the day the earth stood still: our 2 closest planets stop in the sky, sort of

Today, Friday 11/16, Venus is finally stationing direct! All of my lovebirds, rejoice, because after 42 days of Retrograde and the long review of love needs and slow or stopped romances, your love life is going to move forward again just in time for holiday celebration and winter festivitie.



However. A couple of hours later? Mercury stations Retrograde.  Sigh. 




Venus stations direct and two hours later, Mercury stations retrograde #mercuryretrograde #venusstationsdirect


Our two closest planets are changing directions on the same day….. making them closer than ever…. and in their throwing the gear into reverse? Well…. we all know you have to go into  Park first, bringing the car to a full stop… then you can shift.

#mercuryretrograde #venusdirect

Tomorrow Mercury and Venus shift into Park then slowly reverse.

And us Earthlings?

Expect frustrating, feelings of confusion, tempers, slowness, cancelled appointments, traffic jams, poor communication, romantic arguments, tensions.

#mercury #mercuryretrograde Mercury is Stationing Retrograde 11/16/18

Best case? Stay home. In bed. It’s likely you haven’t finished Mayan MC  yet or even gotten to start that new Julia Roberts Netflix show. Do that.

If you can’t? Move slow. Say little. Start nothing. Tread lightly.

mercury-retrograde-2018_0Bringing up emotional issues, complaints, conflicts, problems will serve nothing but drama. Blow ups, pain, tears. No solutions. Possibly lie. A great chance at break ups.

Declutter your day as much as possible and go home as soon as possible and sssshhhhhhhh. Silence today is in fact, golden.

With love, and all good things–