trickster mercury & the pumpkin pie

What most of us forget, or don’t know, is that Mercury is a famed trickster in the tradition of the Tarot’s Magician. The speedy little messenger doesn’t exactly like to slow mercury-e1418932519879down…. so being retrograde makes him a bit, ah, testy. Being testy doesn’t usually bring out an Eeyore side of him, but rather a playful childish imp in love with practical jokes…. jokes that can result in some really ugly situations and that often result by not listening to the universal cosmic message to basically slow the freak down.

I had quite a taste, so to speak, of his madcap humor today. 


Recently I had to discard another food from my diet dealing with the insanity that is gastreoparesis and that food is gluten. So I made not one, but two, gluten free pumpkin pies to take to Thanksgiving–determined that I am going to not break my strict diet even for this, Jupiter’s favorite holiday, his day of overindulgence and extravagence.

I bring the two pies in, meaning to leave one at home….. they are stacked atop each other and placed on the dessert table. Realizing I had brought two, I took one off and moved it to the bedroom with my handbag to take home. In the meantime, my well intentioned  cousin saw that I had the two pies on the table (I’d voiced how it was an accident) and she removed one and placed it on the bookshelf beside the table for me to take home.

If you are following the math, you’ve realized that yes, there were three pumpkin pies. One of course, not mine and very much not gluten free. And you guessed it. This was the one I consumed two pieces of today, not realizing until just prior to leaving just as the gluten fueled bloating commenced.

Luckily for me, gluten will screw me up but in relatively small amounts not that much for not that long. With this amount, inflammation and bloating that will hang on for about a week.

This, my friends, is how our friend Mercury tricks during retrograde. 1522336649252

I could, of course, have been allergic.

And yes, if I’d taken more time to pay attention? It wouldn’t have happened. And this, this , this is the moral of the story of Mercury Retrograde.

Stop and take special note and pay attention.

The more you allow Neptune’s desire to escape into a wonderland of daydreaming and substance fueled dies-engagement and Jupiter to give you the wink to yes, go ahead, you deserve it, indulge……. the more you will fall right into Mercury’s waiting briar patch.

His jokes will continue into December.

Slow down. Sign nothing. Take your time. You’ll be just fine. 

With love, and all good things–