making space

I’ve been away from writing for a few weeks. Between the holidays, a bad ass bug that was roaming around, of course a stomach issue or two, a bout with the sads, and let’s just say exhaustion from burning the candle at both ends for a year? I shut down. The timing wasn’t exactly good….. I have this new business to get off the ground to you know, pay bills and have a roof over my head…. but it was unavoidable. And not unexpected. All through December the cosmos was singing the sweetest lullabye insisting we all take a break before bang bang! Mars zipped into Aries and happy at last after so very long in un-Mars-like territories, he exploded into the New Year with a take no prisoners swagger. Many of us are feeling it–the urge to get this party started in full tilt boogie fashion…. but many of us are dragging behind already not having sufficiently rested in December and feeling a sense of being dazed and confused and wandering aimlessly–or taking to our beds–waiting for the next tsunami of energy to erupt.

Well my friends, you don’t have to wait long. Drink your orange juice, take your protein pills, and put your helmet on….. this year is going to only drive us forward for another two months giving the opportunity to make a big dent in all that we need and desire to do after the sluggish painful malaise of 2018.

It’s a rare happening, but there isn’t a retrograde planet in the sky until Mercury stations in March. What does this mean? A retrograde slows everything down giving us time to process and reevaluate and review. Without one, things rock and roll in a big way. They catapult forward. Remember last summer? When there was but one planet not retrograde? It was like swimming to Cambodia. Now is the opposite. Skating on solid glass.

And to throw in some fireworks? It’s Eclipse Season. 

When the clock hit midnight, Mars had just entered Aries and the Sun and Saturn were sharing a New Year’s kiss in the sky. A few days later, the New Moon brought us an Eclipse. In a week, we will have another. Eclipses are wild cards. We can’t know what they’ll bring but it will almost always be something and that something can be life changing. On January 20 we will experience a dramatic one. Not dramatic such as the Great American Eclipse in 2017, but in a very different way.

The Full Moon is bringing us a Total Lunar Eclipse and the moon itself is a Super Moon, a Blood Moon–big and beautiful and potent under any conditions. This eclipse is in Leo and the 5th and last in a two year cycle. Do you know where Leo is in your chart? It’s possible this eclipse will effect you there. However, think back to February 2017. This was the month of the first Leo Eclipse cycle. What was happening in your life?

Eclipses come in cycles and they have clear beginnings and endings. This was the beginning and the Sunday following this one will be the finalé. There will be a sense of completion and it will likely feel fated.  If you aren’t quite certain of the events surrounding the start of the Leo Eclipses, try journaling. Look at an old  planner. Ask your subconsious to answer in dreams. Get a tarot reading (by  me!).

I for one am quite excited about what this Moon will bring. Remember….. New Moons are beginnings, the seeds of our intentions. Full Moons are the manifestation. I am quite aware of what I was dreaming of that February and I have a rather big indication that this vision and dream I had, this longing and desire ,is on the verge of coming true. Goodness knows that I have spent every New Moon working on this energy, but you don’t need to have been so rigorous for the cycle to complete your way. This is the universe, my pretty. It has beginnings and endings and everything is cyclic. If you noticed any signs, followed your instincts, and/or worked to find authenticity, more than likely you are going to wake up smiling January 21. This is going to feel like a big moment. Make space for it.

And speaking of making space….

. . .have you seen Tidying Up on Netflix, the new series based on Marie Kondo’s book of the same title? Quite honestly, her book was life changing. The show is charming and honestly reveals what decluttering can do for you. I have long been a subscriber to the notion that form and function are of exquisite importance, and have worked diligently to strip my life of all that does not bring happiness and beauty–or as Marie says, sparks joy.

Watching her explain the concept in her sweet English, much of it through a translator, I realized that this work at its truest heart is metaphysical.

Decluttering is alchemy.

The method that Marie uses is respectful to the home, the items, the animals, and the humans residing in the space. She greets each home, thanks what is cleared for its service, and wakes up the books prior to being able to know if they indeed spark joy. There is a quiet grace to her work.

The first time I came across a decluttering book, I was enamored. I came close to launching a business in the art. I didn’t, having young children and not enough nerve, but instead practiced on my own home and those of friends. I first hand experienced the harmony and peace that entered a space once excess was removed and simplicity and beauty remained.

Remember… the universe doesn’t like a void. You remove what you no longer need to make room for what you do. Do you need peace? Do you need a Saturnian structure? Saturn is very big and very present in the cosmos this year after all…. Structure can bring freedom. Harmony can enhance love. Peace can lend space for creativity.

If you are ready to take on this labor of love, I am now offering a tidying up service. Contact me for details. As I am in a new and early stage of this perfecting this craft, my rates are super low. I believe I can work with you via Facetime or Zoom if you are not local.

It would be my honor to assist you in sparking joy.

In the meantime, guys and dolls, be sure to check out Tidying Up, time travel  back to February 2017 prior to the upcoming eclipse, and contact me if you’d like a (discounted until January 31) 2019 Planetary Energy and Solar Chart.

Is now the time to bring an ease and smoothness into your life that comes with working with the planets and not against them? Is this the year you are going to let go of as much modern day stress as you can?

If it is, contact me. I can help.

With love, and all good things–