the darling transit report for the week of 3 september 2018

Saturn is about to join Mercury and Mars in stationing direct.

Whoo Whooooooo!–on Sept 6–then you’ll see things really start to get on down, yes, get on down the road…… Finally. Next week? Pluto follows suit.

We will still have to join our ahhhhhhh, let’s just say friend–the malefic bad ass (malefic–where do you think Rachel Pattillo and my favorite Disney Princess, Maleficient, got her name?), the did you get your oil changed dad planet who has been in sitcom terminally grumpy dad territory–Saturn–as he travels back to where he was in Maybefore he let’s lose and moves on to new ground.
Yes, first, we have to go yet again on this third swipe through the same old scene…… In my chart (Scorpio Rising) that meant communication being whacked all this time so badly that I’ve manifested a fear of speaking my mind, feelings, thoughts….. I am so over that….. 
So whatever was happening in your world say, mid-May through the mid-June? These things are going to be triggered again if you haven’t cleaned them up and processed…. and please say you have. Please say I have. This was not the highlight of my year….I doubt it was of yours either.
However……. let’s get out your tennis shoes and get ready to run forward after these past few months of stumbling backwards and falling down…. communication is going to finally blow open. Work can actually get done…. relationships can blossom…..we can buy things,  like houses and stuff …….. begin projects we’ve been milling over in the planning stages…. MOVE after weeks of sitting and waiting and reflecting till we can’t stand our own heads any longer. It is going to feel like Spring as we dash head first into Fall***
Lovely Venus is going into her shadow to go retrograde in October…but that’s ok. We have an all clear right now. (Caveat: no  cosmetic surgery guys and dolls from 10/5-11/16… retrograde in Venus is NOT the time for beauty works. Hold onto that thought till the third week in  November. I mean, try not to even get a hair cut during this time… botox…  nada….)
In fact, Our Lady of Beauty & Bubbles & All Things that Glitter (think Cher circa 1975–google it…the one with her and Bette and Elton) (Ok, dang it I’ll just post it) is spending socher and come time, starting September 9, in Scorpio. What do you get when you mix the Planet of Love with the Planet of Sex? Let’s see……
And guess who is there in that party of 3 as well? Our true blue friend Jupiter who is making the last of his rounds before going into fiery Sagittarius in November. So you’ve got, let’s see…..
love + sex + (luck + abundance) =
Have fun and be safe, my lovelies. Fall in love. Fall deeply deeply in love.
venus and mars


Before The Divine Miss V makes this delicious move, however…. take note that September 8 is not going to be a good day to test the waters with your True Love/Soulmate/Twin Flame/The One/The One Right Now/Hey Good Looking What You Got Cookin?
On this day, the Divine Masculine Yang Mars,  Our Planet of Testosterone,  is going to square the Divine Miss V of Femininity and Yin,  so keep tears and tempers and attitudes at bay. Go to a movie or a loud party or just to bed early and for God’s sake, don’t drink. Just Be Cool. You got through the summer  and are still in tact,
you can get through one day.
Then to complete our weekend, we have a New Moon on September 9, the following day. New Moons are the ripe plowed soil for manifesting, so start thinking about what you plan to set your intentions for this month. The New Moon will be in Virgo. It’s always extra fortuitous if you plan your desires for the area of your chart that houses the sign the New Moon is in…..
(Pardon for a quick commercial break–if you do not know what your Rising Sign is so you don’t know what your Natal Chart situation is…. now is the time to contact me for a Natal Chart Read….. Hint Hint! I’m doing a super nice we survived retrograde and eclipse summer now let’s get on with our lives sale…… my $75 Natal Chart Read–which trust me, or don’t–look it up….is already a super low price…. and  is going to be a mere $60 from September 6 to September 21 for all new clients who mention this post–and all month long for all VIP Owl’s Nest members at The Euphorium BOOK NOW! I also do Natal Charts and all Astrological work via email and FaceTime or Zoom)
……… however regardless of the sign, make your wish list, check it twice, do a moon ritual, take some action, and make your passion work for you in having the life you covet.
And finally!

Drumroll, please……………………

at long last, love, my movie Party Night  IMG_2867will be released on Tuesday, September 11, 2018 at all local retail and streaming on all places where movies can be streamed.

Yes you can finally see teenagers who didn’t go to prom but instead went to a….. cabin in the damn woods…… fill the screen with the best stage blood for film money can buy, I’m not even kidding this is Tarantino shit…. and you can also see Tallulah Hurst in a cameo.

I’m terribly terribly proud of this little film that was done on a serious micro-budget. The cast and crew (ah hum… there were like 6 of us in the crew, dude) were fantastic and we all had a very hot and very great time filming in the woods June 2016 outside of Willis, Texas, amidst the humidity and bugs and don’t ever believe it when people say actors are overrated… the stuff I saw these kids do for a film credit…. Only two of the crew members had ever even made a movie before. We’ve won a few Independent Film Festival Awards & are showing up as a top 1000  horror films sold on Amazon just on our pre-sale. I can’t believe I’m seriously typing these words….  I truly hope you’ll check it out. You can purchase on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble, Target…. or stream on Netflix… rent at Red Box…. all the places…. and most of all, I hope you enjoy it. Be sure to take notice of the incredible music in the soundtrack by Herschel Berry, John Roecker/Dylan Melody, and the perfect finalé song by Giant Kitty.
Have a great week, ya’ll.

Love, and all good things


***(Except in Texas. We will just sit in summer and rain for another god knows how long praying away hurricanes. Let’s put our heads in the sand on that one and get ready to watch the new season of Shameless instead of fretting over Mother Nature.)