kitty’s house of neptune–grand opening!

Guys and Dolls, guys and dolls….. I come bearing news. . .

This is the first notice of what I’ve been developing and what is heading to Houston in March 2019. Finally, I feel it’s time to put the initial announcement out.

I’m elated, proud, and humbled to announce that The House of Neptune will be opening its doors on March 1, 2019.

What is this House of Neptune you speak of?

The House of Neptune is a tiny metaphysical art space with tremendous creativity, spiritual integrity, and a passion for experimention and growth–dedicated to the  curation of lives rich with beauty and purpose. 

We want to help you find what you are seeking and grow into alignment with what your soul is calling for. 

Located directly above The Continental Club on Main Street in Mid Main, Houston (Near Montrose, a block outside of Midtown and on the Metro Rail line), The House of Neptune will be a part of a vibant community that includes My Flaming HeartDouble Trouble, Sig’s Lagoon, Natachees, the Kat’s Meow, Tacos-A-Go-Go,  Big Kat’s Barber Shop, Alley Kat, The Breakfast Club, The Ensemble Theater, Match Center, Spicy Girl Midtown, Winbern Mess Hall, Kura Revolving Sushi Bar, Diced Poke, Mid Main Lofts, The Brass Tap, and of course, The Continental Club.

I will be offering all of my services, including astrology charts and reads, intuitive therapy, both pyschological and intuitive tarot reads, crystal healing, and feline reiki.

In addition . . .

Art! The House of Neptune is also featuring a Gallery Wall. Each featured local artist will have a Gallery Opening and their work will be available for view and purchase.

Classes! The House of Neptune will feature weekly classes: yoga, meditation, art therapy, creative writing, conversational Spanish, and more coming soon.

Workshops! Both metaphysical (astrology 101, crystal healing, and tarot art collage, working with the moon, manifestation, empowerment) as well as Creative Writing and Journaling.

Tutoring! As a certified public school teacher & former ESL teacher, I will be offering tutoring for college essay writing.

Events! The calendar will feature different events monthly, often tied in with sister businesses in the community. Look forward to Our Hour, Tea and Tarot, and more.

The Grand Opening Party will be held March 23, 2019

Stay tuned for details

House of Neptune’s very first featured artist is Houston photographer:  Brittany Pierre

Ms. Pierre’s gallery opening will be held on March 30, 2019 


You can read more about Ms. Pierre here: Brittany Pierre in Voyage Houston

Over the next weeks, look for interviews and articles featuring the wide variety of talent that will be featured as artists, teachers, musicians, and spiritual leaders.

Plans for this community space also include fashion pop ups, hair design pop ups, musical events, poetry and book readings, book release parties, experimental comedy & performance art,  theater and movie script read throughs for audience response, gua sha, alternative beauty, and other small space happenings.

Please contact me………If you have a talent that you would like to create a class around, you would like to have the space available for a script reading, would like to be considered for a Gallery Show, or for any other information, reach out via at The House of Neptune E-Mail

With love, and all good things–