clear your clutter clear your mind

Why offer decluttering? Because with our lives full of junk, unused and unneeded treasure, sentimental clothing, papers papers papers, outgrown clothing, and the ilk , which also means our minds and focus are full of junk. There’s a spiritual bliss that comes from letting go….. we talk about this a great deal in the Spiritual community–in Astrology….. letting go of what no longer serves us so that the space is created for what we do need. This is the physical 48364823-woman-legs-reaching-out-from-a-big-pile-of-clothes-and-accessories-woman-buried-under-an-untidy-clutmanifestation of spiritual practice. It is the personal eclipse.

When we release, we have an almost instant lessening of anxiety and a more content mind. When you have less to maintain? There is more room for thought… for doing what you wish…. there’s a freedom to stripping down to what makes you really truly happy. Not because of guilt, fear, and all of the many reasons we hang onto stuff–but because it pleases our eyes, brings us happy, makes our life easier.

Don’t let your stuff rule your home and your life.

Don’t let your past define your future.

Let me make a plan for you and guide you through your de-cluttering process.

46591806_156829378613668_5549815712236268020_nWhen you work alone, it’s so easy to get caught up in sentiment and become simply overwhelmed. When you bring in a subjective organizer, you can flow through the process and see your floors and shelves and closets become  functional again.

In the initial consultation, I will visit your home and  construct a plan based on your particular needs. In addition, I will time your decluttering process to begin at the most auspicious  for you so that you will have the cosmos  to lift you up and assist you in completing your goal. When you begin certain projects at certain times, you up your chances of seeing it through. Our goal will be ease and flow.

During the follow up sessions I will attend to serve as your guide and interventionist to help you make the decisions you need for you. I will ask you the hard questions. I will hold your hand as you free yourself.

Afterwards, I can assist you in finding organizing solutions. paper-clutter-help2

Caveat: I am not there to do the work for you, to lift and carry. I will assist when it is called for and practical for me–but only you can do the physical work if you wish for this process to work its magic in your life.

Service Fees:

Initial Consultation includes visiting your home, crafting a plan, and electional astrology for your most auspicious start date. I will also craft a fu sigil to harnass the energy needed to begin & complete the process based on your particular elemental and emotional and practical needs.


Each De-Cluttering Session will consist of a pre-determined number of hours. The rates below are for each session. There is also a package available for a discounted rate paid in advance.

35.00/ hour


The New Moon Package-Beginning

  • Consultation and 4 sessions of 4 hours each; paid in advance: $650, a  savings of $60

The Waxing Moon Package–The New Phase

  •  4 sessions x 4 hours each; paid in advance: $500  (saving $60)

The Full Moon Package

  • $1000 Savings of $270! (paid in advance)
  • Consultation and 8 sessions of 4 hours each; paid in advance
  • Sessions can be added as needed


I welcome your questions to ascertain if this service is right for you. Flexible payment plans available.