1 great + 1 great= fabulous……no one ever has to ask someone from texas where they’re from…. they’ll tell you …

the junk gypsies and h.e.b.

I just got notice that the Junk Gypsies will be featured in H-E-B’s holiday boutique this year and I couldn’t be more excited. In terms of all the things I love about Texas? These two are right up there with Buddy Holly and Beto and Tex Mex and University of Texas. 

Image 11-12-18 at 9.28 PM

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t just love what I love…. when I love something I am passionate about it and lap dog loyal. Once I fall, god help the person or thing or 

thelmalouisestickers_1_place I fall for….. I’m all in. I’ve been in love with Jolie and Amie for years. I don’t even remember now how I found them, I just know they define Texas for me. I have their three foot chandalier hanging over my bed (I was a jump ahead of 1silverchande_1024x1024my astrology ground working this monthon dreams and making your sleep space sacred) and named my precious 15 year old Mercedes  Louise in honor of both said film & these girls who symbolize the gypsy life and Texas spirit that is part of my cell chemistry.  It’s DIY meets Miranda Lambert meets vintage pin up meets picking up sidewalk junk meets empowerment, all in glitter and cowboy boots.

the Junk Gypsies junk an Airstream for Billie Joe Armstrong

And can you even imagine how stoked I was when my worlds collided and great great love Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong‘s lovely wife, Adrienne, commissioned the Gypsies to outfit a special airstream for Billie Joe? Billie Joe Armstrong and the Junk Gypsies –Airstream BirthdaybillieJOEjg2






I am thriled the Junk Gypsies are going to be featured at H-E-B. For those outside of Texas, check out this story in Texas Monthlyh.e.b and Hurricane Harvey


As a mom and pop shopper and restaurant frequenter, I’ve always loved all that this Texas grocer stands for–then after Harvey? Give it up. They were the shining light in the midst of watery hell. As I said, I’m lap dog loyal. They actually act like a small town company–I was talking to an employee one day. She was giving out samples of comany made tortilla chips and locally made salsas. She did this job with a sense of pride that simply is seldom found… and she waxed poetic her love of the store. When she lost everything…. everything… in Harvey? Her company, h.e.b. put her in an apartment. There was no time limit. There was no charge. There was no shame or guilt. There was kindness. Kindness. 

the H-E-B convoy heading straight into the Harvey flood waters


And that’s why I don’t ever even bother seeking out another grocer (I mean, Trader Joe’s but they’re speciality and for what isn’t there, you know?)… and that’s why I browse the Junk Gypsies Instagram and blog and shop website like an adventure….. and that’s why every time I take a little road trip now and again up to visit and play and feel like the airstream driving outlaw gypsy I am in my dreams…. and mindset.

This is exciting, ya’ll.