be your own goddess of beauty: radiant & important beauty alerts for venus & mercury retrograde……. plus! working with the moon for gorgeous locks

Is there any planet more romantic than the moon? 

It’s the muse of gothic horror novels and films from Dracula to well, Party Night,  not to mention one of my favorites, American Werewolf in London . . . IMG_4135

Ask any police officer or emergency room nurse and you’ll get chills in return . . .  these  nights every 28 days are just…ah, challenging and frankly weird.   

Even astrology naysayers have a deep seated belief that the full moon is just, well….. magical or at the very least brings out the worst or most crazy in people. Can Venus bring out I la-la-la-la-love you or your natal chart determine your traits? Of course not… but there’s just something powerful about the moon….. Even most flat-earthers seem to believe (I think anyway) that the moon pulls the tides…..

You know what else  this huge magical crystal ball in the sky pulls?  Your hair!

That’s right. By following the lunar cycles,  you can grow the most lushious locks venus r swirl imaginable and incredible radiant skin.

Venus Retrograde Alerts!

First. when Venus is in retrograde–as she is right now–make certain you do not partake  in any of the following:

  • New hair color
  • New  hair styles
  • New hair cuts!
  • botox
  • nip/tucks
  • any big changes in styleor fashion

dita 19When Venus is retrograde she isn’t moving forward… she is puttering about behind the sun…. she’s not thinking clearly and gets these crazy out of character thoughts….. you are very likely to believe that the half shaved head look isn’t quiet as charming and dita 10whimsical when Venus comes out of her slumber and stations direct. The same with your new nose or those new lovely lady lumps. Drowsy Venus isn’t seeing clearly.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury will be stationing retrograde just after Venus stations direct. While  Venus only goes retrograde every couple of years, Mercury goes backward three times a year. As our closest planet, his effect  is stronger than any other planet…. as the planet of intelligence and judgement, it is very likely you can  make decisions you will later regret. So take the  advice given for Venus and keep the status quo. Stick to  regular trims and grooming only!

And FYI–NO surgeries, unless an emergency, during any retrograde! dita 15

In Addition, do not cut your hair on…..

  • New Moon
  • any Eclipse

In other words, don’t  pull a Madonna until December.  Better yet, wait until 2019.

moon phases

Now…. onward to the Moon……..

Here’s a handy list of times to do what when for optimum beauty. These are age old traditions. I was raised up hearing  my grandmother advising to cut my hair on the growing of the moon. She was right! Just ask the Old Farmer’s Almanac! 

dita 12

  1. Hair Growth–WAXING (the time period after the New Moon until the Full Moon)
  2. Decelerated Hair Growth (for short cuts to keep their shape longer)–WANING (the time from  after the Full Moon until the New Moon)
  3. Treatments & Conditioning–WAXING
  4. Color–WANING

dita 11

Additional fine points based on the Moon in specific Zodiac Signs: dita 2

  • For fine hair to become stronger & thicker? Cut when the moon is in Leo or Virgo
  • For fuller hair, cut in Leo
  • For perfect styling? Cut in Virgo
  • Best time for deep detoxing shampooing? Aquarious
  • Treatments will work best in Aries and Sagittarius
  • Color lasts longer when applied in a waning Sagittarius or Libra moon
  • Color is  brighter in an Aries, Sagittarius, or Virgo moon
  • Try hard to just leave your hair totally alone (Ok, you can brush it) during the moon in Pisces, Cancer, or Scorio–the water signs. Perhaps this is why Mermaids have the best hair on the planet? Do not cut it, color it,  condition it, or even wash it!
  • The best time to  spend money on yourself? When Venus istransiting in your sign!

Sound confusing? dita 17

For your convenience, I’ve added auspicious dates for October 2018. 

  • Treatments–17, 18, 19
  • Cut for increased growing–20, 21
  • Cut for decreased growing–27,  28
  • Hair removal/waxing–11, 12, 21, 22, 30, 31
  • Massage–25,  26, 29, 30, 31
  • Spa Treatments–20, 21
  • Purchasing Beauty Products–25, 26
  • Hair color–23, 24, 25, 26
  • Manicures/Pedicures–11, 18, 25, 30
  • NO nail treatments–13, 20,  21, 22,  26, 27
  • NO facials until after the 17th

dita 3

So what about next year? Stay tuned….. you might just find you’ll have that information at your fingertips!


Love, and all good things–


dita 20