezed orange juice (any local bar with a mixologist and if in Texas,  h.e.b. grocery–who saved us when Harvey hit.)
  11. And lastly, (I’m ending on 11–see how I did that?) turn to metaphysics. Get a tarot reading or a natal chart reading or an oracle reading or an I Ching reading. Get a detox or cleansing. Get a Reiki massage. Get a foot detox or yoni steam.  Discover yoni eggs (see Chakrubs above) and sacred sex. Celerate you and who  you love and who you are blessed enough to be loved by. Buy a box of  Oracle cards–shuffle it and turn one over every day. Place it on your altar while you burn candles and reflect. Let it guide your day. Use it for journal writing and focus. Seek out a practitioner for  candle magic and manifesting rituals. (the Ritual Oracle is perfect!


In the meantime, all good things,

P.S. and love love love  you.

P.P.S. You can message me for metaphysics here online or if you’re in the Houston area,  visit me and the other unelievably gifted practitioners at The Euphorium.

P.P.S.S. Did I say be kind?  Be kind.