my computer seems to be kinda working today…. quick blasts about the opening of The House of Neptune and special offers! happy ostara eve!!!!!

Tomorrow is a Super Full Moon in Libra, as well as the Spring  Solstice–Ostara when very thing is and blooming and starting fresh. Baby lambs, flowers waking up, rebirth. Ring any bells? For astrologers, it’s the New Year. Libra is partnerships and justice and is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty.  All of this together signals a week of karmic harvesting. What were you putting into motion 6 months ago.

Pluto is also heavy in the aspects. Pluto will help you get what you desire…. if you are willing to prove you want it. Are you working for it? Are you sacrificing for it? What are you willing to weather? What have you given so far? If you are still standing in your dream by the end of this week? You will be rewarded. Prove to the Lord of the Underworld  that you are willing to go the depths and he’ll see it you succeed.

The House of Neptune.

We are so close. Saturday is the Official Grand Opening Party. Please join me if you live in the Houston area ( I know that means basically Huntsville to San Antonio amymore) and stop by to say hi, see what the studio is all about, seize some great oopporetunities to book reads and charts at a special Opening Night discount, and by all means come to hear Herschel Berry debut his solo performance at 73-830. This is a hot ticket my friends. There are those of us in Houston who’ve asked The Man for years for this. He’s providing. Come receive.

Special Offers:

Grand Opening Week Reads–3 card tarot & weekly personal astro chart for $30 (delivered in 12 hours)

Book an astrology chart. Deluxe for 150 (regular 190); Basic 90 (regular 125) Special area (love/career/purpose) 50 (regular 80) Book and pay. (1-4 week delivery depending)

Patron of the House–350 for one year–receive 15% off of all reads and workshops for one year, plus one free astrocast a month based on your personal sign. Thank you gift is a basic house/sign anaylsis to be delivered within 2 weeks (value $600 for monthly astrocast plus 125 for basic house/sign totally 825 plus discounts for reads/workshops)

Intuitive Therapy–Shadow Work for deepest wound and elemental deficiencies to align the entire self for empowerment and balance and purposeful living. A package of 4 sessions for $150 or a package of 10 for $350. These can be used in any time frame you wish.

Don’t forget:

Gallery Opening and Show with Brittany Pierre on March 30, 7-9 PM

Crystal Healing Workshop co-hosted with My Flaming Heart on March 31, 6 PM with 20% off all shopping at My Flaming Heart after class. $30. (scecdule preworkshop to allow for me to complete your elementals chart which is included)

Beto Campaign Launch, Live Streaming Party on March 31 at 11 AM


Tuesdays at 7: Hour Happy: Houston’s Alternative Happy Hour . Meditation led by Rajesh. Meditation, Vegan Dish, Fresh Juice, Cool People. Suggested donation $5 for mediation, 5 for juice, 5 for dish.

Wednesdays at 7:30 Yoga with Mellow Yoga. Get you flow on with a suggestd $10 donation.

Mondays starting April 1 at 4:30. Art Therapy with Alexanda Lechin. Suggested donation $5

Thursdays starting March 28: CBD and Hemp Workshop with Aza.

Much more coming soon including: Monthly Full Moon Shamanic Rituals, Tea and Tarot Saturdays, writing workshops, ESL and college writing tutorials, workshops, more classes.

Please contact me for more information at or text to 910-352-1198. New website to be launched later this week!

Look up at that full moon tomorrow, guys and dolls. Stay your prayers. Send gratiude to your gods and goddesses. Tell someone you love them. Be well.

With love and all good things,