may we all shine on . . . like the moon and the stars and the sun . . . may we all shine on. . . on and on and on and on

I was listening to a  podcast this morning

and there was a wonderful discussion about the upcoming Total Lunar Eclipse and it fed directly into another conversation I’d had this week. Don’t you love when this happens? Synchroncity! 

We were at Irma’s, this amazing local Mexican restaurant in Downtown Houston across from Minute Maid Park. It’s popular with Astros fans and they stay open late on game nights. I’d never been. My daughter and our friend, Angie, went for dinner this week before Angie headed back to Yale for her PhD program. We’d not had a chance to get together over the holidays.

Irma’s, let me just say, is simply wonderful. It’s a tiny place with a mishmash of furniture and flyers on the walls and random bits of this and that (including some pretty creepy dolls). There is no menu. Yep. They tell you what they’re cooking that day. I had the chicken molé and it was quite honestly the most fantastic I’ve ever had. It was so far above the rest, it was a whole new food. Angie, who doesn’t care for molé, wished she’d ordered it.

While we were chatting for a couple of hours after we’d finished eating, Angie brought up how she’d never really thought Friends was funny.

She knew she was on thin ice as she was sitting with two major Friends junkies. However, through a friendship that has lasted many years (Angie and my daughter met and became friends when they were in 6th grade. . . they graduated co-valedictorians. .  . went to Duke together. . . ) we can discuss things we differ opinions on with complete respect.

You know? Like adults?

So Angie was saying that, for instance, she and another friend discussed PIVOT. They just didn’t get it. How is this funny? They joked about people thinking it was funny for so long they made their own in-joke. Brilliant.

I then mentioned that I believe one of the reasons that Friends holds so much weight in our culture is because we have a deep seated need for community (aside from the fact that it is freaking hilarious) and through our culture, pop culture, we can have this.

Like major in-jokes we are all in on.

There’s a magic that happens when you’re cleaning out your storage locker and hear two girls down the way trying to navigate a sofa around a tight corner in a narrow hallway and one is saying turn it turn it and then you say PIVOT and they crack up and both start yelling pivot and for a moment in time, we are one.

We have shared a context across time and space.

This is one of the reasons that, for instance, concerts are valuable above and beyond the music and your favorite rockstar gunslingers strutting and emoting. The music brings word-less emotions of course, as music is the language-less language that overcomes time and space all on its own. When it is experience en masse with a few thousand who have the same visceral response you do to the sounds being created with wood and strings, it lifts above even this to a higher trancendance of oneness.

When we are One, we change our religion. We experience instant karma. We shine on and on and on and on.

And this weekend, we all have an opportunity to transcend to this oneness with the Super Blood Wolf Moon. It will engulf the skies on Sunday, January 20 at 10:41 p.m. CST and last until 11:44 p.m. with the peak viewing at 11:16 p.m. CST.

This is the first Full Moon of the 2019. It is referred to as a Wolf Moon due to Native American tradition which likely correlates with the deep frozen snowy nights in January with wolf packs howling in the distance. Howling at the moon.

It is a Blood Moon because it will appear as if it is a blood red in the middle of the night.

It is a Super Moon because it is as close to the Earth as is possible and will appear approximately 15 times closer and 30 times brighter than a regular Full Moon.

Having all three of these events together is rare. The skies are going to give us a spectacular show in beginning of the new year and in conclusion of the Leo Eclipse Cycle.

The eclipse is a Total  Lunar and it is in the same sign as the Great American Eclipse, a Total Solar,  we experienced in August of 2017–Leo. You can expect  similar themes to reappear next weekend, or could already be flowing in the energy of right now, that were present during the summer of 2017.

As we have just begun a brand new eclptic cycle with the recent Partial Solar Eclipse on the January New Moon, the work we are doing now, the decisions and choices we are making, the motions we are enacting are going to stay with us and carry us through about the next 19 years–and will have profound effects on 2020. Keep that in mind as you write intentions and make plans surrounding this new year spread out in front of us.

Look back to February 2017.

This was the first Leo Eclipse of this particular Ecliptic Cycle of Leo. The Super Blood Wolf Moon is the last. What was begun or desired or planned that cold winter of 2016-2017? Will find culmination this month. Something personal or professional. Something important. A relationship. A dream. What started in your life? What did you begin? What has your energy been focused on?

How can we be one? Go outside.

Go outside and watch the eclipse with your very own eyes. Don’t watch it through your TV set or your phone screen or anywhere else it’s being broadcast. Don’t experience it later via pictures or somone’s YouTube video.

Simply go outside.

Join the world. Put your feet on the ground and turn your eyes to the sky. The very same ground that every soul walks upon. The very same sky that every soul sees heavenward. The very same moon that pulls all of the tides. The very same sun that gives life to all that grows.

Look to the heavens. 

It’s not PIVOT, but it is. It’s not Green Day, but it is. It is the collective joined and transcended into oneness. It is eternal time and space that shifts and dances with the cosmos and with perspective. And in those moments, it will shine on and on and on and on and on.

With love and all good things–


If you want to know exactly the eclipse will begin, end, and be at it’s highest point where you are located, go to Time and Date–where you can see where eclipses will happen and can be viewed in your exact location

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