dance the magic dance: a darling transit report for the week of 11/5/18

Can you feel the change in the air? It’s not just the shape of things to come & the anticipation of the midterm elections. The ch-ch-ch-ch-changes.  It’s not only the chill of fresh autumal air. It’s not even the result of the strange light of daylight savings. It’s a whirlwind of transits that are arriving hard and fast and making us dance the magic dance like falling leaves in the wind. At long last,  my loves, after a summer that moved at a snail’s pace and week after week of letting go and reflecting…… it’s time for action, 31-ogmovement, new thoughts, romance. . . . . . so let’s dance.

Take a deep breath, my loves, and here we go. . . . .

What you might already be feeling is the first of the transits ….. on November 30, Mercury went into Sagittarius and we got a dose of light heartedness, a boost of courage, and some silliness, as well as expansiveness. For the first time in awhile, we were able to not take things quite so seriously. There was a return to laughter…. a lifting of spirit. Mercury will be staying here in Sag for quite some time. It is here he will go retrograde on November 7. He will go direct December 6, 2018 in time for holiday shopping and travel to not be delayed or jinxed.

On November 31, this theme of lightening continued with a beautiful shifting Venus backing up in to Libra, one of her homes. She’s still retrograde and thus reflective–however, now our Goddess of Love & Beauty is back in one of her dual homes, Libra–big_1473984979_imageunions, balance, justice, gentleness. She’s ever so much more comfortable here than in secretive, intense, highly sexual Scorpio. Even still retrograde, she’s kissed the Sun and is back in the sky making her way to Morning Star. Think of your magic. Remember it.

As Venus ascends, she is bringing us back a day at a time to relationships…. on November 16 she will go direct. At that time, relationships can begin to go forward again with all of the dreams and beauty her retrograde brought to the surface–rekindling, rechoosing, or for those that slipped apart, the chance again to find the one our soul is calling out for. She will then be fully positioned back as the Morning Star and her brightest light will be there to guide us home.



Monday, November 5, will bring us the Sun trining Neptune. It will be a beautiful, healing, and yes, romantic moment. Something dreamy to dance to. Some imaginative visions to inspire more creative freedom in our loves, our relationships, our work. Venus is also conjunct Ceres, the planet of nurturing. This could result in both a healing energy and a creative one.

The day before Mercury goes retrograde, on November 6–Election Day–two big events are happening:

First, Uranus is moving back into Aries. If you recall, Uranus has been in Aries since 2010….  wherever Aries is in your chart, Uranus has hung out there doing his work of chaotic beauty and justice to force you to put things right in that area of your life. If you ignored his petitions, then demands, the upheavel became worse until, hopefully, you finally got it together. Unlike, say the Penguin, Uranus brings his special effects brand of mayhem to set things right–not to just strike havoc.

On May 15 this year, he retrograded his way into Taurus where he will be working for the next seven plus years, giving us a bit of a coming attraction trailer. Likely you felt this shift. Certainly I did. He entered with a thud that shook my life in a way I’m sure a richtor scale could have measured. Now he’s going back into Aries for one last bit of looking around for left behind suitcases and toothbrushes and bringing us a couple of parting gifts, one or two more inventions or finishing touches before moving into  Taurus again in March 2019 and hanging out there ready to work for seven years….. and won’t see Aries again in our lifetimes (unless you are a wee baby astrologer who will be around in 84 years). Your Aries house is about to get lit up like the Griswald’s house.

Secondly, the same day, November 6, the Moon’s Nodes are transiting as well. At 12: 08 PM, the North Node will move into Cancer and the South Node into Capricorn. It is here we will experience this January’s eclipses–with the North coveting what Cancer can deliver and the South being forced to release our karmic familiarity in our house of Capricorn, leaving behind their places in Leo and Aquarius they’ve been for almost two years. Expect Oprah ah-ha moments. Expect to feel sensitive. images

Interestingly, these two transits will happen at approximately the same time. We will feel them. We shall see how these transits will effect the Mid Term Elections.

We will also witness Venus in opposition to Uranus. This particular hard aspect will demand the truth. The truth in all of our relationships.


The following day, November 7 will find a New Moon in Scorpio. 

New Moons are times to plant seeds. To determine what it is we wish to bring into our lives…. we’ve certainly had time to think about this with Venus doing her backwards dance……. with this moon energy being in Scorpio, be alert to extreme feelings that New and Full Moons are famous for and Uranus can provoke. This moon should mostly feel good–emotional but good. Growing pains via emotions. If you feel intensely in ways that are troubling or painful, blame it on the Moon. Know you’ll feel better in the morning and much better over the next few days, with the lifting continuing throughout the month as we run quickly into the new year, renewed and ready to get to our work.

Mostly however, most of us should feel refreshed and energized by the dark moon and be gaining momentum to put action behind our intentions petitioned for in the dark dark night.

Then on the 9th of November, we have a beautiful burst of brilliance. Jupiter--our big benefic planet of expansion and abundance–is moving from Scorpio where he’s been for a year and moving into his home sign of Sagittarius where he’s not been for twelve. As with all planets–and I suspect, many of us, too–we thrive and radiate more when we are in our place of comfort. For thirteen months, Jupiter will be here bringing adventure, wit, intelligence, organization, new plans, innovation, and yes, growth and plenty, luck, fortune, and opportunity to this area of our lives. Use these gifts of the gods well. It is not so often they arrive  on our plates.

If you do not have your natal chart to know where these transits will effect you or you do not know this crazy language I’m speaking, but wish to be able to work within the planets’ dance to utilize the comos’ gifts and energies, please give me a shout. I will be more than happy to work with you on a free 20 minute consultation where I can best explain how I can teach you to do this.

And we shall stop here.

It’s a month or more’s astrology packed into five days. Breathe. Exhale. Vote. 

I’ll see you in the New World.

With love, and all good things–