i’m your Venus i’m your fire your desire

I’m Your Venus

Because it’s Mercury Retrograde & I’m at least as vulnerable, I think more so in the shoemaker’s children always go barefoot tradition………. a few bits you need to know for RIGHT NOW, my loves.

Miss Venus has put on her lipstick and kitten heels and strutted herself into Libra.  And she’s packing her magic wand.

Venus is Libra’s planetary ruler, so of coure she’s happy when she’s in one of her homes (Libra and Taurus) and is basically the Queen Bee as in Queen Bey when she’s in Pisces. The Fabulous Miss V had been hanging out in Vigro–her least favorite place in the world. If Venus is Karen Walker,  then Virgo would be Wal-Mart if Wal-Mart was organized, prissy, had OCD, and nit picked at everything like it was a scab on a kid’s knee. In fact, Venus is in her FALL  in Virgo.

When a planet is in their fall, it means regardless of if they are a super power,in real life they loses their powers here. They are tired, weak, frustrated, and irritable. It’s as if every day is a Monday at a job they cannot abide. A Monday during Mercury Retrograde three days before payday so they don’t have a dime to their name. And that song Friday is being an ear worm.  You get the idea.

So the Queen Bee left behind her blues in Virgo where she was not being effective at all in assisting with all of the summer’s cosmic chaos and she went into her lovely Libra–the home of partnership and balance, justice and beauty, romance and diplomacy and charm.

Venus is all about romance and she’s all about pretty things, which requires a certain, ah, means. Thus when Venus can do her thing, she blesses those areas of our lives with open roads and sweet coincidences and synchronicities. If you were about to give up in those areas of your life, my dear, hold on. Let her work her charms.

venusDid any of you experience any out of blue special effects on  Tuesday August 7 or Wednesday, August 8? I did. It wasn’t pretty although the end result, which thankfully was within an hour due to my being around enlightened souls, left us all with clarity and a sense of security and needed assurance.

It’s likely you had some kind of blow up too–especially in a relationship (romantic or business) or money.

Hello Venus
This is Miss Venus
It’s so nice to have you back
where you belong
You’re lookin’ swell, Venus
I can tell, Venus
You’re still glowin’, you’re still crowin’,
you’re still goin’ strong
Venus, never go away
Promise, you’ll never go away
Venus never go away again

Now that Venus is back in one of the places where she belongs, she will  shine and sparkle, eat French macaroons, and raise her wand to  lift some of the hardships we’ve been suffering from us. Finally.

bake berry bisquit breakfast

You can expect to see the struggles soften, a financial flow to return, and your beloved to find his way back to you. 

A return to sweetness.





The reason for the upheavel this week was about the latest to join the hit parade of retrogrades, Uranus.

Uranus is a cosmic chaotic revolutionary special effect artist freedom loving take no prisoners disruptive electric agent of change. 

Not change for change’s sake, however. He’s a keen intellect and far smarter than the rest of us, except maybe Mercury. He has solutions for every problem, even before you know they are a problem and he’s taken it upon himself  to fix it. To fix it in order to give you the light to fix you. To find your way.

Think of him as Tyler Durdan. And when he’s in retrograde, he’s purchased the top floor of a skyscraper already, and he’s making soap.



So Uranus is now in Taurus where he will be residing for the next 7.5 years after a brief transit back into Aries (Noember 2017-March 2018) and you might have already been feeling his effects in whatever area of your chart you have Taurus. This past mid May he made the crossing after his 8 year stay in Aries. It’s a good time to see what your Taurus is responsible for so you can get ready to embrace the change, healing, and most likely upheavels.

You can expect him to be all up in your love and money.

Mr. Durdan will be retrograde until January 6, 2019. Be open minded. Flexible. Thoughtful. Remember he’s making soap. His ways might not be elegant or kind but he’s getting the job done. And he really really wants you to be who you really are.

If all of this is making you feel anxious and frustrated, and perhaps even…. sad or discouraged, try to remember……

Venus is our hope and beauty. She will make our lives sweeter and enchant our rebel with a cause.

And finally–Uranus isn’t a bully. He’s astute. He forces away from you only that which is stalling or harming your purpose and authentic self which you are refusing to see and let go of on your own.

And Mercury stations Direct on August 19…… hold on, hold on. You’re not alone.


Love, and all good things–