venus ascends slowly as the grave bells gently ring annoucing the rise of the dead–a darling transit report for halloween week

We are half way through the Venus Retrograde and this week we will be sailing past the end of  October and early November’s usual parade of spirits and zombies and ghouls halloweenand goddesses and sexy witches and sugar skulls as the Goddess of Things We Value Most, Venus slowly begins her ascension toward  her place again in the sky as our Morning Star.


The Goddess has been to the proverbial Underworld during this retrograde, and we wil feel that Underworld portal opening as we trick or treat through this week when the veil between the worlds is thinnest. Venus has now given the Sun God his perfect kiss.

As we stumble through the dark, lighting smiling pumpkinspumpkins and stubby candles in paperbags of sand to light our way and hopefully scare away the malefics, we feel a new energy surrounding us as does the whip of crisp fall air rustling the black taffeta skirts of the witches who walk amongst us and turning our cheeks pink as we laugh and play and dance in the streets fueled by sugar and liquor and                                                     passion.

It’s a crisp new air. It’s a crisp change of energy.

We have spent most of a month now in reflection of what we desire and what we value most. What it is we want to draw down from the moon when she turns New on November 7 and is ready for us to once more plant our dreams in the blackness of her lack of reflection and utter our intentions to altar candles, then rise and step into a morning of action–our lady of beauty now back in her proper place once more shining the way to what it is we love. And we will be ready, are ready, are becoming ready to follow her making our actions at last.

There is no more indecision–you listening Libras? Pisces?–all of this time in reflection has let us know the truths of what we no longer need, of what is all dusty and unused and we wouldn’t miss if he dog chewed it up, and the truth of what it is we need to make our hearts flutter and our sleepy selves ready to get out of bed excited to meet our day.


The air is now filled with sweetness. Crisp. Autumn’s coolness giving us reborn energy. Venus ascending. The buried treasure we found while Venus has been in hiding below the earth, is ready to rise up and come out, the same as Venus sailing back to her homeby the moon. Like the spirits leaving their  hiding places and coming


up to swirl around the humans masquerading as the, well, spirits themselves–witches, vampires, ghouls, ghosts, zombies on this week of the Burning Road.

The sun moves through Scorpio from 6 to 15 degrees. While the fires rage and the spirits slip in and out from there to here and back again, we vibrate with Venus’ love in what we want and how to take action. The sweetness of passion.  The irony of this pulse in the midst of the beauty of our ancestors momentarily swirling amidst us. Be not afraid of their need to feel a part of us once again on this special night.

imagesSo yeah, basically it’s Zombie Week.

Here we go: this week’s transit report…..

Sunday, October 28–These next days are going to be the sweetest we have felt in awhile. Most likely you began to feel an upturn in energy as early as Friday, October 26 when Venus and the Sun kissed and Venus began her slow ascension. Some of you felt anticipaion of something coming…. a feeling of restlessness. A desire to get moving toward what it is you want…. to go and get it. If you didn’t… don’t worry.  Between now and November, you will.  Be patient. Sit tight. Continue to reflect on what’s working, what’s not and most importantly… what it is your soul craves. Be aware that while we will be experiencing a sweetness we haven’t felt in awhile… there is going to be deeply felt emotional element from some of the transits this week. I published a new blog post with some ideas for weathering this–for some ways to release emotional energy before the transits hit to hopefully help you not wade too far into the depths, or to submerge yourself into the watery depths and it cause a fallout that will only cause you pain. I hope it is helpful, my loves.

So many major transits are about to happen. Release. Shield. Be prepared. They’re not negative… just change. And some of us deal with change a good deal better than others…. that’s an 8th house thing! And some of us handle emotion better than others. Better to be aware and braced and in a still place than to be hit with an emotional tsunami.

Monday, October 29–Mercury moves into Scorpio where Venus & the Sun are already hanging out, and conjunct Jupiter at 27 degrees. Today there is a moment of hope. A sense of expansion. Think about what excites you. What Venus wants for you. Then openIMG_0878 your mouth. Let Mercury help you talk talk talk about it. The buried treasure we found during this retrograde period needs to surface. State your desire. Have you told those you love and adore that you love and adore them? Start thinking of ways to do so. Speak the love out of your mouth. Trust me.

You may be feeling the sense of I know what I want and I know how to get it already. If you do,  plan, dream, envison…. but wait just a bit more before you go full tilt boogie.

Today will also find the moon in Cancer. It’s a beautiful day to feel, to be like our witchy nurturing mother, the Crab. Channel the moon and tune into her gifts of feeling your way through situations. It’s not the time yet for action. Breathe into yourself. full yellow moon

Tuesday, October 30– The Moon is still in Cancer today…. she will remain so until tonight when she will go void for a bit, then move into Leo.


Wednesday, October 31–Mercury moves into Sagittarius. Our zippiest planet, he of words and intelligence, will  be here for awhile & will  also station retrograde here  November 5. For now, he’s changing the tone in the air…. making you dream big expansive dreams. Mercury in Sag is so much more fun.

Expect trick or treatlightness. Playfulness. A sense of humor returning. People being self-effacing for a change. Hope emphasized. . . . and a driving sense to go out and get your heart’s desire–one way or another! But not today… today might be tough. Might be emotionally charged, deeply so. And passionate. We will however find the ability to be more civil. To exercise civility. To be kind. to treat each other with humanity.

Expect more insights. Expect signs of the changes that have been coming. Truths rising up in Zombie fashion, rising up from the depths of the oceans and the shallow graves where they could no longer stay buried after they heard Venus’ sweet pure clear siren song. Real truth, not truthiness, having dived deep and is now surfacing. Truth is beautiful even as it cuts. Truth is what we all desire, even if it makes us bleed for awhile. We will heal. We will scar over. Truth is crystalline.

Truth is precious, especially in these times of fake news, of leaders lying, of those who attempt to find the truth being dragged over the coals and their words being trashed even as they are investigatively sound. Whatever truth arises for .you, honor it. Cherish it. Be grateful that it is no longer hidden keeping you from your authentic path.

Think balance. Just as Venus moves one day at a time back into her role as Morning Star, you will move toward your destiny of desires.

Venus does her retrograde dance back into Libra! Libra! One of her two homes! Her favorite!

Just before she moves into Libra, there is an opposition between Venus in Scorpio to Uranus in Taurus–and at the same degree that they were at on the Full Moon 10/26. Whatever you were feeling during this last Full Moon? You will likely have touches of it today. Breakdowns, “breakdowns…go ahead and give it to me…..” breakthroughs… “break on through to the other side….”

It will be a lift. More truth. More truth. There is a sense of fatedness here…. Be in the moment, masks and candy overload or not–this is the start of something important. Theimages ghosts of that moon will be hanging over us… we want what we want  and we want it now and we are gathering our courage to go and get it. Have you told people you appreciate them yet? Do it. 

The veil is thin today…. the thinnest it will be all year. The day when souls cross over. The day when you could be visited by your ancestors. The day when ghosts and vampires and souls and spirits and all of the entities that are made of light are more capable of being communicated with, seen, felt. If you believe and you wish to communicate, today is the time. If you believe and you wish to hide and be left alone, shield and costume. If you do not believe, pay close attention in your revelerie. Be sure there’s flesh and blood behind that mask and feet beneath the robe as it glides away.

Our 7th house of marriage and relationships is being shaken, rattled, and rolled. The times they are a changin’… get ready.

Thursday, November 1–Get purposeful. Do you want your life to change? Do you want what you realized you have been missing? Today is balance–remember, Venus is back in Libra, the scales. Yin and Yang, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, what we want and the courage to go and get it. The balance of desire and action.

Tensions are building and balance will soothe the beast and give you the courage to take the steps you need to take. Venus has taken this journey to aid you in realizing your truth…. Uranus is hovering about ready to send floods and lightening bolts if you opt to ignore what it is you now know. Oprah famously says, once you know better, you’ll do better. You now know better.

Friday, November 2– Today the moon is in Virgo. Today Neptune will likely emote and we will pick up her feelings of melancholy. Remember it is her. The Goddess of the Sea is weeping. Weep with her. Channel her sadness. See my post on transit rain and use the tips to keep yourself strong and let your tears join wih hers.

If you’re not brave  enough yet to move toward your desires, remember there are only two emotions: only love and fear. All else comes from these. Which do you want to live in? Love or Fear? If it’s not love, it’s fear. Think about it. Get purposeful. This is your life. If not now, when? We go through retrogrades for lessons. For instruction. For advice. Take it.

Saturday, November 3–Today the air is rich with the energy of partnerships and fate. Uranus is squaring the Nodes of the Moon, the Nodes of Fate.  The feelings of the last weeks will rise up and you will be clear of what you have determined in regard to those around you. Should you stay or should you go? Have they served their purpose or do they simply need to be innotivatively shifted? What has Uranus shaken up? Will the dragon flick her mightly tail and send these connections soaring… or will she open her lovely mouth and swallow them whole, sealing the fate of union as permanent?

Pay close attention.

Sunday, November 4–Did you speak your truth? Did you admit what you want? Did you appreciate those you love? Have you been patient and reflective? Have you let go and made space from your clutter? Eaten your spinach and gotten your courage, Popeye? It’s time. It’s really time. Get set to feel the relationship shift. It’s on the verge of happening. Sit with your truths. Accept nothing less. You’ve settled before–look where it got you? Get ready to receive.

Get ready to start the foundation of your new life.

There is so very much astrology happening next week.

Be sure to use this week wisely…. the transits build upon each other. The rest of the year is certainly not going to be slow going.

In the meantime…. be kind to each other. Hold space for each other. And do the same to and for yourself.

Love, and all good things–