what your astrologer can reveal to you (& a special price to find out for yourself in September)

Often I am asked–why should I book an appointment with you? I don’t get it . . . 

After floating around in the cosmos for so long, I forget that the gifts and blessings, wake up calls and road maps, healing and ascension that Astrology can bring to your life isn’t like, a well known thing.  But of course, it’s not.

Reading our hororscopes is fun and sometimes even a bit enlightening, but so what? How can that help on a day to day basis or aid in healing or give  real answers needed to navigate life?

So here are a few of the pretty much infinite things you can learn from astrology reads

. . ……and the more time spent with your astrologer, the more information surfaces. There are almost endless way to access information all from, yep, your birthdate, birthtime, and birth place.

It’s a bit like being an anthropologist  digging deeper and deeper, and with each new shard of pottery or bone, another  truth or revelation surfaces. Think of an onion being stripped down one thin layer at a time.

  • Why your love life isn’t working out.
  • If and when you will likely find your soul-mate.
  • What your most compatible mate will be like.
  • Where the insecurity or bad luck you carry heavy on your shoulders came from.
  • How to change your insecurity or bad luck weighing on you.
  • What illnesses are you prone to having.
  • Why you have issues with mother, father, parents, siblings, friends, authority, crowds.
  • When it is a good time to buy a house or make a presentation or sign a partnership.
  • What career you will be successful in and fulfilled by.
  • Why people  take advantage of you.
  • Who most wanted you to be born–your mother or father?
  • What shifts and changes the upcoming year will bring.
  • What work will bring you satisfaction and success.
  • What is your mission or purpose for being here?

All of this can be found in your natal (birth) chart.

moon pic

Since the planets are always moving (making transits), you can also learn what this means for you and how to flow with them–making all of life easier when you’re not fighting the Universe. It’s just like how the moon has a 28 day cycle and the tides roll.

Looking into your shadow self and discovering your light and dark and secrets and wounds is an amazingly form of therapy. Traditional therapy is of course important, but many find working with the planets and digging into your natal chart is much more productive. 

If you’d like to know more, schedule an initial natal chart read.

Regular price is $75–it includes 1-2 hours of my pre-appointment analysis.

The rest of September, the natal chart is on special for $60 when you mention this blog post.

If you have questions as to if Astrology is right for you, feel free to schedule a free 20 minute consultation.

Love, and all good things,