what’s the frequency, kenneth?

Sitting here under the New Moon in Libra, I’m thinking about the 7th house…. the 7th is the house of relationships–those big ones. Committed ones and businessnew moon libra partners. It was once called the House of Marriage. I often still call it thus myself. It is ruled by Venus and the sign Libra.

We have a silent dark beautiful Libra New Moon graced by a slightly wild love goddess Venus, whose usual gentle and soft spoken glitter loving self is revved up by the sexually adventurous slinky mysterious secret loving minx Scorpio, not to mention the retrograde thing. neptuneThen there’s Neptune, the love god of the sea, who brings his mystical innovative loving rose colored glasses and tarot deck to the party. Venus rules Libra and loves unions. Scorpio loves sex and marriage. Neptune loves fog and the occult. The three together are asking you to think about all they stand for. To think about how you getting to a deep deeper deepest truth abut how to love and where your relationship will go. This one is romantic–just look around at the cast involved. How could we imagine otherwise?


Mars and Venus sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. First comes love… then comes marriage…. then? It’s the 21st century… who knows? No longer do we have to live bythe rules set for Lucy and Ricky of the married with twin beds fame (how wasLittle Ricky conceived do you think? Maybe at the Copa-Copacabana… the hottest spot north of  of? the West side?)copa

As we redefine love and once again look to the same vast stars and planets in the actual sky like our ancestors did, we see the light turn on our brand new moon and feel her push us gently gently forward into partnership with our beloveds, we look into their eyes as our ancestors looked into each other’s and we truly believe what we know is true, written by one of our most beloved late Libras: love love love…. love is all you need. 


October 8 & 9: The New Moon brings new beginnings. A time to consider what is missing and put our whispered words to the ears of the gods. A time to take subtle actions–prayers in motion–so we will be taken seriously in our desire and commitment. We know this is where to put our intents… into the energy that is vibrating and in our  pulse–that of the 7th house–of sexy Scorpio charged Venus and union and love loving Libra and sweetly ethereal Neptune. We dream. We imagine. We envision. We create. 

As Neptune trines we realize what love is about and we seek bliss… we recognize that pleasure matters and we aren’t having enough of it….. we decide to put love into action and action into love and we understand somehow deep in our marrow will 2 cupsget there no matter where we stand today.  We think of the Two of Cups and know this is what we need–a soulmate we are wiling to take action and risks for. This is  not only what we want, it is what we need. We want eyes to look into…. we know that the world is simply a big chill without connection.

October 10: Mercury, the planet of swiftness, wit, and intelligence joined Venus in Scorpio on the 9th and now is opposed by the chaotic for a reason Uranus. Venus is squaring Mars. Squaring is like the boxing dance–it is a less aggressive form of opposition, but testy and 5 wands 1difficult. Today won’t be your favorite day more than likely. It will kind of grim and likely pretty damn intense. Stay aware that there will more than likely be something that shocks us awake. It could be a good shock or a bad shock. One that breaks us into pieces or one that breaks on through to the other side. Either way, it’s one that won’t be forgotten if it happens.

Schedule as little as possible. Take the liquid paper to your planner and move those events and appointments to another day. The world will keep spinning and you will likely need the space to hold for yourself or one you love.  Think of 5 of Wands.

October 11: The second biggest power day of the week. Again…. schedule lightly and tread lightly as well. Hold your tongue. You’re likely going to be sensitive, as are all of those around you. Remember when transits happen, they happen to us all in one way or another. All different, but all the same. Astrology is fair like that. It believes in equality, just as our faire sign Libra does. We are at the whim of karmic debt, fate, and our paths are written in the stars–not in our skin color or what the genitals are of the ones we want to be lost in.

Today the sun squares Pluto–another tough hard aspect this week in a week filled with them. Pluto–the Lord of Death, of the Underworld, who has taken our faire Venus, Goddess of Love, by the hand and dragged her into the Underworld….. he is violent and powerful and domineering. Pluto going against the biggest luminary in the sky will result in a difficult and frankly dank day. All around you there will be intensity. This is not the day  for that conversation or any other. You can expect the liklihood of endings.

Remember when Chevy Chase was Land Shark on the first season of SNL? He’d knock on the door and Lorraine Newman would fall for things like his lame “candy land sharkgram” and open the door and in Land Shark would stick his big rubber head and gobble her down. Today when you open the door, expect more. A flood. Remember to stand aside when you reach for your candy gram so as not to be swept away. Remember, guys and dolls: you can’t fight a tidal wave.

Think about Temperance. Let this day pass. Let the feeling pass. Think about temperanceforgiveness. Think of the heart of the ones you love. Their soul. What you value. Are they worth more? Is your ego or pride that which is talking? Trust Spirit. Trust your heart. Don’t react. Sit still. Hold space for you. Nothing must be said today. It can be said later. Tomorrow.

6 cupsNext week. Post retrograde. Sometime. Another time. It can wait. Really. Temper your temper. One foot in watery emotion. One foot firmly on the ground. Balance. Libra loves balance. Trust her.

October 12: This is going to be a very nice day. Enjoy it, truly.

October 15: Today there is a conjunction between Mercury and Venus. Venus loves a sweet talking whipsmart sharp dressed man. Today will be gorgeous and sweet and light and romantic and airy. What do you candydesire? Go get it. It’s cotton candy in day form. Take this pink airy sweetness and float.


Love, and all good things,