a lion’s heart: surviving the super blood wolf moon total lunar eclipse in leo. when to view & what to do & what it means

This is an actual photograph.

A lion cub stalks with the confidence that it is birthright as king of the jungle, and guys & dolls, it’s all a jungle be it the Sierra or the concrete jungle of  Houston. Over our hero’s shoulder is a full blood moon. The normally black night is glowing with the lunar light. The tides are higher. The animals are awake. Every little thing living on Earth is electified, pupils adjusting and alert just as our determined ball of furry courage’s  are here.

The cosmos is truly going to show off on Sunday, January 20 (into January 21 depending on locale). The most spectacular event in the sky, hands down, are our eclipses. Every six months our sky gets fancy. Since, well, always,  when man looked up at the sky and realized that plant growth ebbed and flowed, fertility cycled, and tides pulled when the moon looked just so–eclypses have been seen as potent and magical.


“That Which Is Below Corresponds To That Which Is Above, And That Which Is Above Corresponds To That Which Is Below, To Accomplish The Miracle Of The One Thing”

.–Hermes Trismeistus, the basis of Hermeticism. The three wisdoms of the universe are alchemy, astrology, and theurgy.

In Chinese and Indian astrology, it was believed a celestial dragon circled the skies and twice yearly would appear to swallow the moon or sun. The dragon’s head, Rahu, the North Node, has a voracious appetite that is all desire and destiny. He is starving for enlightenment and takes in all that our soul needs. What we need can be found in the area of our astrological chart where the North Node lies. Ketu is the South Node and the tail of the dragon. The area of the chart that the South Node lies in is the area of our life that is familar and comfortable. It is where we find security because it is a well worn fullsizeoutput_3fa7path that we have exacted in previous lifetimes. When an eclipse strikes the South Node, the mighty tail, Ketu, will knock out of your life that which has served it’s purpose and that you no longer need. It is cleared away to make room for what Rahu hungers for–what your soul needs in this lifetime. When Rahu is triggered, you will be presented with opportunities to grow and move toward that your soul yearns for. It is a deep hunger that must be filled.

This fancier than fancy eclipse is a North Node eclipse. Rahu will be triggered. In addition, the North Node is now in Cancer–the sign of nurture and intuition. You will have goodness coming into your life. Goodness that might now feel comfortable, maybe not even wanted. You can’t always get what you want…. but if you try sometime…. you get what you need…. Listen to Jagger: Rahu knows what you need. Try.

And because Rahu will be hungry, if your life is jammed with much too much that is taking up space and you haven’t Tidy-ed Up with Marie Konos yet? You may find that something leaves, and even if you hold onto it you can no longer hang onto it’s slippery surface than if it was coated in vasoline. Trust me, whatever Ketu smashes out? It simply does not spark joy. If you think it does, it’s an illusion.

So fear not, my pretty. Be a lion. Or better, a lioness. A warrior goddess who only strikes when her cubs or pride are in danger or she’s hungry, her Rahu ready to devour.

Female Lion Running Through the Night on a Full Moon Background
Female Lion Running Through the Night on a Full Moon Background

Warrior Goddess, the Lioness.

Our fireworks extravaganza is in Leo. Leo is the sign of courage. Warmth. Fire. Passion. Bold. Confident. Intense. Big-hearted. A lion’s heart. Think Simba. Think Mufasa. Think Nala. 14a903b61b5bd884898168232707

Nurturing is a theme for this Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo with the North Node in Cancer.

It’s important to work with boldness and courage and with heart. Think about your life. Think about your goals. We are in the first month of the year and this is our first Full Moon. Consider your intentions. Bring these elements into what you wish to do with this year–who you want to grow into. If you haven’t set your intentions in stone, this magical night will be a perfect time to tweak them or start them if you haven’t.

What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

So. Ok. But what about the rest of this? The Super Moon part? The Blood Moon part? When is this event happening? 

A Super Moon is when the Moon is the closest to the Earth it can be. It will appear 15% closer and 30% brighter. This term was actually coined by an astronomer and has made the big leap over to astrology.

A Blood Moon? Despite how ominous it might sound, there’s nothing related to vampires 3107044530_c4031a05b7_zor other supernatural creatures here. While it’s more potent than say, regular Full Moons (actually each of these elements are compounding the potency of this Full Moon) a Blood Moon is when you can see all of the sunrises and all of the sunsets that are happening allover the world at exactly this moment reflecting their orange onto the moon’s surface. It is a precise moment in time of beginning and endings–much like Rahu and Ketu–with the glory of all of those fresh new days and nights. The pink reddish luminiscent glow appears bloody in color when it reflects off the Moon–thus the name.

A Wolf Moon? Each Full Moon was named in Native American tradtion based upon the season. When the Moon Cycle was used to manage time in it’s perfect 28 day cycles, the stages were used to plan everything from planting to pregnancy. For instance, a Strawberry Moon? When berries came into season. A Harvest Moon? Time to, yes, super-blood-wolf-moon-2019-uk-753911harvest. A Wolf Moon occurs in January in what is the coldest month of the year, so likely to bear snow. Imagine packs of wolves deep in the woods calling to each other, the proverbial howling at the moon. By the way, wolves howl more often during the night because they’re nocturnal. They point their faces upward to the heavens when they howl because of acoustics–projecting their calls upward allows the sound to carry farther. Howling is the most direct way of communicating–location, predator warnings, and opportunities for prey– across long distances.

Do wolves howl more during Full Moons? I believe so.  Animals are more active during the Full Moon because of the brightness. Are they communicating with spirit or gods or supernatural beings? Are they alerting the werewolves it’s time to join their pack? Singing to witches? Chatting with Venus? Rising the dead? Warning of vampires? Think

of the anecodotal stories told by first responders–emergency rooms, number of babies being born, arrests, bar fights. Think of the episode Full Moon, Saturday Night on E.R.: explosion, werewolves, a guy wearing a gurney…..Chaos ensued. (if you haven’t binged E.R. yet, finish this, prepare for your Eclipse night, then go straight to Hulu and get ready to binge–just don’t forgot that sacred hour Sunday night.) If the Moon can pull the tides, I tend to believe it can stir the emotions and trigger the supernatural…. and that our animals who operate on a primal uncluttered by greed wavelength, know.

To quote my beloved Hemingway:  isn’t it pretty to think so? Ernest Disapproval

What’s life without beauty and majesty and magic? Without the supernatural? I myself don’t want to live in a world without the super-natural, without the mystery and grandeur of the planetary connections to this world and that on the other side of the veil.


This total lunar eclipse is also a long one. It will occupy the sky for over an hour. To find out precisely what time it will occur where you are located, go to TimeandDate.com for Total Lunar Eclipse details in your location. For Central Time, the height of the spectacle will be from approximately 10:30-11:30 PM with the pinnacle of the event at 11:16 PM.


How will it effect me personally?

There are a few things to consider. If you know where Leo is in your chart, you can examine this area and look for signs and opportunities and changes that you can expect will happen in some way or another. While Eclipse energy begins in the Eclipse Portal–the time from one eclipse to the next, so in this case from approximately January 5-January 21–don’t be surprise if the results hit right on the nose–and also don’t be surprised if the energy takes up to 6 months for results…..the energy they stir up lasts until the next eclipse season. For 2019, this is July when we will have two more. We also have a 5th this year occuring on December 25. Looking into the area where Leo resides can give you a definate clue as to how you will be effected. You can also examine your Solar Chart if you are a more advanced student of astrology or have had your yearly chart done. Most often our zodiac signs remain in the same areas of our charts, but they can sometimes fluctuate.


Saros Cycle

However. This particular event is a bit different.

Eclipses occur in cycles. The overall cycle last approimately 19 years–this is the Saros Cycle. leo_hevelius_700Then within this cycle, there are smaller ones that contain specific signs. These are tied directly to the Nodes we discussed at the beginning of this post. We are entering a Cancer/Capricorn cycle. We have just ended an Aquarius cycle that was working with Leo. And January 20? The final Leo eclipse. So, get to the point, Kitty. 

The point is that this is the final paragraph in this little story. It’s the full stop at the end of the final sentence. The first was in February, 2017. Think back. What began for real then? What were you dedicated to working on? That was the beginning of something–a relationship? A project? And now this is the completion or closure. If, for instance, you just began a relationship or was working toward having one? Now could be the time it is solidified. Now it could be moving to the next level. If you can’t recall what was happenig then? Try journaling or looking at date books or planners or e-mails or photo files. Something to trigger your memory.

Astrology is about time. It is time. Moments in time that create cycles.

You learn, go deeper, and become more aligned by looking backwards to look forwards and understand the patterns in your life. Life is about patterns. Think of sacred geometry.

In addition…. this cycle began in full January 2000. What was happening then? What fullsizeoutput_3faahave you accomplished? Who have you become? If you are not who you saw yourself becoming, maybe it’s time to rethink your intentions and goals. Maybe consider shadow work to dig deep and discover what is holding you back and to plan a new direction. Perhaps you will look back with joy and pride over all that you have learned and who you are becoming.

Finally, what was happening Halloween 2016? December 30, 2016 started something. You will see the fruits of this on January 28, 2019. If you are aware of what it was, you will not miss the signs and opportunites that can present.


Now. Metaphysically speaking what can you do to get the  most out of this eclipse? If you have full moon rituals you practice, of course follow these. Nothing I can prescribe will take the place of your own traditions, rituals, intuition. However for those of you who do not, here are some ideas to experiment with. Take what you can use and leave the rest. What you resonant with will be what will be the most effective for you.

  • Create an altar. Start with a clean space. Add to it images of courage and heart. Lion figures or images. Those whose energies you wish to emulate. Teachers and heroes. If you have any crystals connected to fire, add these. Fire stones include: ruby, garnet, red jaspar, orange carnelian, any other red or orange stones. Also moonstones, opals, pearls. These all resonate with the Full Moon. Shiny round objects or mirrors–circles. Place a crystal glass (or any glass) filled with water. Place a candle front and center–both white and black are in key with the moon and red with the blood moon and with fire, so whichever color you are drawn to. After you altar is set up, light your candle and spend some time meditating.
  • It’s a lovely idea to then journal. You can write about the dates mentioned above…. reflect, examine. If you have set up an altar and it is one you can sit near, it is nice to do so. If you haven’t, maybe just light a candle. Put both feet on the floor to fully gound yourself and imagine the beautiful light from the moon coming down into the crown of your head and traveling through your body. Write freely.
  • This would also be a good time to work on writing your intentions and goals for the year if you have not or if you want to jazz them up or perfect them. When you are writing intentions, remember it is important to: write them a precisely and specifically as possible; write them in present tense as if they have already 47582535_1633917003421488_8677775493392765492_nhappened; write out steps to activate your intentions–actions that you can do right away to begin; express your gratitude and thanks; express how this manifesting will contribute to your life and to the collective; express how it feels now that it is here; write as little or as much as you want. You can then keep the work or burn it sacrifically and imagine the smoke going to heavens to be heard by spirit. If you burn, be sure to copy a list of your first actions and your overall goals somewhere that you will be reminded of them often. Don’t let them slip away.
  • If you have a special something you are working with, you can charge a crystal to be your talisman. Choose one in line with your intention. For instance: white or green for love; red for passion and love; green for financial growth; white or lavendar or blue for intuition and spiritual growth; red for fire fordrive on a particular project; yellow or white for considence and voice; white or grey for healing. Sit upright with your feet on the ground. Hold your crystal in both hands. Mediate on what you wish to bring into your life, the work you want to do. Imagine again the moon energy coming through your crown, through your body, down your arms and hands and around the crystal. When you feel you’ve completed meditating, feel the energy go from your body the way that it entered. Then place your crystal in the moonlight for the night. In the moring, your crystal will be charged. Keep it nearby during the year. When you are losing faith or having worries, hold it close as you did this night.
  • Have a tarot reading. If you read for yourself, below you will find some spreads that I’ve found interesting or have personally worked with–I did not create any of them. (If the creator is known, it is on the spread). If you do not read for yourself, consult a tarot read (me?!) to give you a reading. (I am offering a special read for this eclipse this weekend only for $30. Message me to schedule. Contact information below and on my website. You can pick one of these spreads of your choice. I will add in an oracle reading.)

The very most important thing you can do? 




The planets demand your presence as they play in the sky.

Join me and the collective in experiencing this magic with your own eyes.

Go outside and experience. All over the world the people will be gathered to watch and share in this grandeur. The energy of the collective joined as one to experience the same natural phenenom at the exact same time? There are no words to express this power and connection and energy. We are all here together. We are all spiritual beings in physical bodies. We are all made of the same materal as the stars themselves. We are all parts of the whole. We are one. We are stardust. We are connected. As above, so below.



With love, and all good things–



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