the darling transit report

I come bearing good news… not jublilant news, but in light of this summer of retrogrades and eclipses,  pretty dang good.


Let’s start with tonight, Friday August 10. We are enjoying a little boy planet-girl planet trine  as Venus (sitting in it’s zodiac sign of Libra) and Mars get cozy and create a lovey sweet evening for romance and playfulness. After all the hostilty of Mars’ retrograde, he’s feeling calmer and a bit, ah, firey spending time with his beloved. It’s a good idea for you to do the same. If you don’t have one?  It’s just the summer night to hang out with friends in some dark, cool place with a slushy drink in hand and strike up a witty conversation with the hottie you normally wouldn’t approach. Chances are a bit better than decent that this might mean you have a great What Did You Do On Your Summer Vacation story to share with the class.

And unless you stay up and stumble into the House of Pies and share cherry pie and cottage fries with your new beau,  you are quite likely to miss the Solar Eclipse in Leo that is happening at 4:57 AM  CST. But it’s ok. If you’re in America, you can’t see it from here anway,so snuggle in andvenus and mars enjoy while you can because upon waking and shaking off his sensual Leo interlude,  Mars is back  to his pissed off  irritable I want to fight and raise hell and I can’t do that so well in a backwards state of being, so I’m really irritable  really angry…… but wait! He’s not only retrograde, but running backwards in, ewwwww Capricorn, the stupid grounded I just keep my feet safe and planted and work hard all day goat, as he transits into the goat’s house & hangs out there until August 27.

mars is pissedHard working in the midst of summer when all he wants to do is be a street fighting man?


angry red planet




It’s best to settle in and do as littleas possible. Lay low. Keep your boundaries. Know your triggers. It’s really not worth it. Soon enough August 27 will roll around and Mars will roll forward to the same point he went retrograde in back in June at 28 degrees Capricorn… and once again, begin his trek forward. Finally, on October 8,  back in  Aquarius at the same 9 degrees he entered  Aquarius backwards in on June 26,  the Divine Masculine in Planetary form will leave it’s shadow and get on down, get on down the road.

I did promise you more good news… and get ready, Mercury is stationing direct on August 19. Yes, in  a mere week, you will be free to once again sign contracts, buy large things, send messages, and kinda sorta assume your plane will be on time and your uber won’t break down.



The really good news, the great news, the magical news is that Saturday’s Solar Eclipse in Leo is the last eclipse until January. This is the 4th out of the 5 eclipses in Leo so the work you’re doing here will be coming to an end sometime between January and July of 2019. (Remember eclipse energy hangs around for another six months). This is a nice eclipse. Like a  big cuddly kitty, it is  going to feel warm and you  might even feel a sense of comfort and harmony or oneness, but  it’s still likely you won’t feel quite back in balance yet and spend the afternoon and evening in an emotional state, but just remember that it’s temporary. Blame it on the moon restarting in the sky. By tomorrow that emotional peak should have subsided. While it’s full force try to sit with the tears and see what lesson or story it is important for you to know now.

Storytime Interlude

Back as Phoebe Buffay would say, in the olden days, the days of yore, it was believed that an enormous dragon lived in the sky.  Once a year it ate the sun and once a year it ate the moon. This is the original story of the eclipes. The dragon’s head lived on the north node, it’s tail on the south. Thus far this summer, we have had to buck up. We have all done a lot of releasing–whether we wanted to or not. It’s not like the we all just made the unifying decision to read The Magical Art of Tidying Up and simultaneously fell in love with decluttering and  the joy simplicity can bring. No. We released even if we fought tooth and nail. This was the dragon’s tail, whipping around the South node smashing away anything that was or is keeping you from your lifepath. Now, however we are going to experince the North node, the dragon’s head. dragon

                  And the dragon hungers.

The dragon’s craving will pull you toward your desires. Your desire is your path. Your intuition is turned way up high by the lights turning off in the sky and what you desire, my love, is what you need. Go for it. Dream. Believe. Go forward. The dragon must be fed.

And just like that… we will finally be free to move forward again, with the pace picking up as we spring over each hurdle and Mercury then Mars join us racing, heart pumping around the track.

It’s time to plant, Johnny Appleseed.

New Moons are without exception nights of manifestation. It is now you define your intentions and by  fire or air or water or earth, turn them over to deity while you visualize and imagine how it will feel when these desires solidify from belief to truth. You plant on the New Moon, then as the moon grows, that which you desire grows and on the Full Moon, the following or the zodiac sign matching one six months late (or perhaps even later) you can reap your harvest.

This moon is a super tuned up high vibe manifesting like a Genie moon. 

lion and the moon


First. It’s an eclipse.  Eclipses bring energy. An energy strong enough to turn off the sky’s light. Second. The New Moon is happening on the hungry head of the north  node dragon. Lastly, the Lionsgate Portal is open.

What is the  Lionsgate Portal. This is the opening to deity. To the Akasha Records. To the Amuna Mundi.During a few days each  August, starting on August 8 (8/8) the portal opens and we have a few days to interact with our patrons, our gods,  our goddesses via an access so great it is more so than the thinning veils of Samhain. 8 is the number of balance. As with, for instance, poison magic–the idea is that during this brief penergy lioneriod, the balance of the world can be alchemically restored by communicating our desires to spirit. This year, the number of balance and infinity, is tripled with the additon of the year 2018. More energy. More abilty. More sun for the soil to  nourish our seeds of intention. Speak  to spirit in whatever way that resonates with you. Speak out your desires. Your hunger. Let your voice be heard and your dragon filled after all of the loss he has experienced during these last hot and harsh weeks of summer. The Lionsgate Portal is open until August 14.

There is no reason to rush to nowhere. There are confrontations to pass on. Sleeps to sleep. Let your eyes stay heavy and allow yourself to walk away from the dishes in the sink. To procrastinate on the errand. To dream deeply of your projects. Dream big. Feel your visons as if they are laying  beside you on the warm green grass under an infinite blue sky. Today, my love, just today, it is okay to lay here and be. Lay here and breathe. Lay here with the fluffy sleepy feline and soak in the rays of light.

lion in the sun

Love and all good things,