pre-st valentine’s post-ecliptic sweetness




Whew. The brunt of Eclipse Season is over….. for now…. until July. While the energy is going to hang around and finish its work and there are going to be some days that might trigger that energy–remember, this Leo eclipse was putting a bow on this cycle and retained the energy of the Great American Eclipse in August 2017. In fact, Sunday January 27 might be one of those days–a good day to not plan too much and to mindful of other people’s tensions and pain.

However,  today is not that day. This morning  at 6:24 CST Our Goddess Venus made a sweet conjunction with Jupiter–the two benefics are working together to expand and ahr0cdovl3d3dy5zcgfjzs5jb20vaw1hz2vzl2kvmdawlza3ns83mdevb3jpz2luywwvdmvudxmty2xvdwrzlwphegeuanbnjupiter-red-spotsweeten and to bring you what you want. Yes, what you want. What you desire. 

While all of this lovliness is happening in the  heavens above, take a few minutes today to focus on Venus. To pull her down from the heavens and tell her your deepest desire. Remember, she is all about pleasure. She is about love and beauty. She is buttercream icing and ABBA and glitter and My Little Pony and kittens and puppies and passionate love making with deep deep kisses. Ask her. She wants to give and delight you.


Jupiter, our dear abundanct Blue Whale in the sky…. he wants only to expand all he touches. He yearns to give. When he and Venus are dancing through the cosmos, you can not only be sure of receiving what you wish to manifest, what you desire, what gives you pleasure–but you should expect it will arrive so much sooner that you could possibly expect.

How do I call Venus down?


Here are some simple rituals.

Light a candle and sit with it a bit–candles are pretty and they are fire and passion and they are magical.  Sit with the light and speak your desires out or think they in your mind or write them in a journal.

Repeat this mantra 108 times using a  mala or not (there are some free mala apps for imagesyour phone that will count so you can meditate and not break focus…):


Treat yourself to something lovely. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It could be a cupcake or a crystal or a special cocktail or a meal. Some fresh flowers. A A tarot reading or a new bit of imageslingerie. A book you’ve been meaning to read or simply taking time out to read or watch a guilty pleasure TV show. Take the afternoon off and go to the movies. Anything that makes you feel pleasure and smile. While you are doing so, thank Venus and ask her for your wish.

Look up at the sky and bless her and tell her of your gratitude imagesand make your heart felt wish to her. You can do this in grid-lock if that’s your only chance.

Just take a moment and feel the sweetness in the air. Feel gratitude. Wish upon the brightest star in the sky. Be still for just a moment and breath. She is here for us.


With love, and all good things–


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