After all of these weeks in retrograde, then doing his shadow work (as we all should do, ah-hem…. and hopefully you have been doing  yours too.  If not, hit me up.) Mars has left his shadow and is now  rocking and rolling through the sky doing what Mars does best–being a dude. Picking fights. Acting out.

Mars is playing victim  like all the whiny white men over the #metoo movement. See Tevor explain here: Poor Men are the Real Victims #metoo

Mr. Big gets  out of his shadow all pumped up with not-so-divine masculinity and like a just released convict whose been celibate for months, heads into Club Scorpio

mars venus square 5 to see his boo,  Venus. Once there,  instead  of sweet talking our Venus Witch  who herself is a bit up in her head dealing with her own retrograde and could use a little  feeling radiate time, he wants  her to drop to her knees right there  on the dirty dive bar’s poorly lit narrow hallway’s dirty floor. Apparently all of this Libra/Venus/Scorpio energy is just,  well,  pissing him off, and because he’s now feeling the victim,  he’s dragging  up his passive aggressiveness and  it’s  all your fault. Maybe it is. Maybe it’s his. Or maybe it’s  just the stars–the stars today.

Today all of the cosmos is ramping it up. Communication issues are tense. Everything is tense. We are becoming more clear as to our new needs and it’s not feeling that loving and delicate to the one(s) around you it impacts. It’s not unrealistic that if you refuse to dance with the planets,  you may get this……

mars venus

mars venus. square

Did you overschedule yourself?

You  might want to grab that highlighter and pick out only the most important items in your planner to work  on today and tomorrow and Friday. If you can skip  out at lunch, do it.

When I was a senior in high school about 153 years ago, they made this big mistake by annoucing if you get sick at lunch please be sure to call  so you wouldn’t be labeled  skipping.

Ok. You can imagine……. I got sick at lunch a lot the spring of my Senior Year. So did  my little tribe of friends. Never once got in  trouble,  and not just because I can imitate anyone’s handwriting, including my mother’s.  All around  me the rest  of  the soon to be  graduates  with spring fever? Spent a lot of time  in detention! (and we were the last class to ever have off campus privileges at Katy High School.)

I appeared  to be following the rules while I was dancing  with the planets.

Maybe you get sick at lunch today. 

We are all feeling like it’s 1978 and we’ve  been, yeah, say it  Mick, shattered.

Go home early and go to bed with Netflix and your cat.

Shattered by the Rolling Stones #metoo

The big news in the sky is that Mars is squaring Venus.

The energy today is gnarly as hell.

If  you didn’t get some big  life shake rattle and roll shift yesterday (or even if  you did…. ) you could very well get some today. Especially around the evening……Especially in the relationship that is romantic arena. Picki your battles. mars venus square 4

Uranus is acting  out and showing off…. pushing and pushing to show you just what is going to go down over the next 7 or 8 years and  before he sails back into Aries for his grand  finalé there, he wants to make  sure  you are aware of  what you’re going to come up against if you don’t listen and listen  well my loves, right now, to this little Coming  Attractions Trailer he’s been running nonstop since May 15 when he ventured drunkenly into Taurus. Like a needy toddler whose  mother is on the phone, he cannot stand to be  ignored.  He will set fire to the sofa  and break the fish bowl and  stick his finger  in an outlet if you continue to chat about the five pounds  you want to lose on his time.

You’re getting insights and signs and if you don’t listen…..

……….expect lots and lots more  of the same,  disasters  of biblical proportion….  old Testament type stuff…. fire and brimstone coming down from the skies. . . rivers and  seas  boiling . . . earthquakes, volcanoes…. the dead rising from the grave,  human sacrifices,  dogs and cats living together. .  . .

Mass hysteria.

Like  a lobster in slowly heating water,  you too will reach your boiling point  and either leap as  red as the Power of War mars mars marsyourself and get to work making changes, or die in the rubble of what was your life–a life full of inauthetic and claustraphobic  ills with broken signage leading the way to your resurrection and identity,  but in the Hurricane Harvey of your life, you passed them on by, even the billboard that smacked and  bloodied  your forehead as it came whipping to the ground.

I heard the news today, oh boy, and it’s possibly shocking  and almost certainly breaking through to the other side–of desire, be it in this moment the desire you covet or the one hidden in your subconscious that you need……

Break on Through #metoo MarsvVenus

Do with it as you will. 

Stop,  Drop, and Roll

mars and venus trruths laid bare

move with the planets,  listen to their advice….. look inside…. roll away from the Marsian fire…..

or do not head  my warning  and

Burn Down the House

mars venus square


I’m hoping for all my loves that this relationship insight you’re gaining is one of a deep and beautiful truth….  that you will discover he loved you much more than you knew, or that he, too, wants to spend his life with you putting not just band-aids,  but that 24K glue the Japanese use to  create kintsugi from shattered pottery that gives it more stength,  and beauty  on  all of you Chiron-esque  broken places: Accept Fate.


But if the planet  God of Innovative Humanitarian Idealism doesn’t  see that  your  situation is in  line with the station that is you, you’ll  accept fate. You’ll make your  own kintsugi from the shards of whatever connection he’s wrestling away (be it romantic, career-oriented, project-wise, family centered, your own,  well,  man vs self narcisstic shit) and tossing to the ground.  Because my love….. this road we are on right now is flaming  red with Marsian energy….. but look  at the contrast.  Look at the power that can be claimed in this moment of history. Look  at the strength in  the suffering and let it feed you, let your own personal Mars masculine become divine and shine radiately on others.

Joe Ely The Road Goes on Forever….


Tomorrow is another day.

Another day to shreik and wail and cuss fellow drivers and feel there’s no way through.

But today.

Today we do not need to strike out or back and destory what is precious to us.

Today we need to breathe and find beauty and know sometimes  beauty is painted from pain.

Today is a day to bite our tongues and breathe in truth.

It’s going to be  time  to rebuild and each and every  one  of  you is needed.

Be kind and gentle…..  to all…. and to you.


Love, and all good things–