permission not to clean & how to plant seeds for the lunar new year–kitty has you covered for this year of the earth pig

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At 3:02 CST, the moon became brand new and with it, we have our official beginning to 2019. Eclipse season is over and we can all take a deep breath. While I’m sure many of us have  made intention and resolution lists, with the birth of this New Moon we have and yet another chance to do so. In fact, one of this moon’s gifts is the lesson that we can always, always begin again. 

Aquarius has a reputation for uncovering truth. This week you may find, even this very day you may find, that you have an ah-ha moment…. that something surfaces…. that you suddenly see things in an entirely new way. What’s that song? Suddenly I See? This could be the theme of this lunar cycle. Suddenly I See–Aquarius New Moon

merry-character-piglet-symbol-new-260nw-1186204723At midnight tonight, we begin the Lunar New Year, Chinese New Year. To me, being a child of the moon and as anyone who knows me knows, an Asianophile, this is the official start of the 2019. (If you ask my teacher or life-long student self, it was August 2018…. I’ll forever be on a school schedule! What the hell, let’s juist celebrate them all?) This year is the year of the Pig, and to be more specific, the earth pig. I’ll write more of what that means for you–but with this post, I want to give you some specific information on how to manifest a year that you desire. How to planet seeds that will harvest what you desire… and need… most. By combining a bit of Lunar New Year practices and Westerm Astrology, here’s a bit of a guide.

Where are you willing to put your energy? Let the gods that be, the stars that be, the deity that be, know. At the stroke of midnight, the Lunar New Year begins and at 3 AM CST the New Moon has been in the sky long enough to be at it’s height of magical power.

What do you want, truly want, this year to bring in? What can you do to physically energize this desire?

For instance, do you want to become fit? Exercise or healthy diet. Become more organized? Schedule your days on a calendar. Be more generous? Give. Engage more with spirituality? Go to church, pray, say your mantra with prayer beads, set an altar. Write? Well… write. Spend more time with family? Take them to dinner. Save money? Open a savings account. Fall in love? Make a dating profile, go out dressed to the 9’s, join a club of an interest you have. Have a secret love? Send them a message. Want more open communication? Send a vulnerable text. Want a make over? Buy one garment. Want to beautify yourself? Go have a face peel.

You get the idea.

You are going to engage this desire with actual physical energy. Tomorrow. If you don’t read this until later, plan it and then do it the next day. If you use this New Moon Lunar energy up to 48 hours prior to the Full Snow Moon on  February 19, the energy is still potent. Of course the closer to the 5th, the stronger. You don’t have to beat your messages home. The cosmos is way smarter than you and I. You will be heard.

Jupiter is blessing this New Moon, as well. So if you’re into that kind of thing? Then it would be a sweetness to thank our big beautiful benefic. How do you do this?  By participating in one of Jupiter’s favorite things in honor. So what does Jupiter like? Giving. Expansion. Be kind to yourself. Be generous to another. Indulge in something you love. Anyone for ice cream or cheese enchiladas? Saturn is also a big force here. We all want to keep the big guy happy…… Bring home dark colored flowers–dark purple, for instance–or set out black crystals.

This is the alchemy of astrology. This is magic.

Astrology gives us a map and tools, but it’s up to us to pay attention and use them.

Now, what about this Lunar New Year? pigyear

Those living in North America are familiar with the customs of black eyed peas and what not for  prosperity in the new year…… so I’m giving you a handy dandy list of the beliefs and traditions of the Chinese New Year. I’m following them and why not follow them, too? Let’s face it–Chinese culture is much older than American…. believe and have fun. Happy New Year!

What To Do & Not Do on the Lunar New Year

  1. Do not say negatives. This is good advice for anytime, really. You know the subconsious has no sense of humor. Self-deprecating humor backfires. Where you put your energy is what manifests in your life. It’s why worry is so deadly–what you worry about comes to you. Think happy. It’s just for one day. Bowie said we can be heroes just for one day. Do it.
  2. Do not break ceramics or glass. This is akin to the breaking a mirror equals seven years bad luck. Of course, unless you are Rhinnna Breaking Dishes uh-huh off off your head…..Breaking Dishes… you likely won’t do this on purpose. So if you do, wrap the shards in red paper and say the words: suì suì phg ān, which asks for peace and security every year to break the curse (or if you’re a gypsy, spit over your shoulder)
  3. Do Not Sweep or Clean—as promised! Traditionally this is done the day before the New Year. If you didn’t, well, hold off. Dirt won’t kill anyone. We have become a country of germ-a-phobes and the onset of that damn anti-bacterial hand stuff is doing exactly what I thought it would–setting us up for every single caustic germ to enter our bodies and we have no defenses, no Art of War, to shield ourselves…. (nurses are actually losing their finger prints from overuse and we have no antibodies to fight disease if heavily used… this has all been proven now…. my eldest used to go outside and lick the sidewalk. I’m not advocating that, but she didn’t get sick from any regular germs…… just saying.) What I am saying is that when we sweep out the dirt? We are taking the chance on this day of sweeping out our luck. This is true in hoodoo tradition as well. Also… do not take out the trash today. If you do, you are risking taking out our prosperity and good luck. If you really really must sweep (Tallulah, I’m talking to you…..) then sweep inward!!!!! Then gather the dirt and put it in a trashbag and keep it in the house until (preferably) 5 days from today…. but at least until Wednesday.
  4. In the same light as #3, do not shower. You are washing away your good luck. You can bathe, but don’t release the water until Wednesay…… Consider yourself a Gremlin……
  5. Do not use scissors, knives, or sharp objects…. You will cut your stream of wealth and success.
  6. Do not demand debt repayment. Let everyone celebrate. If you do, it will bring bad luck to both of you. You can do so as of the 5th day after. The same holds true with borrowing. Do not borrow today. If you do, you’ll be needing to borrow the entire year.
  7. Avoid crying and fighting. Work to solve peacefully or wait until the next day. The problems will still be there. Good advice for all days….. crying? Can be good. Fighting? Doubtful……
  8. Avoid taking medicine or talking about health woes. If you need to, of course, then do! But don’t focus on maladies…. or this will be a year of sickness. Where you put your energy….. (I vow to not mention my stomach all day…. I really do!)
  9. Do not give New Years blessings to those still in bed…. if you do, they will be bedridden this year… along this line, do not tell people to wake up… this will result in them being bossed around the entire year. No bueno. This is your official permission to sleep in! It’s best for all!
  10. It’s Chinese tradition to bring a gift to those you visit. Why not do so? Bring  your coworkers a Chinese treat… or at least donuts…. Send someone flowers…. however! Do not give a clock, pears, or apples. These are bad bad bad as in cutting their lives short bad. You do not want to be responsible for this. Karma, man.

Okay. I’m digging this Lunar New Year and I Love Chinese Food…. So what should I eat?

  1. Spring Rolls
  2. Dumplings
  3. Noodles (I myself will be having Pasta Slim….. sigh. I recommend ramen… have it for me…..  )
  4. Fish–weath and surplus
  5. Chicken–reunion and rebirth
  6. Seaweed–wealth
  7. Bamboo shoots–longevity
  8. Grapefruit–family, hope, and prosperity
  9. Leeks–longivity and everlasting
  10. Eggs–a big healthy family
  11. Lobster–endless money
  12. Shrimp–fortune
  13. Pig–peace (don’t eat pig… seriously… don’t eat pig. They are likely smarter than  you.)
  14. Duck–loyalty
  15. Peaches–longevity
  16. Tofu–happiness and fortune


So my my beloveds, I wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

With love, and all good things–


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