Storytime with Kitty….. hearing the lion’s roar & walking with him through the sharpnel of the summer into the bright light of the eclipse……


New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Leo 8.11.18

The last stop on the non-stop thrill ride that has been our Eclipse Season during this Summer of Cosmic Chaos is coming.  When Leo’s Solar Eclipse blinks it’s shadow eye at us,  it will be the  4th in the lion’s sign. There is just one more to go then, coming January 2019, and this series will be over, with Leo not to see another for about a decade. What is the King of the Jungle trying to teach us? What gifts will be wrapping up before this time next year? (Remember….. eclipse energy stays around for up to six months following the event to do it’s work.)

Eclipses are here to wake us up and force us to see truths. When the sun or moon brings the change of atmosphere, the oceans, wild life, and yes, you my love, respond. Astrology just is. You don’t have to believe in it. The universal sacred geometry and physics happen according to  divine plan whether you take note or not.  It’s  just that taking note makes your life a whole lot richer…. and a whole lot smoother.

What many do not realize is that astrology is mythic, philosophical, the original science, and the connection point of every being not just on earth, but in the infinite cosmos. When we all look up at the same bright moon, we are one. When the moon pulls the tides, it is not simply a wave in Galveston, but an impact that is felt in all of the world’s waters.

My favorite description of how an eclipse feels is the notion of walking out of a movie theatre into a bright sunny day. Everything is off. It’s like you suddenly opened your eyes and were blinded. Dazed and confused. Temporarily stunned. This is eclipse energy. It will either cause a release–of the clutter blocking your path–or a hunger that will drive you forward, push you toward your destiny.

Either way, change is going to happen. Like it or not. 

An example from my own life of stumbling into learning to work with  the Leo  ecliopse series whose next event is Saturday:

This Leo cycle is occuring in my 10th House.

To know where it’s happening in yours, you need to know your birth information including exact time and location. With this,  a natal chart can be created revealing a blueprint of the sky the moment you were born. This blueprint contains your correct signs in their houses.  You can go to to create a free natal chart. Or you can contact me via my cell, email, or at The Eupohorium to work  up your  Natal chart for a personalized  Eclipse reading which will fill you in on all you need to be aware of & teach you how to work with this energy in your own life.

My Eclipse Read, which is normally approximately $150, is available to you from now until Tuesday, August 14, 2018 for the special I’m having a Leo moment of love and generosity for only $75. Half Price!!!!! We can work in personk, via video chat, or through e-mail.

My reads contain a copy of your chart, a written document of your read itself containing more nuances and information than a verbal read (I channel through writing) crystal elemental cures for challenges, and, as always, I will answer follow-up questions that come to you over the next week or so to clarify any information.

Contact me ASAP as space will fill and this is a short lived special to introduce you to working with the planets and how much information you can gain in regard to all aspects of your life & making your visions & intentions manifest. 910.352.1198

Kitty Darling at the Euphorium in Houston,  Texas 23 minutes from downtown. 

The 10th House is the house of career and even further, your highest potential, which is keyed to your life’s purpose. Here are the dates of this series:

February 10, 2017; August 21, 2017; January 31, 2018; August 11, 2018; January 21, 2019

At the end of the cycle, this area of your life that Leo oversees should be tranformed and you?  Further along your life’s path toward your fate.

While trying not to get too much into the details of my life, so as not to bore you too much dear reader,  here’s how The Leo Series has play out for me thus far …………….

In February of 2017 I moved into my new loft. There had been big changes in my life (keyed to the Aquarius Series that ended on July 27, 2018 with a Lunar Eclipse) and it was the first place I’ve had on my own in, I don’t know, more than 30 years. I was working on my second film, the documenary Green Day Dreams, which included me jetting about the country to attend a ton of shows in Green Day’s Revolution Radio tour. I knew, simply knew, something great was happening under the surface. My assumption was in film. My first, Party Night–a retro slasher made on a micro-budget, was in the figurative can and winning awards at Independent Film Festivals around the country. I knew my exit plan from teaching was coming.  One more year and I was out. I had originally planned on attending a few Green Day shows out of passion, and then  I realized ohhhhh the book I wanted to writesince 2005 is not a book. It is a film and now’s the time. ….

I unpacked my apartment and packed my suitcase. I was told by another filmmaker in the know, that it would take just three films to be able to have an income equvitable to that of teaching. I was ready. I had a screenplay in my head for my third. I  purchased a camera. I started a production company. Hey Ho, let’s go.

By August 2017, I was sick as a dog. A very  very sick dog. I had crashed and burned from a yet  undiagnosed chronic incurable condition over the summer and hadn’t been able to even raise the funds I needed to complete filming, as meager as they were. In fact, I was so ill by September that I didn’t get to the two shows in Texas that were 3 hours away. This is a true indicator I’m sick. Missing Green Day? In driving distance? No fucking way.


With the film career on hiatus and who knows how this health thing would turn out (the words feeding tubes were being bandied about) my grand exit looked dire at best. What are you going to do now, Leo?

Putting the film on hold was one of the hardest things I’ve done. I had no choice. As sick as I was I somehow started the school year,  again–no choice, only to further go down in flames. I was already on the shit list for  reasons  unknown, other than I simply do not  have the appropriate demeanor for coping with any public school administration and the dumbed down content and superfluous non-reasons, the  blantant disrespet from parents and the constant reminders of the state tests that are ruining have ruined education (oh, I guess that sentence explains…. but I was never disrespectful, I did my job, and I am a damn good teacher.)

It took until October to finally get a diagnois. During this time between, Hurricane Harvey hit and Houston came to a flooded stand still as a heartbreaking number of homes, wildlife, & photographs of moments gone by stood in what was now a mosquito ridden mass grave of hopes and dreams.

As I  continued to miss work due to  illness and the pressures became worse than before dealing with the school–and they were unbearable before–I knew I could not survive this.  Film or no film, I had to get out and now. All I could imagine was missing so much work  that my alloted sick days would be gone & I would start to be docked. Living paycheck to paycheck, there is no way I could hold on in that situation.  I wouldn’t be able to pay my rent and then I’d be homeless and the district would  find a way to fire me out of my contract  and… and….. and….. and…..

Now they had a valid excuse. Chronic absences. I began to be tormented by a new rapid Assistant Principle of a mission to make a name for herself, and I thus had a very big target on my back.

I knew I had to leave now, not later, but how?

A light began to slowly turn on.

During the August eclipse I had made some  really strong  intentions using manifestation magic. It wasn’t  only a New Moon–but an eclipse and during the open portal of Lionsgate (for more information, check the upcoming blog post later today or early tomorrow). One intention was for direction, a secure exit, & the courage to take risks. Another was for my health to return.

I had started realizing for some tim that metaphysics were part of the make up of who I am.  I had been working like mad to push the gifts I knew I had.  To learn as much as humanly possible in the areas I had spent a lifetime of discovery in & where my gifts, passed down along my maternal blood line, lay. I had been taking advanced astrology classes and consuming them like air fine tuning my knowledge of the science. I worked with tarot to open my third eye and crown chakra further. I was chosen by diety to continue her work.

At this time I just imagined however that I could  teach at the community college two blocks away. I looked into online teaching for public school as well as teaching English to Chinese students.

Then January 2018. Eclipse 3 of 5. 

Certainly during this time I wasn’t paying attention to eclipses. I was a girl in the fire of Leo on 6th House mission (Uranus had to do with this too….  but folks, that’s another story!) of health and work.

During one of my regular reads with Jeremiah--those of you who frequent The Euphorium know of Jeremiah. Those of you who know me personally know I never stop talking about him & his work & how he’s changed my life in the going on 2 years I’ve been seeing him for guidance–he suddenly suggested I come work in the office next to him. I could rent the space and do my thing.

Now at this time? I had never told him about my work in woo. But of course, being him, he knew.

The very moment he said it as we walked past the office next door to his that I’m sitting in at this moment typing this very long blog post, I felt my world click into place.

February, 2018. I resigned. 

I had an entire semester to go which gave me time to do a business plan, gather resources, push hard in classes, contact former clients from my work in years’ past, have an overlapping revenue stream.  . . in other words, to plan plan plan.

After I came here I began doing astrological natal charts on both of the owners and the shop itself (the event of the shop opening)……and guess what? All three–yes,  both owners and the establishment itself–all have Leo Moons. You cannot make this stuff up. Astrology.

So here I am sitting in  my office  at The Euphorium.. . . . .

by flowing with the planets.

by refusing to let fear step in the way or freeze me in my tracks.

by being willing to jump through the open window that the Cosmos had provided.

I danced with the planets and honored what these eclipses were eclipsing out and into my life.

You can do this, too.


Now. August 2018.

In two days Leo will witness a lights out in his house. As he shakes him maned head and closes his soft eyes from the brilliant blinding flash of sunlight emerging after a sudden shocking nighttime sky invades his droosy sunny nap, he will rise up and offer to you a ticket to your future, an open door, an invitation. Will you accept it?

Leo helped me arrive here at my destination.

For the lion’s last and final stop for another decade this upcoming January 2019, I dream and envison to manifest by hard work & generosity a clientele that I put my full self into & treat as family. I am not asking to manifest financial abundance. I know this is the natural extension of treating Leo’s gift with respect and reverence.

I hope to meet you on my journey of a lifetime.

I hope to join you on  yours.

Love and all good things,