the top 8 reasons you should be yoni steaming

Here are the reasons I hear for not yoni steaming:

  1. ewwwwwwwwwwwww
    1. Isn’t it self cleaning?
    2. I’m not putting steam, ah, there.
    3. I’m post menopausal, what’s the point?
    4. I’m not sexually active, so why bother?
    5. It’s all fine down there!
    6. Isn’t that a Gwenyth thing? Just, no.
    7. It’s not safe.  My mother/friend/talk show/GOOP hater/annoymous commenter on Facebook/male physician/obgyn/pain doctor/therapist/neighbor/bartender said so.
    8. All these crazy millenials and their new agey whack-a-doo stuff!
    9. Oh I didn’t know you have that here!


Yes, you should be doing it! Here’s why…….


Yoni Steaming is NOT some goofy new age/now age witchy-millineum-who-are-out-of-their-minds thing to do. Actually it is age old. Like crystal yoni eggs (information upcoming on these!  In the meantime, set an appointment with Kitty for more information on all women’s health issues, including yoni eggs)

Yoni Steaming is an ancient custom that can be dated back to at least early China. 

  1. Yoni Steaming uses traditional herbs to gently and naturally care for and soothe your sacred feminine parts–not hormones, creams full of chemicals, invasive tubes, burning medications with side effects. When your female center is happy, you are happier.
  2. Menopause, pre-menopause, post menopause. Suffering from dryness, thining skin, pain duirng intercourse? The specially selected herbs will work to heal and reduce challenges and relieve pain quickly and without any side effects.
  3. PMAD, PMS, menstrual cramps?  Check! Have an easier period!
  4. Heals the womb. A yoni will assist with the healing and detoxing of the womb after issues such as ovarian cysts, emendrometriosis, and the sort.  The steam will assist in the shedding of any excess cells and tissues leaving your refreshed and healthy.
  5. Increases circulation, lubrication, and libido! Be sexier to you, then you’ll just be sexier!75fd3d69eaa788383e9efaac42fb15cd--chakra-meditation-kundalini-yoga
  6. Bliss. Taking a few minutes of concentrated time just for yourself opens the doors to experiencing self-love, creativity, and relaxation. During the time you spend in quiet restful reverence of  your own body, you can meditate or journal, or simply close your eyes and drift away.
  7. Hemorroids. Many women experience these as a result of pregnancy, too much sitting, genetics, medicaiton and other situations that cause constipation, and many other reasons. While steaming your lady parts, your other area is steamed as well. The heat and anticeptic and tightening herbs will work to bring swift relief to pain and itching and reduce swelling as quickly as one steam. (And we now offer A Steams for men!)
  8. Post-Birth Recovery–steaming post birth speeds up healing with its anticeptic properties and lubricating effects whether you’ve had a natural birth or a C-Section.

Once you experience this relaxing and empowering steam treatment,  it won’t be a one time thing. It only sounds weird because you haven’t tried it yet! Be brave! You only live once–who knows what you could be missing!?!

If you’d like information on a DIY Yoni Home Yoni Steaming, contact Kitty via e-mail or comment here with your e-mail address!