i will see you on the void side of the moon

The moon works hard. Like everything, she needs rest. She takes her siesta between changing signs. Usually this goes unnoticed. It’s a few minutes in time, but similar to  a retrograde in feeling…. a time for pause and reflection. During this time, as with a retrograde, it’s common for not much to happen and for that which is started during these times to not go forward or to stall out at least momentarily. Since it’s a short few minutes,  goes unnoticed. Just a blip.


Those who practice any form of spellcrafting usually seek out and are often atuned or aware of these times as it’s when magic you are working, ahhhhhh falls flat. There’s no point in  spending all of that time and effort and energy for you to get a big nothing because the moon is napping.


I am bringing this up today not as a simple here’s some cool information for you, but because today is a bit rare. The Moon went void of course this morning CST at 7:50 AM and will be void of course until 10:02 PM when it goes into Libra out of Virgo.

That’s 14 hours. Not a few minutes. Not a couple of hours. Are you feeling frustrated? Sad? Like you’re spinning your wheels? Was this quite a day?

Blame it on the moon.

Think about what happened today. Try not to judge those around you if they didn’t send that e-mail, if you didn’t hear about that job, if you tried to get started on that project and it sizzled and burned. Blame it on the moon.

For future reference, these are great times to just do work. To continue on. To plan even. Just not to start anything new. When you have something that needs to get off the ground? A Void of Course moon will so not get that party started.

In an hour or so, the moon will wake up and stretch and sail into beautiful Libra. This happens to be my most psychic time of the moths. I’m a Libra Moon (and depending on which house system you choose and if I got with my co-ascendant, a Libra Rising) so this is the time for me to tap deeply into my intuition and cross through the veil. The next two days are my prime time for reads, if you are so inclined.

With love, and all good things–


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