venus witch rising

At 10:47 CST, the New Moon in Libra. . .

will be perfectly  placed in the sky so that while it’s there in all of it’s luminiscent shimmer, we will see nothing. The night sky will be rich in velvet blackness. Up there looking down on us, the Venus Goddess will be ruling her domain from her transiting scorpion airstream.  In the pitch black, the Goddess of Love and Beauty has dropped her sparkling cloaks and Courtney Love-like, she strides through Scorpio proclaiming it’s officially the Season of the Witch.courtney 2

 Hole unplugged The Season of the Witch

Venus  rules Libra–the sign of balance. The scales. Union. Partnership. Grace.

She is now an evening star falling falling falling through retrograde and losing herself behind the sun. Here she will Reflect Reminisce  Reign as she secrets away while the day and nights are perfectly equal.

In Scorpio, Venus is not entirely at home. Our lovely maiden who so loves her buttercream icing and softness is like a Destiny’s Child  thrust into Malevolentia. She has lost her tiara and doesn’t speak the same language, but she takes center stage and props her long legged bare foot atop an amp and lets out a cat-like howl and with eyeliner bleeding onto her babydoll dress, finds her groove–even if it’s just a masquerade in these nights when the veil is thinning, it becomes her authentic self. She makes it her own. Life finds a way and by the time the four minutes it takes to save the world has ended, she is, while not comfortable, passionate and white hot sexy and bedraggled and still reigning supreme and you are dying to kiss her red lipsticked mouth.courtney 7

She is the Venus Witch and she is here to see us through to the other side of her 40 day 40 night broom stick ride into that which is connection–the most valuable purpose we possess. It is ours. We embrace it. We embrace her. We plunge forward renewed and reborn.

What does this mean for you? 

courtneyAll summer, since May 15, we have been survivng and working our way through one cataclysmic transit after another. We felt Uranus, the ringed ball of independence and  chaos, move from Aries into Taurus after 8 long years of banging away at the firey Aries area of our life. The shadow of Mars, mars shadowthe divine masculine, hung close and dense like a heavy humid blanet above us,  and stationed retrograde in June where spent the summer smashing into the Lunar Nodes of Fate, bringing a letting go so intense that it included the life of Anthony Bourdain in his most beautiful prime. Every planet, bar Venus, began it’s run backwards through the cosmos, stalling us out and bringing the spirit of boy sweat and warfare to the flaring temperatures while we watched courtney 6not the usual one, but three, eclipses jerk what it deemed unnecessary from our hands and fill our hats and hearts with truths we might not be ready or willing to face–as those who failed to learn the lessons of genocide did the most atrocious to the most vulerable among us down on the Texas border.

It was a long hot summer, indeed. One we still suffer.

Now it is time to finally turn our attention to the direct opposite–the Beto O’Rourke, the hope, of salvation. Venus.

While Venus is having her New Moon and Full Moon month (New Moon in Libra, Full Moon in Taurus–she rules both) she is now retrograde looking through her own compost pile:

What can be turned over and repurposed? What is simply muck? What is nutritious and nurturing?

What has outlived it’s purpose? What T-shirts have rips and holes and have turned that dingy non-color that not even Clorox can dispell? What is rotted, futile, sulphur stink?

What is perfectly nice…. nice… ahhhh, nice… but not making your blood rise to the surface, your heart race with excitment, your pulse beat with blood that Lestat would hunger for, the craving a resounding echo in his brain. What was once a dream, a passion, fun and is now…. there. Nice.  Collecting dust. Keeping you from shopping for the perfection that you are due. Keeping you from filling your sitting room shirt-scene-the-great-gatsby

with dozens of white roses  or throwing dozens of pastel silk dress shirts into the air simply to watch them fall to the carpet and cause her eyes to mist in wonder of that which exists only because it is beautiful?

That which exists simply because it is beautiful. Gatsby’s shirts. 

Our souls long for beauty. We crave it. Love and beauty. It is that which makes our lives have meaning. The perfect song. The beautiful face of your sleeping child. Art that has survived wars and famine and depressions. Literature that brings us to tears. Moments of film that is fought to be made as if it contains the elixir of the fountain of youth.

What is the point without it?

In Shameless this week, Ian talked to Mickey’s dad about prison. It wasn’t the oral and and anal rape or the food or the guards or the bars that got you, he claimed. It was the boredom. The being in the same place with the same faces doing the same thing year after year after year. The antithesis of beauty. That was what did you in. Run, he told Ian. Pack a bag and run.

We change. We evolve. What once delighted us can sometime begin to take up space in our limited ability to focus in the cluttured chaos that is our lives in the 21st century. What do we choose to let go so that we can bring in that which now gives us reason and purpose? What have we outgrown?

What now delights us? 

This is what this season of Libra and Venus retrograde and witches is all about.

In her tattered glory, the Venus Witch will rise again from her secret cave behind the sun and sail to new heights as a morning star…. and as she does, on October 26, she will for a brief moment meet the sun for a kiss–a perfect kiss–a cazimi— that will form a Venus Star Point in Scorpio, one perfect leg of one dance of venus diagramperfect 5 sided star that will be the definition of beauty for thousands (see upcoming blog post for more on the Venus Star and Venus Star Points).

After the kiss, we will embrace the holidays of the dead as the wall becomes even thinner and we are so close we can reach out and dance our fingertips across the spines of our Danse_macabre_by_Michael_Wolgemutancestors–All Hallow’s Eve, Samhain,                                                                 Dia de los Muertos. 

As the Venus Witch rises to her place as our morning star, we will experience a burst of creativity and inspiration. That which we have learned during her strutting and dancing backwards through the scorpion’s den will reach out to us in impassioned excitement and we will discover how to toss away the rubble and hold on to that which nurtures. We will open our eyes and they will fall, in this new Venusian light, toward highways and byways that will lead us to the connections–the love–that we are missing.

The way will be there, glistening like dew in the star’s clean glow.

Will we take it? Will we put our red lipstick and scratched up vinyl records and favorite red shoes to dance the blues . . . . .

and pile into the cracked leather of our first car that was dented and used too much gas but took us on down the thundering Springsteen roads to our young dreams of escape and freedom and Mary dancing to Roy Orbison singing for the lonely?

Or will we hide away? The screen door slapping behind us as we run back to the covers and try to bury our pain?

It is a long path from the front door to the front seat. And the ride ain’t free.

We let go in order to find. We make room to bring in. We shed our skins and share in the Venus’ witch’s kiss because in not too much longer we will be on the other side of the veil, compost like rotting roses ourselves, our beauty gone, our breath gone–vanished as is that ecstatic kiss in the sky. new moon 4

Tonight, this week, this lunar cycle, as the New Moon begins to wax toward a quarter then half then finally a grand glorious Full Moon in Taurus here to harvest our intentions, stay still. Curb reaction. Take note.

What are we lacking? Where are our dozens of silk shirts? Is this our beautiful house? Our beautiful wife? Where are the connections that feed us and make us whole? Are we missing deep friendships? A romantic intimate partner? The unconditional love normally received from what is our missing parent? Are we  part of a community that brings us love and satisfaction? Do we have work that feeds our spirit? Do we trust our own body? Is there adventures we seek in dreams? Beauty to behold? Lessons to learn? Laughter to find?

When you draw up your lists of intentions you are working to manifest, use the energy that is cascading through the cosmos right now–tonight–this week–this month. Focus on what you need in the way of love and connections and beauty. Channel Venus. Talk  to the Moon. Dance in the air of Libra’s scales. 

Use this beauty of the dance to find your muse. She is there. Waiting.


I will be writing tomorrow in regard to the other transits this week as we again experience so much change…… Mars leaving his shadow, Uranus opposing opposing opposing as he completes his sneak peek trailer for Taurus and sails into Aries to finish up and tie the bows of completion on his work there….. and Pluto, the Lord of Death, as he  drags Venus into the underworld along with her entourage as Ceres again watches from the earth. Mars will oppose Venus–a lover’s stand-off. Venus will station direct and as the world tiltss normal, Mercury, the spry zooming zipping ball of intelligence and savy know how, will again station retrograde …….

stay tuned, guys and dolls….. much more to share this week. . . .

But tonight is for dreaming. Deep and lovely and sated dreams.

Under the moonlight. This serious moonlightserious moonlight

With love, and all good things,