rethinking mercury retrograde

I know, I know. It strikes fear in the hearts of even non-astrology believers (although remember, kids. You can’t believe or not believe in science–it just is)…. poor Mercury will now take the blame for every mishap in your life. Everything from the TV blowing up to your oversleeping or your SO forgetting your date to the delayed flight…… and likely, you’re right.  When Mercury goes backwards, as it were, he does do all of those things.

But let’s look a little deeper. 

The reason Mercury has such a strong affect on us is he is the closest planet to us (not counting the Moon, a luminary actually, not a planet if you want to get all solar system nerdy… and I usually do). He also is the fastest moving planet. He’s a little speeding delivery system that rules writing, language, messages, technology, intelligence, transportation, and the internet.

So yes, it’s true. Miscommunication abounds. You do have foggy brain. Cars do break down, as do appliances and machinery in general. Flights are delayed. Texts don’t send. E-mails vanish. Travel can be filled with obstacle–right in the biggest travel week, Thanksgiving, of the year.

If you haven’t been checking in with Saturn and taking care of routine maintenance of everything from your car to your computer to your teeth, you might just experience problems.

Back up everything.

I repeat. Back up everything.

And don’t sign anything. Contracts can wait until the second week in December. Please.

So rather than focus on the negatives of inconvenience, let’s look at why the cosmos is sending us this little sprite of a messenger chugging into reverse three times a year. Remember–the rule of astrology is the same as with the universe: everything is for a reason. So what’s up with this shit? What could be the possible reason?

To learn to sit with yourself. To calm that monkey mind right down and consider some things. To get yourself together, Miss, as my spiritual advisor, Jeremiah, would say.

I studied Kabbalah for many years, and the practice has made my life better. The number one lesson I learned is to not react. To sit with your feelings. To step away from your cell phone. Put it down. If you type, don’t push send. At all costs, do not push send.

Press Pause.

Use this time to work differently. It’s okay to slow down. It’s okay to take time to think. Consider this a gift.

Yes, a gift. Being forced to slow down is a gift. And in all cases, that’s what retrogrades are all about. Mercury, being closer and faster? His cycle is simply more often than the rest and being closer, we feel it more. The Moon, Venus, and Mercury tend to have more pull on us than the others. Of course, the Sun. We couldn’t live without the Sun. Or the Moon.

Take this time to reconsider what these bumps in the road are for. Spend more time taking care of routine. Double check things. We are not in a galaxy far far away and have no need to go into hyperdrive. It’s okay to sleep a few minutes later, to spend a few more minutes walking the dog, to read–edit–revise–reedit–save that e-mail prior to pushing send. It’s okay.

There’s a theory among those who practice metaphysics that if you’re running late it’s a blessing. Who know that if you’d left on time you wouldn’t have been hit by that car that ran the light five minutes before you arrived there. Don’t fight it. This is a drain on you. This hypers you into a state of frenzy that should be reseved for a young Jeff Goldblum. This makes for fighting in the streets, high blood pressure, snapping at those who love you most. Why? What does it matter? Big picture. Tomorrow is going to arrive right on time. You can coast in with gentleness on a wave of calm or frantically dog-paddle in trying to keep your head above water. Your choice.

There is so much bouncing around in our cosmic weather. Jupiter, big beautiful Jupiter, is home in Sag and happy as a proverbial clam. And in this same house, he’s rooming with Neptune, our great big ball of poetry, rose tinted lenses, mysticism, dreams, and illisions. Go ahead. Use this time to practice being still and to dream. What do you want, what do you really really want?

As we start the downward slope to the end of this year, we are precariously atop a roller coaster right now awaiting the rush of the fall, the dip, the steep curve before we glide flush-faced and smiling into 2019. Use this time before the  drop to gather our wits. To gather ourselves. To rethink our year and all we learned over the summer of retrogrades–the long long time Mars was in Aquarius and moving backward, the 43 days Venus forced ius to analyze what we need, truly need in our lives to have the beauty and love we desire out of our soul’s necessity.

This is the cosmos’ blessing. This is our time for thanks giving. For gratitude. For all we have. For all we’ve learned.

It’s okay to stay still. It’s okay to roll around in dreams. With Neptune so paramount, it is likely your dreams are full and flourishing. Telling you secrets. Working through your fears, whispering you can you can you must you must. Listen. Listen, my love. Listen.

May you all have all you need on this Thanksgiving. May you find thanks for what you do have. May you let go of what you do not with love, as hard as it may be. I wish for you peace. I wish for you healing. I wish for you the time to look to your dreams and take one little step toward them. I wish for you the dissapation of  fear, the biggest malefic of all.

With love, and all good things–