Tarot Reads & Astrology Chart Specials!

Now that we are past the Eclipse season and can really begin to take on 2019, how about giving yourself that Tarot Read or Astrology Chart you’ve been curious about? From now until February 28, check out these sales!

All current and previous customers:

33% off any service I offer! For services that are currently 50% off, you will receive that 50% and an additional 10% as a great big I love you.

New Customers:

50% off any of the following services:

Tarot Read (60 written read)–$30

Opening of the Key Tarot Read (125 written read)–60

I Ching Read (60 written read)–30

Astrology Trilogy–a breakdown and analysis of your Sun, Rising Sign, & Moon (100 written read)–50

Basic Astrology Chart–your Trilogy and House/Sign Analysis  (150 written read) –75

2019 Solar Chart— A personal guide to your year for planning (250 written read)–125


Price Break on Intuitive Therapy Sessions…….

Regular Price 80 a session….. purchase 1 month for 250, a savings of $70-150. Paid in advance. You may purchase as many months in advance as you would like for this price at this time.

Decluttering–first visit and plan with one follow up session–200


Contact me this month to scheduele you service. Payment due when work is ordered/appointment is made. Services paid for in February can be scheduled for anytime this year.

email me at kittydarlingmetaphysics@gmail.com or text to 910-352-1198.

With Love, and all good things–