why hire you, miss astrology person…. I’ve got supercoolastroapp2000! or…. you are more than your sun sign: in defense of flesh and blood astrologers

I’m constantly asked with a smug smile or a confused look, why do I need to  see a live astrologer?…. I have a cool phone app.

Truth. There are cool phone apps.  There are ones that are poorly done and not so cool,  too.But are they accurate? Apps are fun…. and when you read the qualities listed about you in your sun sign, you will likely resonate with some or even most of them. However…..

Did you ever wonder why a whole month of people  have the same sign in the same year and are all so different? Did you ever wonder why most of the time, your daily astrology doesn’t match up with your life?

It’s because astrology is much more complex and nuanced….. and you are way more than  your sun sign!

I have the new sleek new app called Co-Star. It’s slick and pretty and sophisticated and more advanced than most of the other ones I’ve seen. However, the interpretations are still pre-fab and computer generated. There’s simply no way an app can write a  personal forecast for you….. but you know who can? A real live flesh and blood astrologer. 

Astrology is a metaphysical  science that combines not only science, but art,  writing,  story telling, prediction, intuition, an attention to detail, an understanding of the occult,  and high mathematical skills….. In fact, it’s the basis for all other metaphysical art.

Many astrologers combine all of our divinatory arts together with a reading–such as tarot or oracle cartamancy, crystal healing, numerology, intuition or psychic ability, spell crafting, feng shui, I Ching, runes, witchcraft, nutrition, hoodoo, magic, alchemy, herbal healing, essential oils…. when an astrolgy chart turns up trauma or other concerns, we strive to heal.

Astrology is  a study that no one can ever know every aspect  of… that’s why ever single astrologer never stops learning, taking classes, and making decisions as to its future. It is astrolgers who decide what we are going to do about all of the newly found planets and asteroids. Dr.  Tyson can decide if Pluto is a planet… but astrologers each and every one by their own decision, decide it’s value to the field and to interpretation.

That’s why knowing your astrologer’s viewpoint and philosophy is important. Do you mesh? Does where they’re coming from make sense to you? Like your personal reader and spiritual advisor,  your astrolger is your life coach and diviner and planner and therapist and……..

Astrologers look at all of the aspects of your Natal Chart–your personal life map–the snapshot of the sky the moment when you were born. As individual as your fingerfullsizeoutput_2d21 prints,  we look at the 12 areas of your life in fine detail,  combining where the planets fall and what zodiac sign is overseeing each area,  where certain asteroids are…. then how the planets are talking to each other….

There is almost nothing an astrolger can’t tell  you.

Want to know if this man loves you? Is she cheating on you?

Why aren’t you having more fun in your life? What kind of job would truly make you happy? What work  could you do to be the most financially successful? What was your past life like? Why don’t you and your mother get along? Who wanted to have you more–your mom or dad? What is  your life’s purpose? Why do you keep getting fired? Why is your life so hard? What kind of health issues can you anticipate? How will marriage be with your fiancé? Will he be abusive? Why is he abusive? Why is your teenage son acting like  he hates you? What type of foods should you be eating? Am I talented  enough to be an actor? I’ve always thought I should work in politics, should I?

That’s just a start……


One of  the most widely used purposes of astrolgy in modern life is psychoanalysis. Jung plays a major role in the field. By running a house/sign anaysis of your chart and reviewing all of your aspects….. astrolgers get an intensive view of your personality and can work with you not just to inform  you of your weaknesses and strengths… but also to work with you to utilize them. Once we uncover issues with you and your mom, those of us who are also counselers and intuitive therapists, can then work with you using shadow work, parts therapy,  integration therapy, or whatever method we work in to help you heal.

Astrology is a healing art as well as a science.

And yes,  many astrologers, such as myself, consider it divinatory.

I do work not just in intuitive therapy and personality analysis, but also in prediction. By using horary astrology, I can seek to answer your most burning questions, give you a roadmap for your upcoming year, and explain how the quarters of your life will play out.

Did you know that silicon valley hires astrologers? As do police forces, politicians, CEOs, and notably, the Royal Family. Both Princess Diana and First Lady Nancy Regan depended on  their right hand astrologers for all crucial decisions.

astrology with Kitty Darling at The Euporium
Jackie was a fan…. this is from a vintage fashion magazine when JFK was President & the Astrology Sun Sign movement was just getting started during this groovy Age of Aquarious. Since then & before, many heads of state have relied on Astrology for decision & policy making–Nancy & Ronnie Regan and Princess Diana among others.

Determining auspicious dates for important meetings and major purchases and presentations are common reasons to turn to astrolgers–electoral astrology.

There are also medical astrologers… and the art is used in nutrition by dieticians and in holistic healing to determine what nutrients are missing and what organs are causing the health problem…. and there are decorators who use the arts of feng shui with astrology to plan your most healthful and nurturing and expansive living and working space.


If you’re on the fence about astrology, contact me for a consulation. Let me know what you’re interested in knowing, what questions you are asking and we can go from there. 

I  offer reads in person, written,  audio, and online.

I offer discounts to all  public school teachers and discounts for recurring clients making  it affordable to work monthly to learn to flow with the planets for less stress and more success, as well as work through ongoing situations and issues…. and to do shadow and trauma work.

Currently I am having a big discount for first reads of all types–30% off through betoOctober 2018,  and when  Beto becomes the new Senator of Texas?  40% off for all of election week! 

Set up a consulation and see if you’d like to work with me.

Love, and all good things–