it’s starting to feel a bit like something wild….. the darling transit report for 9/23/18 …..

Hey there, guys and dolls…

I was posting in one  of those Facebook 10 Favorite challenges about movies and starting thinking of Yanks,  one of my top love stories and realized it’s maybe the most romantic. Usually I’m drawn to those more tragic in tone….. Why did my brain go there today and add it to my list that includes Grosse Point Blank and 2012 (John Cusack on the brain….) ? Well other than it stars our favorite Buddhist, Richard Gere…..  I believe because the planetary transits are screaming:

I’m in the mood for love!yanks

After a long hot not very sexy summer, the (bedroom) doors are blowing open and you’re going to begin to feel a big surge forward in the area of romance. It’s time to meet, reunite, reach out, rekindle, and wine/dine.

Here’s why: Venus is in Scorpio.

Venus is beauty and love. She is what we desire. What we love. How we love. She is abundance. She is sparkles and cake and disco balls. Venus loves to be in love. Scorpio is….. hot AF. Scorpio is dark desires and Showtime After Dark. Scorpio is taboo and secrets. She is also the marrying sign. Unions are terriby important to the suspicious and private scorpion. She wants to find the one who gets her and she can put her pinchers down for and to whom she can whisper sexy talk in the dark.

These two make quite a team and the result is romance, hot dates, and truth. Wait, what? Yes. Truth. Scorpio has trust issues. Truth is indespensible to a scorpion.

Love-FirePlus…..  The Sun has just gone into Libra. Venus rules Libra…. Libra is love and balance and that which is considerate and in harmony. The sun ampifies her nature.

The three at the same time? 

The time when meeting someone or rekindling is going to result in the chance for a partnership that is harmony, beauty, passion, and honesty. Put yourself out there. Take the risk. Make the first move. Those feels you’re feeling? It’s not your imagination. It’s desire. It’s your soul needling and nagging….. c’mon…. give it a go…. we need a partner…. we aren’t here to be alone…. put on your lipstick and pick up the phone or leave the house or goodness, call a matchmaker or your astrologer. There’s no time like the present.

Venus goes retrograde October 6…. things will slow and while not stop, might get a bit more challenging until it clears it’s shadow in December….. So make haste. You have the cosmos’ blessing. Lulu WScreen Something Wild