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This week we are deep within the Venus Retrograde Synodic Cycle quickly approaching its  heart.

Venus has a  40 day and 40 night (ring any bells?)  journey that she takes about every 18 months…… We are familiar with Mercury Retrograde in regard to knowing  it happens too often and this is when we can expect things to break and  planes to run off schedule and everything is cray cray.

Mercury’s retrograde is pretty infamous,  kind of like Full Moons and eclipses. Even staunch astrology nonbelievers comment on and take notice of those cosmic events.

Nonbelievers in regard to the cosmos is funny. You can’t believe or not believe in science. It just is.You can, I suppose, believe that what you see with your own eyes and has been documented since, well, documentation began,  isn’t true. That’s called being gaslit…. or living during the time of Trump and Co.

Venus’ cycle is far less known than those of her friends, the Moon and Mercury.

Venus is the goddess of love and beauty and we pretty much know retrograde means going backwards. But that’s not exactly this cycle. This isn’t  the time when all things that are beautiful and that we love break  in half or fall apart. It is, however,  a period quite extraordinary and can be filled with moments of exquisite grace and bliss, as well as quieter ones intended as opportunities for us to hold our own space.

m and g 2

Yes, reflection. Yes, likely letting go. But also recommiting. Does it seem like the universe is always asking us to reflect, reflect, reflect…. let go, declutter, weed out…..Yes, it does because it is.

Life is many things but unchanging isn’t one of them. And you know what they say about a life unexamined……

Take her hand and join Venus on her ritual mystical journey.

Venus Cycle 2018

Currently she has completed the beginning of her synodic cycle that began on October 5 when she went into retrograde…..  and now her Highness of Sparkle and Roses has fallen into the underworld as an evening star…. vanishing behind the sun….. and she is about to rise up back into the land of the living.

m and g7

On Friday, October 26, Venus will rise up out of the underworld and in her ascent, become a morning star.

Just prior to reaching this glistening state, she will conjunct the sun at 3 degrees Scorpio in a perfect cazimi–a cazimi is when a planet is so near the sun it is basically invisible under the sun’s rays. Venus and the Sun will have a breathtaking cinemagraphically perfect kiss. This kiss will form a new point on the Venus Star–a Scorpio Point.

m and gWith this kiss, Venus will continue rising and with her, a burst of creativity and excitement–she’s fallen deeply in love. She’s ascending to go after and take that which makes her heart flutter, what fulfills her desires, what gives her life value and meaning and beauty.

That which is her last thought when she closes her eyes and her first upon awakening before she opens them.

Venus will ascend quickly & on November 8 she will already have taken her place as a Morning Star.

And it is time for you to do the same.

It is time to take what we have learned in this Venus Retrograde cycle–that which we have dreamt of and realized we not only want, but need in our lives–and go after them finding new and innovative ways to have our beauty and love in whatever form they take.

Continue to reflect and align with what you truly need in your life that will bless it with love and beauty. Tomorrow on the Full Moon, channel your planets, your Venus, write out your petition for that which you desire so much it makes the cells in your body spark and you know when you are near it, the air will change.

m and g3

Seal this deal with the cazimi kiss on Friday. Begin this quest October 26 and if by November 8, you have not felt the push,  the surge of Venusian energy, recheck your desires for your transparent authentic perfect truth. With your vulnerability exposed, ascend my loves, ascend.

Love, and all good things–


What I’ll be ascending to hold tight to my chest, my heart, will be my Gomez: the perfect man. What about you? Please share and I’ll speak of this in my next podcast.

m and g. 5