a dream of hope

“Hang on to your hat. Hang on to your hope. And wind the clock, for tomorrow is another day.”–E. B. White

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They’re  finally here. The Mid-Term Elections are, of course, on the first Tuesday in November. So you know, this week, November 7. VOTEVOTEVOTEVOTEVOTEVOTEVOTEVOTEVOTEVOTEVOTEVOTEVOTEVOTEVOTE

And  what I’m predicting right now is a …………>>>images

It is impossible for me to believe anything else. I knew even though I couldn’t believe it/fathom it/comprehend it, that that man was going to win the presidency. I couldn’t imagine anyone in their right mind thinking the White House should be occupied by that, criminal? Liar? Jerk? following someone of such poise and grace and brilliance and gentiality that had lived there the eight years prior. But some sane people did vote for him. Some actually decent, loving, sane people. I refuse to believe they cannot look at the result and feel sickened. Even more than those who voted for whatever it was they were sold on…….

(The desperate economy & the refusal to understand that the president’s hands are tied if they have a congress/senate voting against them. The weird American ideal we have that we have to protect the rich because we’re all going to be rich someday? The false notion that socialism is bad bad bad and the same as communism? Racism? Sadly…. sadly knowing that the orange one played the Southern Strategy right out of the Nixon playbook & the growth of the KKK and Nazis and now, what Nationalism? I have to finally defer to that nightmare realism……)

………the ones I really hold at fault are those goddamn millenials who decided that yeah, now was the time, now at this crucial time in history with so much on the line, that now was the time to vote 3rd party and play the this-isn’t-a-good-system-card. No shit. It’s not a good system in about 136 ways, but there’s you know, time and place. When a megamaniac liar con man of epic proportions decided he wanted to buy his way into the White House is not the time.

No matter how loud those of us who’d witnessed another tragedy based on this mistaken mindset lectured, the kids turned deaf ears. Here’s what that wrought, kiddos. Sometimes the old people know what the heck we’re talking about. (Maybe start up with the 3rd party when it’s early in the new presidental term and there’s time to grow candidates and get the point across…. not in the throws of you know… the actual voting situation when half the country didn’t know who Bernie was until the primary was half over….. and Bernie. Dude. I liked you. I did. But why didn’t you pull out? You know this would happen. I know you had to know this…. or were you as idealic as I wanted to be?)

I couldn’t stomach it, but I knew he was going to win. It is like how my brain refuses to think about infinity because it feels like it’s going to implode? Same feeling…… I know infinity is true too but I can’t let my head ponder it…… Or how you see yourself starting to fall but can’t stop it and then  you’ve slammed into jagged concrete, blood pouring, pants torn, bruises already forming………. the slow motion car wreck thing……

And I know this rebirth is  going to happen too. I know that  Susan Sarandon spoke well before–that it took having this much horror to smack some sense into the sleepers and disenchanted and numb.


The proverbial hitting bottom. People, we’ve done it. 

After school children slaughtered and poor people fucked over and the sick left dying and our animals and land vanishing and science being called fake…. maybe in the end it was children in cages. Maybe it was a caravan of women and children and those fleeing for their lives willing to walk in the heat starving for literally hundreds of miles just for the outside chance of survival and not being murdered in their war torn homeland being called threats and killers or maybe it was a dismembered journalist or a record breaking number of lies spit from the ugly mouth of a hideous human being or the very real not fabricated for dramtic effect cries of White Nationalism and bloodshed from angry uneducated white men filling our streets with sheets and torches the likes of which we thought died out and were only fading memories in history book photos that we can barely explain to our childeren…. but it happened….. and we have decided that we again want sanity. Gentility.  What is simply frankly decent and kind. 

I’ve often wondered how on earth with billions in this country, we couldn’t find better candidates. The best of the best. When I was younger, around 18,  I watched with horrified eyes as the cowboy actor took the White House,  and knew deep inside that it was going to take a punk rocker to make a difference. One of us. Eventually. Because while we–the punk community– weren’t  understood…. what we were doing was trying to make things right and fair and just.

Joe Strummer. Enough said.


It was always about knowing your rights. Celebrating difference.

In all of the years of elections experience, I’ve never felt this feeling. I’ve never felt energy that is palpable. Everywhere I go there are the shirts, the stickers, the signs. The hope. There are smiling nods toward my T-shirts and waves on the streets for bumper stickers. It’s a secret community handshake. The shaken hesitant eyes of the gas-lit. The knowing look and half smile–be careful, maybe they’re watching. The shock of wow, there are so many of us…..What we always suspected. We were good with being the minority…. but we weren’t. Aren’t.

People were excited and emotive about Obama. They were stoked about Clinton/Gore. But never have I felt this tidal wave of love and belief and pure joy in politics…… Attending a Beto rally?

The only energy I can compare it to? A Green Day show filled with loyal loving beside themselves fans when Billie Joe hits his stride and suddenly the arena is shouting along I want to be a minority…. and I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies…. and Don’t wanna be an American Idiot…. and finally winding down to It’s Revolution Radio… our love’s bulletproof….. and the room is awash in joy and sweat and faith and love and union and one-ness. And hope. The most beautiful of all.

This is the energy around Beto: hope.  Beto=Hope.


What would Jesus do? What would Willie do? What would Venus do?

We’ve spent the last month reflecting, reexamining, reprioritizing what it is what makes life worth living. What it is we value. What it is we prioritize. What it is that brings us love and beauty. And now it is time for our big reveal. Now it is time to take the energy from the perfect cazimi kiss between Venus and the Sun & turn that golden love light into our dream of life.

It’s not  nasty hate speech. Or the desire to destroy. It’s a battle cry of love with a leader gracious and educated and sane, worth believing in who will lead us where we want to go in a world we know it’s time for: it’s revolution radio… our love’s bulletproof…..  Revolution Radio #revolutionradio #greenday #beto

It’s Patti Smith singing: People Have the Power 2018: Patti, Bruce, Stipe #pattismith #michaelstipe #springsteen #peoplehavethepower

Where there were deserts
I saw fountains
Like cream the waters rise
And we strolled there together
With none to laugh or criticize
And the leopard
And the lamb
Lay together truly bound
I was hoping in my hoping
To recall what I had found
I was dreaming in my dreaming
God knows a purer view
As I surrender to my sleeping
I commit my dream to you
The power to dream to rule
To wrestle the world from fools
It’ s decreed the people rule
It’ s decreed the people rule
I believe everything we dream
Can come to pass through our union
We can turn the world around
We can turn the earth’ s revolution
We have the power
People have the power

And this time, this time…. we will rise to our highest self.

In my profession we believe in speaking words into truth, into being.

I proclaim: 

The kids, Gen Z, the millineals, elders, the old hippies, the aging punks and Gen X, the boomers who believed in the films of the 70’s, the literate who give much more of a shit about their fellow man than greed, feminists, cops sick of seeing dead children, the former Republicans who don’t know when the GOP became not  G at all, the artists who protest with graffit on their bodies, the musicians following in Woody Guthrie’s footsteps, the mom & pop shops trying to survive, the parents who want  their children to have clean water & know elephants & parks, immigrants here because of a dream, children of immigrants who came for not them but a better life for their kids, friends of immigrants, ESL teachers who have never seen harder working kids, farmers sick of poison in food, health advocates disgusted with lies, hikers,  nurses terrified by insurance, animal lovers, relatives of those dead too soon over health care, families of prisoners guilty of selling some weed, those who know there are answers easily found, punk rockers, metal heads, goths, clean teens, video gamers, those who fought for Roe v Wade the first time, graduates without jobs, minimum wage workers who know it’s not ok to work 2-3 jobs to survive, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Athiests, witches, journalists, truth seekers, fact lovers, teenagers, dreamers, the disabled & their parents & supporters, patriots, decent thinking caring feeling loving people everywhere have started taking to the streets in protest……  and will turn out on Tuesday.

Will vote. Will open their windows and scream into the streets, I’m mad as hell and not going to take it anymore and make their ways to the school auditorims and push the buttons and elect integrity.



As above, so below. What came before, will come after.

With love, and all good things,