The Sleeping Goddess

The summer of 2018 was a long, hot Elizabeth Taylor as Maggie the Cat in a slip occasion……..  filled with eclipses and retrogrades bouncing pinball like off each other. It ended with Hurricane Florence doing her best to wipe away Tree Hill and still more governmental static, betrayal, and heartbreak.

We spent the  weeks moving in slow motion,  sorting through the rubble and shrapnel, that which breaks our heart and makes it soar. We, like it or not, watched as the celestial dragon that is the moon’s nodes, use it’s powerful tail to slap what was deemed in our way out of our hands, even if we held on tightly, kicking and screaming dragon………. We watched as the dragon stretched his open mouth waiting for nurishment to be tossed in and gobbled up on our way to our authentic self.

It’s always about our authenticity. 

The universe–calculated on sacred geometry and built of stardust–wants nothing more than for you to find your path and travel it on your way to personal truth and ascension with purpose and intention.

The only planet that didn’t retrograde? Venus.


Until two days ago.

On October 5, Venus slowed to a standstill, stationing retrograde–a big beautiful ball boucing in place as she gears up to about face and begin her trek from Evening Star to vanishing behind the sun a sleeping goddess, the sleeping venusthen reemerging as a Morning Star in a burst of briliant creative energy and passionate resolve to go after what she needs.

What does this mean for you?

That you’re going to feel and feel deeply. That the next 38 days will reward you with weighty truths. That if you move with the rhythm of the Planet of Love rather than fight against her, you will be closer to having what you need.

You can’t always get what you want. . . . but if you try sometime, you just might find, you get what you need. 

First….. surving Venus Retrograde…..

  1. Be very kind to yourself. Treat yourself as you would your child:  Sleep. Eat lovely things. Breathe deeply and slowly. Take breaks and have downtime. Nap. Drink lots of water. Take your vitamins. Have a smoothie. Refuse to berate yourself. You can tomorrow or next week or next month. For now, believe for once you are worthy. Find pleasure. Yes. Pleasure.
  2. Journal. You’re going to have feels. Write them out. Don’t stop to think about spelling or grammar or if you’re expressing yourself well. Just write. If you write long enough, you will both feel a weight lift as the feelings are vented onto the page safe from prying eyes and out of your head for now, and plus,  you might just have a realization or two.
  3. Don’t react. You read that right. Don’t react. Sit with things. Quietly–see step 2. You have plenty of time. Hold your temper. Hold your tongue. Whatever needs to be said can be said later. Hold space for yourself. Contemplate. Dream. Wait. Give others the space to be wrong. Or right. To make mistakes. Assume that we are all doing the best we can–even if just for today.
  4. Pay attention. Notice things–what you see. How you feel. How foods taste. What echoes around in your mind. What you’re grateful for. What you can’t tolerate another moment. See #2.
  5. Surround yourself in beauty. What is beauty to you? Roses? A perfectly pitched baseball? The words Beto O’Rourke speaks or the way he drums to the Who on his steering wheel? The pounding beat of Green Day? Your child’s face? Chocolate cake? Your car freshy washed? Framed photographs? A new tube of Cherries in the Snow lipstick? Clean sheets? The smell of a vanilla bourbon candle? Whatever wherever you find your own personal definition of beauty, hold it close, breathe it in, and enjoy it. Venus is the planet of love and beauty. Channel her.

Second, make an altar…..

You don’t have to do anything elaborate. You don’t have to base it in religion unless you are religious. The purpose is to create a sacred space that you can stop and reflect at on the daily to remember what this month and these feelings are about. Here are some ideas to consider:

  1. Find a space that you can dedicate to this work. Make sure it is clean. Light some incense, sage, palo alto, or spray it with  perfume, body spray, cleansing or protection spray.
  2. Add items that align with your concept of beauty…… flowers, photographs, figures, deities, fruit, crystals…..
  3. Add some of Venus’ favorite things–things that are shiny, sweet and delicious, things that sparkle, things that reflect such as mirrors, things that are fragrant, things that are bright.
  4. Include a candle. One or several. Any color that makes you think of love–such as red, white, pink, green.
  5. Add items that make you think of the moon as a new moon is here on Monday, October 8.
  6. Add symbols of your accomplishments and creations and creativity.
  7. Add symbols that are the visions of what you desire to pull into your life–love, certain loved ones, projects, dreams…..
  8. Anything that resonates with you when you think of love, beauty, relationships, creativity, dreams.

This is a good place to start. We have 38 days to go….. not including her shadow period. The astrological weather this month is complex and complicated. Monday there is a New Moon in Libra.

It is Libra season and Libra is ruled by, yes, Venus. 

venus libra

Sleep sweetly on Part 1 and check back tomorrow for Part 2. I will step further into the dynamics of Venus, Scorpio, Libra, the New Moon, Taurus, the Full Moon, Uranus, manifesting and how all of these pieces  bounce off each other and what you can expect.

Until then–

Love and all good things,