a quick little full moon note….

Isn’t she lovely? The giant crystal goddess in the sky is really showing off tonight. Huge, close, and ruled by Venus. All that love. All that beauty. It leaves me a bit gobsmacked.

It’s officially the New Year here in astrology land. We have teetered again on that equinox and slipped over into Spring. Do you feel it/ Do you feel this like a deep drink of water, a slow yoga stretch; like letting go of holding your breath?

In less than three days, The House of Neptune will be open and rocking and rolling to the sweet and bad ass sound of Hershel Berry. It’s a lot to take it. This is, as my favorite person said,  my very big thing.

I hope you’ll find your way there sometime and I hope when you do you will feel welcome and safe and surrounded by the gratitude and love and blessings that I  painted into the walls.

i’m a child of the moon with Venus ruling my co-ascendant. Everything I see and feel tonight  is hope and love and harvest and beauty. I think of the stories told, the stories to come, the stories of my ancestors and tonight I feel they are proud of me for listenig to the whisper of spirit, for refusing to ignore what i dare to know.

Sleep in peace. Dream in love. Wake in joy.

With love, and all good things–


My website is changing! As The House of Neptune launches, so does my new website designed by Jade Young: http://www.thehouseofneptune.com

You can reach me at the folling e-mail: HelloKitty@thehouseofneptune

Drop me a line. i look forward to hearing from you.