beauty and the moon and jade, oh my!

When I was sitting outside at my own personal Cheers last night–the cozy perfectly soundtracked woman owned Double Trouble– having an incredibly spicy Bloody Maria, an old friend walked by, did a double take, squealed, and gave me a hug. I haven’t seen her in just over a year.

She could only say your hair your hair!  Yeah, it’s grown. A lot. A foot.

Here’s the deal. Just accept it now: you need to be caring for you hair around the Lunar Cycle. This isn’t new age. This isn’t rumor. This isn’t myth. This isn’t just an Old Wives’ Tale. This is old school witchcraft, baby.

I grew up hearing my grandmother, Nannie, saying you cut your hair on the growing of the moon.

When is this what is this exactly, this growing a moon you speak of? 

When the moon is New, you can’t see it, correct? The sky is black. There is no illumination. When the moon is Full, it’s a big round ball of crystal in the sky. It’s fully grow. A lunar cycle is 28 days. It goes from the New Moon to the Full Moon and back to the night before the New Moon.

moon cycles

When the moon is between the New Moon (the black space on the upper right of the picture) is growing it is moving to the Full Moon state. Go clockwise from the black space to the lower left image of the Full Moon: this is the waxing–or growing–stage. When it is moving from the Full Moon state to the last sliver before it vanishes and becomes brand New–go clockwise back to the upper right: this is the waning–or dimenishing–stage.

What you plant or cut or begin or determine or intend in during the New Moon and it’s waxing stage will…. grow.

It will begin to manifest during the Full Moon through the waning stage.

What you do during the waning stage—such as spellcraft a binding or blocking–will….. diminish.

witch spells
Moon Cycles from Everything Under the Moon

Therefore–if you cut your hair on the waxing of the moon, it will grow quickly. If you cut it during the waning stage, it will grow slowly. So if you want hair length? Cut during the waxing. For the fastest growth? Trim even just a tad during every waxing cycle. Or at least a few times a year.

If you have a super cool razor cut and you want to have less haircuts to keep it up? Reshape and trim it during the waning stage.


Caveat: Do not  cut your hair ON the New or Full Moon and it’s best to stay clear of ALL beauty treatments during Eclipse Season–of which we are in one now. Wait until February, guys and dolls.

If you don’t believe me about growth during the New Moon? Grab a Farmer’s Almanac and check it out. Look at the most auspicious planting times. There are some days that even more opportune than just waxing. You can locate these with a little diligence. I’ll be covering these in a section of my website soon.




So what about this jade business? jade_comb_1_1024x

I began using a jade comb last year. Yes, that would be a hair comb made of jade. I use it after I wash my hair and then try to comb it at least once a day.

Jade has been cherished since antiquity for its healing and magical properties.

Jade brings calm. It restores nerves. It soothes. It protects and is used as a talisman. It foster chi–life force energy. It encourages  sexual and financial abundance. It aligns the heart chakra.

And apparently, it stimulates the scalp and encourages not only hair growth, but vitality–the chi of the hair.

Here’s where I buy mine. Jade Hair Comb I honestly can’t recommend it enough. It will never wear out or need replacement–unless it slips from you conditioner wet hands onto the polished cement floors of your Mid Main loft, but anyway.

All I know is I’ve never loved my hair before.

When you check out the hair comb, go full tilt and check out their other beauty products. I’ll be writing soon about Gua Sha facials and other metaphysical beauty treatments. Stay tuned.

I have already mapped out my quarterly hair trims in my Metaphysical Day Planner Benebell Wen’s MDP Purchase It Like Now and will be setting those up at the Kat’s Meow this week.


With love, and all good things–



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