your american beauty moment

Feeling dead after this summer? Exhausted? Overwhelmed? Ready to go all Edward Norton Fight Club  on your boss? Yes, it’s the aftermath of the summer, but it’s  also this Venus transit. When she’s retrograde, she wants to dig up and  consider amd reflect on what is working and not working  love wise. What do you need more of in regard to love and connections? What  is bringing  you passion, what is not? What are you missing?

Where is  the beauty in your life?

If there are gaps in  your fundamental love and beauty needs,  or if the relationships you have right now  are no longer working…. it is very likely this reflection is going to bringab2 you to the Lester Burnham/Kevin Spacey moment in American Beauty where he quits his career, plays with a remote control car for fun, takes a job at a burger joint because he wants  the least  responsibility possible. He begins to smoke pot and work out and run because wants to look good naked.  He listens to vintage rock in his garage because …… he loves it. It makes him happy. It ab3makes him feel young. He fantasizes about loving a beautiful girl with roses falling all around her.



He is glowing and happy and sees the world as one filled with pleasure and the radiance of a deep red American Beauty rose.


By turning his back on  the capitalism and expectations of a perfect surburban life, he is able to have what makes life worth living–love, beauty,  fun, passion, possibity, dreams, and hope.

I feel certain this film took place during Venus Retrograde in Scorpio during Libra  season. Right where we are  now.

Venus is also transiting Neptune and Uranus. These give the idea of the sweetness and perfection  of rose colored glasses and  the deep desire for a soul mate–to be loved in a deep and fated way. To connect in the most intense and vulnerable way. These  transits make the craving  profound, especially if  you are around 40.

Lester was 42 in the film.

When Venus begins to make her journey from behind the sun into the brightness of dawn as a morning star after that perfect Venus Star Point kiss is completed, expect a surge of creative energy that  demands, that like Lester Burnham, you will make change to  your life to curate it into the one you so richly desire and need. The one that will bring you the chance of passion and love. The risk that will take you so much closer to the pleasure that we all need to have meaning on this great blue planet.


Will you take the risk? Will you open your heart and let yourself be vulnerable? Will you make  the effort to give your life the meaning it is missing? Will you feed your soul the pleasure that it needs to continue to care and hope and find purpose?

I’m hoping  for you, hoping for me, hoping for all of  us  that you do.

May you be strong enough and  brave enough to, before the craving fades, pick up the phone and text the girl, quit the job, buy the tickets, push the buy button,  hop on the plane. May you take the long walk from your front door to the front seat and let the highway blow back your hair.

Love, and all good things,