chills: sprit keeper’s tarot

This is just a quick little post to record my first reading with Benebell Wen’s Spirit Keeper’s Tarot.

First I want to say that my decks were consecrated on Halloween/Sanhaim and I could not possibly more thrilled. Yes, I wrote decks. I deliberatly wanted one for personal spiritual use only…. so thinking ahead I knew I coveted one for all purposes and client use. Be very jealous.

Next I want to say that both of my decks are 9s–deck 189 and deck 207 respectively, which pretty much brought me to tears. 9 is the number for fruit of the spirit and divine completeness. It is the last number prior to  the next harmony. It is the combination and thus includes the full essences of all numbers prior, thus all numbers. it is  intiation and it is wisdom.

Within the 9 is the path to mystical knowledge. Sigh.

9 is doing good work and changing the world. As my life’s work is in practice with the gift of alchemical knowledge so I can thus make the changes that need to be made in order to bring balance, this leaves me speechless. And validated.

These two sibling decks were consecrated when the sun was in Scorpio--I am Scorpio Rising. Jupiter, who my spiritual guide has deemed essential to me, was there in his last days of Scorpio shining his benefic abundance, and the moon, of such significance to a Cancer sun and my work,  was in  Leo, the lion, the ruler of my 10th house–of career, highest purpose, life’s purpose, my intended work–and of particular symbolic meaning to me  (The Strength Card is one of my two assigned tarot cards, along with The Star–as well as the lion being a symbol of romantic sensual love,  is the animal symbol of my selected given craft name, and she  represents all that is beautiful, wild, perfection).

The stars aligned.

My first read–the guided spiritual journey read–again brought me not only to tears more than once, but deep chills prior to even journaling and pathworking.

The path of my spiritual journey could not have rang more true, nor could the past, present, and future trek that I am on. I feel  validated and celebrated by what my Holy Guardian Angel revealed as my past, validated and comforted by my present, and gloriously optimistic and filled with overwhelming hope by what she has revealed in prophesy for  my future.

For those of you readers and seekers who are awaiting your blessing of a deck, your patience will be rewarded in beauty and divinity. For those who you who missed the announcement, be prepared for Benebell’s second issue sometime later in 2019. Do not miss your second chance.

I am excited about the journey I am embarking on with this breathtaking deck and honored for the continuation in a more knowing manner with my Holy Guardian Angel.

I look very forward to the priviledge of reading this deck for you. 

With love, and all good things–