why is my child angry, sad, depressed….& what can i do about it

I heard Anne Lamott read from her book Operating Instructions when my 81Up5dNI1LLchildren were small. Her writing was the most honest and painful thing I’d ever heard or read about parenting, or maybe anything for that matter. At a time when all I could hear around me yqqrt4op_400x400were earth moms speaking in soft tones and seeming to have this benefic patience and understanding for their little ones no matter how horrid the situation that was lost on me, here was Anne: my beloved Anne talking about how she would become so frustrated she would imagine throwing her infant son against the wall. She never did, mind you. Of course. She pictured it and admitted it.  To keep her sanity.

There is no manual, no operating instructions that comes with that white blanket with the blue stripes on the end wrapped around your precious brand new human.  Apparently all you need to do is get riled up and have sex and the answers of imagesmotherhood will decend upon you . . . but don’t forget,  for any flaw? Your child will hold you responsible forever and always.

Please do not get me wrong.

No mother ever loved her children more than I do. No one has sacrified more. Loved harder. I breastfed, knitted animals and doll coats out of pure angora wool, hand sewed dolls of color,  learned about Waldorf, studied how reading too early damages the eyes, and used cloth diapers with woolen covers, no plastic pants. Stayed home and pinched pennies to stretch one not so huge paycheck? Yep. Family bed? Check. Home-schooling? For a while. Arbitrary rules? No way. Home cooked meals? Yesssss. Even after divorce, I created ways to avoid day care and to check home work papers and to be there.

I mean, really be there.

I talked to my children like people. I discussed. I made sure to keep my attention balanced. I knew my kids’ teachers. I opened my home to their friends and rescued stray animals and dreams and dramas. I treated love affairs seriously.

Teen-RebellionStill, despite all of my hands-on, 24 hour a day parenting, my youngest had impossible tantrums after she’d return from her fathers–filled with rage at being away from me. My oldest daughter developed severe issues with mental health starting at 12, including anorexia and later, cutting. It ripped us up, my family of three. My youngest daughter assumed the role of older sister and we muddled through.

My point? I was a good mother. I was over my head. Trying to sort it out was a roll of the dice.

Everyone has their own needs. Everyone needs to be loved in their own specific way. Childen come into this world saddled with karmic debt and their own Chiron wounds to cope with. These are areas a Natal Chart can reveal.

All of our children are going to experience challenges. All of our children are going to have growing pains. All of our children are going to hit the…… ah, teens. Yes.. yes… the lovely teens where even the most lovely of children can become, let’s call them Regan. Exorcist1

However . . .

what if you have a lead into how your child can feel accepted on their terms? What if you could have a clue in what way they need to be shown love and acceptance? Could understand their fragile  points? 

pop_quiz_jan08When your child reaches their teen years, what if you could tell what academics they have a flair for and which they truly need extra work in? What if  you could see which career paths they not only have a natural aptitude for, but which they would have the most fulfilling life and easiest rise to  success with? images

When I cast a Natal (birth) chart, I can look at areas that will assist you in helping your child overcome pain and anger, help you discover how to support your child in their imagesstruggles, and give you clues to have  strong chance of really getting the way that your child will best feel acceptance so                                                                                          their confidence can grow.

I do not take parenting lightly. I gave my full attention to raising my girls for 28 years and still consider mothering my first and most important and more valuable work. When my children were each struggling in different points of their lives, I would have been grateful for something, anything, to give me even a remote clue of how I could help. I sincerely believe that I can assist you.

If you or your child is having issues or if you want to prepare for the future, please imagescontact me and let me know what you need. A natal chart will look at your child’s karmic debt, deepest wounds, life’s purpose, talent, aptitudes, liklihood of addictions, and all twelve areas of your child’s chart. I can look specifically into areas that you have concerns with due to current issues, family history, or other particular needs.

Please contact me at thehouseofneptune@gmail.com or text me at 910-352-1198 if you are interested in working with me or would like to consult over how a Natal Chart can assist your family.

With love, and all good things—