tips for the full super moon in virgo tonight

Working with the planets rather than against them can change your life–help you find your life’s purpose, bring abudance, make life’s challenges and obstacles easier to navigate….. The moon is often where we start in bring this alchemy into our lives.

Tonight we are experiencing the largest super moon of the year….. and she is falling in the hard working bone picking  OCD sign of Virgo. In addition, she is trining (a trine is a good aspect… an aspect is how planets talk to each other) both Uranus (in the very last degress of Aries… he is traveling into Taurus on March 6 and will be saying Good Bye to Aries for about 86 years.. so he is dotting his eyes and crossing his T’s and getting his big glorious bow ready to wrap around his Aries transit as he moves on….. ) and Mars in Taurus. In most astrologers’ opinions, Uranus and Mars are conjunct, which means they are buddying up together to share the best of each of their assets. The Sun is in Pisces and Neptune and Mercury are hanging out there together making them super bright and amplified.

Saturn in Capricorn is supporting all of this.

What this means for you today?

A full moon always brings in overflowing water and water is emotion. It flows around us and in us and can take us on a lush journey or plunge us down a waterfall hurdling us toward  rapids. When there is a super moon? The moon is the closest to the earth it can be and to the eye appears 30% brighter and 15% larger.

The moon is a giant quartz crytal and naturally amplifies, and the closer to the earth? The more it amplifies. So whatever emotions you feel? Bigger. More pronounced.

When the moon is full in Virgo it accenuates the qualities that Virgo is famous for–turning that sharp eye to details and picking them apart. Under the moon filled sky? This is likely going to be you turning this laser inward. And no good can come from this. The energetic forces from the other planets–Uranus the lord of power and change hooked up with Mars the god of war and aggression? Empowered by a huge bright moon? Think how merciless you could tear into yourself–or others.

Neptune who is all illusion and disillusion, magic, and artisty  in its natural home of Piseces chatting with Mercury, the God of communication? Goodness. Words may not just come out right. Conversation could emote and sail and be visionary in a dreamy love rich ocean of emtion… or it could be confused or filled with hopes and visions that feel good right then? But aren’t in any way practical or what you or your conversation really want but was just being spoken outloud in an abstact poetic vibe.

So to prepare? 

Sit with any feelings. There’s not need to act or react. There’s no decision that must be made. The one BIG EXCEPTION to this is if you know that you’ve been trying to let go of something or someone. If you can use this energy to  let go now? You will allow your new story to start. You’ll allow freedom in.

And you will be fully supported by the cosmos to have the strength and courage to do so and stick with your decision and move forward. Make this move if you’ve been trying to and have failed to do so or to stick to your decision.

The biggest emotion to sit with is if you indeed turn inward with your scrutiny. Do not rip yourself to shreds. Do not miss the advancements and movement you’ve accomplished due to all of your lost plans or dead ends or detours. All of that rubble that needs to be, yes. Exactly. Cast out with the power of the moon tonight.

Instead, use this power to dream. To envision. To make plans and let your imagination soar. Make lists (Saturn likes this. So does Virgo.) that you can revisit and follow up with and revise later.

Do not engage in confrontations or arguments. Do not spend money on a whim that you honestly don’t have. Don’t let yourself be washed away with the flood of emotions that might can surface. Do not take any feeling at face value. Be still if this is how you react to the night.


However. This is one big giant ball of celeration as well. It will be a gorgeous glow casting it’s energy upon us. It’s a glorious time to celebrate your accomplishments. To make note of the goals you have achieved and any progress you’ve made, even if it’s not fully completed. The journey is our life, after all. It’s “what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.” Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) Lennon

It’s the perfect night to gather with those you love, truly love, deeply love, enjoy, accept, and who accept us. Those who make us laugh and feel part of.

It’s a good night to see only the good in yourself.  To see your hard work. To see your efforts, successful or not, they are all successful because you attempted them.

It’s a good night to be fully alive. To be. To laugh.

To take a night away from your pain and strife and obstacles and loss. If it’s truly worth your energy and time, it will still be there tomorrow. Perhaps though it might just wash away with the tides. Stranger things have happened.

Join me in the moonlight, won’t you?

With love, and all good things–


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