my top ten favorite tarot decks (right now)

There are as many tarot decks as there are tarot readers out there…..

71vXZM5grWL._AC_UL200_SR200,200_and while these are my  favorite decks, I can honestly tell you like so many tarot readers I know…..  I have a wish list that only keeps growing! I’m not going to include the Original Rider Waite here although it is far and away my go to deck. It is the first I purchased, so it’s the one I learned with. I have filled in the border and colored the edges in black sharpie and have marked the astrological correspondances on the faces. I carry it in a beautiful bag that a lovely gift came in from a beloved client. It’s precious to me and I’ll have it always. It’s accurate and my friend. However…………… here you go… in no particular order really after #1 and #2……. my top ten favorites!

  1. Benebell Wen’s The Spirit Keeper’s Tarot. Without exception, this is the most beautiful, spiritual, magical tarot deck I’ve ever had my hands on. From the bf5a6e1172f9e5e58375d891230190bbmoment the lovely consecrated deck arrived in my hands? It could feel its power through the box. I turn to it daily for my personal pulls and reads and the more I use it, the deeper it goes. This is a limited deck and the first edition sold out in a week. The second edition (and final, at least for a long long time, as in years if ever there is another) is on pre-sale until March 30. I suspect if you don’t order it then? You won’t get it. Go to her website and order it if you have any interest in tarot. She includes (because she’s Benebell who might be the most generous person on the planet) for a minor upgrade, the deluxe package that included (in this edition and will be in the second) a little white book included, the download of a second little white book, a medium white book, The Book of Maps (ummmm, 400 pages….), a coloring book, a handout on the court cards, and a series of videos with spreads and information, including reading the Akashic Records and meditation. It’s profound and mystical, yet can be read on any blog_key0keeper_acecupslevel. In addition, she hand consecrated each and every deck (My sister decks were consecrated on Halloween, people!) and they are signed and numbered. She does nothing half way. These are original drawings of her own and this entire production was began on June 2018 and delivered by the end of November. Same year. One way that I know that it’s telling me the truth is when I lay out the same cards over and over for similar questions. The featured here is one of the three Key 0 cards, The Keeper, and another of my favorites, and the Ace of Chalices (cups). The copy is in The Book of Maps, imageswhich I colored in a Ritual Coloring process to further bond with the deck. Working with the processes Benebell describes guides you toward finding your Holy Guardian Angel…. and she has infused every card with a spiritual guide that can be called upon for guidance, protection, and alchemy. Working with these guides and with my HGA has changed everything. The cardstock is thick and makes a great clicking sound when you shuffle. The edges are gold. The box is near indestructable. It’s just my heart. I’m still looking for the perfect box to store it in where it lives on on a kind of altar next to my bed topped with a beauful smoky quartz Benebell gifted me awhile back on a mat illustrated with my personal HGA. It’s sacred. I want to read for clients with it, but I’m not willing to allow others to touch it. I’m ordering a client copy of the 2nd edition for this very purpose. What else can I say other than go and  order the second edition nowSpirit Keeper’s Tarot
  2. The Crow Tarot. My new most favorite after SKT is the stunning and witchy Crow Tarot. I was lucky enough to spot it when it was on strength-crow-tarotindiegogo and have a limited edition backer’s deck. Since it is now available by US CRO78-box_1Games.  Sweet story: my cat destroyed and half ate one of the cards…. I was heartsick! Yes, I could buy a new US Games version but I was already so bonded with this one and anxious to read it for clients! I mentioned it in conversation on the artist’s instagram. She DMed me and offered to send me a new replacement card!!!! She brokef0690a56b6fa4528cefe59eee144c6a6 an entire deck to do me this kindness–and I might add, included her beautiful Crow Tarot wall calendar which is so cool and witchy and useful! I love the large images of the cards and the moon phases! The artwork here is so lush! I sink into it. Look at the imagesI have shared here! I mean, really??? Here’s the link so you can order yours and check out the other cool swag. The Crow TarotThat guide book shall be mine soon and I’ve got my eye on that Bruja mug. She has a new deck coming out soon, Wise Dog–gorgeous!
  3. The Mary-el Tarot. This deck is splendid. While, like SKT, it echoes the RW mary-el-images-queen-of-swords61HdOt1aCJLtradition, it’s actually it’s own world. It comes with a detailed comprehensive book. I doubt it’s everyone’s cup of tea, but for me it truly resonates. The readings go deep and there’s something highly sensual, passionate, and dramatic about it. Take a look at that Queen of  Swords…. so revealing, yes? Available on Amazon.
  4. The Lionness Oracle Tarot. Speaking of lush…. the minute I saw this deck I knew I 4had to have it. Actually, I wondered if I had designed it in my sleep or had the artist Lioness-Oracle-Tarotmade her way into my dreams or something. All of my favorite things…. pink, pearls, planets, roses…. and big cats…gold edged. If that’s not enough? The Star card? David fa09602001cf75288611395ce999f2b3--tarotBowie…. and I can’t prove it, but I swear on the 4 of Swords it’s Joe Strummer. I love how these cards talk to me. I love falling into their world. The LWB includes astrology and it’s a pretty little book. I keep it in a sweet pink crystal box and it’s precious to me. I don’t read for clients with it. There’s a companion Oracle Deck that’s just as lush and rich. The Lionness Oracle Tarot  
  5. Anima Mundi Tarot. This deck is animal and nature based and the artwork is so 2023e7e32ae7af92dc6581153f1588danocode20180414135218632beautiful. Each is a little work of art. Gold edged. Paintings. Intuitive. I go on spurts where this the the only deck I read with. Her new oracle deck is out, Nortuna Oracle. I can’t wait to own it! Anima Mundi


6. Golden Thread Tarot. This is one is super interesting. The cards are golden-thread-tarot-second-edition-major-arcana_largekind of plasti-coated. This is very cool as it preserves the sparkle of gold and I loveeee how that slap when you shuffle. They feel so good in your hands. They are rich black with golden stylized images that tell the whole story in strong simple lines. Plus, the website has free apps for the cards and for their School of Witches–tarot lessons. It is deceptively complex in its stark sharp wrappings. This is a clear clean fun deck to read for clients with and it leaves so much room for interpretation. When you want your intuition to do the work and your eyes rest… this is a perfect deck to turn to. Golden Thread Tarot

7. The Wild Unknown. Oh I love this one. I think everyone loves this one! It reads like 2e48f7ecd0912972dd37681650b04b96a dream and the dashes of color added to the black and white drawings enhance the meanings so even very newbie readers are going to be able to read these cards with ease, yet they are far from simple. The more you look, the more you find. There is a sister oracle deck, The Spirit Unknown. The Wild Unknown

8. The Illest. Having this deck at #8 shows that these decks are not in order! imagesI waited so long for this one. OMG. Every time a new preorder went up? Iimages missed it! Then finally finally! It’s so damn special. Any deck that has Alanis? Beyonce? Oprah? Fiona? Winona? Mary J?  Courtney? Cobain? What. Is. Not. To. Love? The uber cool thing here too is that it’s not a gimmick deck. It’s the real deal. Every time I read with it I wonder why on earth I don’t read with it more. There is a hand written cheat sheet with the deck and on her website there are more elaborate descriptions of the cards and her take on their meanings. It’s a treasure and I’m again still looking for the very most right bag or box for my copy to call home. Now that it’s on her website on the regular for sale, I think I best order a back up copy. I love buying straight from the artist and that you can only buy this deck from the artist makes me happy. I received a hand signed card with mine. The sweetest!  I have Kristi’s adorable oracle deck and it’s so perfect. Check out her work and follow her on IG. She’s fun. I respect her so much. The Illest Tarot

9. Starman Tarot. Wow. Bowie. Okay, I’m going to be straight here. I haven’t used my starmantarot_5725_lrgstarman-tarot-kitcopy much yet…. but it’s electric and original and created by a tarot reader and one of Bowie’s set designers who knew The Man…. so yeah. Had to have it. It’s a busy busy deck–so much energy is packed in these cards and they kind of vibrate… there’s a pulse to these cards and I don’t think they are suitable for every read . . .but they are somehow just exactly right. Love Bowie? Love Tarot? Must have. Enough said. Available on Amazon and includes a beautiful full size book. Both fit in a lightening bolt box. The price is shocking low.

10. Everyday Tarot. The well known tarot expert Brigit Esselmont is adorable. It’s petit! 41jaDcti47L._AC_UL200_SR200,200_The cards are a mystical purple and gold and the lines stylized. It comes in a portable hard little box and includes a comprehensive LWB.  The cute cards are thick and despite being small, quite easy to overhand shuffle. I carry this one with me for on the go consults.  The chunky little box can be thrown in my tote without fear of being damanged. The price is great and it’s available on Amazon. It resonated with me quickly and the reads I’ve done have been truly accurate. I’m charmed by it.