mexico in a glass: yes, drink your tequila. it’s good for you

Some of you know I have a really ugly disease. Basically if you think about your stomach as a super charged blender, a good one like a Vitamix or a Ninja, that whirs and churns your food into liquid so you can digest it and then get rid of the rest? Yeah, my Ninja is more like a ja or a nin. It doesn’t do that whirring thing. It is partially paralyzed & when I was diagnosed finally (after 10 years? But that’s anoooooother story) I had food sitting and rotting  there and infecting my body while at the same time I was malnourished. I had blown up like a beach ball from imflamation and toxins & ye gods know what else.


The point is that I’m on a constant mission, an unending trek to find foods that I can digest, that won’t sit & rot or go further and creates bezoares fungus_c (rocks, shall we say? and yeah, as fun as you might can imagine). The symptoms are hideous–other than the bloat, there’s also the sweating (worse than menopause–I actually had scratches from salt form in my eyeglasses from all the fogging up… optomatrist was bewildered), the shortness of breath, the unbearable heat (my apartment would feel like, to quote my cousin, a place to hang meat), the stupids–my brain came to a grinding hault, the Queen of multi-tasking could barely, ah, task at all, advanced fibromyalgia, type 2 diabetes (yes, I haven’t had insulin in almost a year and I was a 5 shot a day girl), not to mention the nausea, the tummy that goes from normal to 8 month pregnant in a matter of an hour, the vomiting, the acid reflux, the actual pain of rotting food almost in your throat, and well you get the idea……. and oh my god, the beat goes on.


In this quest, I became reacquainted with the paleo diet (but without almost all meats and no raw veggies, and well, no fiber), gluten free (gluten worsens leaky gut), grains (worsens leaky gut), bone broth (excellent! heals leaky gut), fermented foods (can I get another amen?), and perhaps the best of all?

100% Pure Blue Agave Tequila. brady-bunte

Yes. This gorgeous lush succulent is not just delicious, super fun, but… drumroll…. Good. For. You.

(yes, in moderate amounts…….. and repeat after me.- pure-blue.-agave-silver.

Think: Patrón, Frida Kahlo, & Casamigos. )



So journey with me as we explore many many very good things this relative of the aloe can do for your health. And me? I’ll be going down the street to the giant Spec’s and           purchasing a bottle of my favorite, silver Patrón.

The Top Many Reasons You Might Want to Drink Blue Agave Tequila


  1. My favorite–it aids digestion. A shot after dinner will encourage and assist with digestion.
  2. Not only does it boost digestion? It assists with healing (or at least helping with) irritable bowel, ulcerative colitis, colon disease, and Chron’s Disease.
  3. Tequila also acts as a messenger and will take meds to the colon… it’s a delivery service. The issue is that stomach acid will kill the med before it gets where it needs to be… unless it has hired tequila as its uber driver. images
  4. A shot before dinner will boost metabolism.
  5. Aids in weight loss. Yes. Weight loss. Boosting metabolism will encourage your body to burn the food you take in….. and have digested as a bonus!
  6. At only 60 calories a shot? It is has tremendously less calories than say, white wine, which comes in at 160.
  7. It is gluten free! It’s not made with rice or wheat… or even nightshade potatoes.
  8. It lowers cholesterol… yep. It absorbs lipids lowering the bad cholesterol.
  9. It balances blood sugar. Not only does it not raise blood sugar, it can help lower it and even prevent diabetes in pre-diabetics.
  10. Pain killer. Tequila dilates blood vessels…. thus assiting with mild strain, headaches, muscle pain.
  11. It cleanses the colon.    images
  12. It prevents dementia.
  13. It is a probiotic–grows good bacteria, kills bad.
  14. It’s a cold buster! In the 1930’s it was prescribed by doctors…..
  15. Calcium retention? Yep. Tequila enhances the absorption of calcium and magnesium.
  16. It improve brain fuction…. containing potasium, it keeps memory sharp and increases oxygen to the brain, and thus increases cognitive abilities.
  17. It helps with depression, lifting spirits and bringing calmness.
  18. It aids insomnia, again lifting spirits and bringing calmness.
  19. Assists in ah, potty issues.
  20. George drinks it.




With love, and all good things–