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If you’re in the Houston area, I can work with you in person at the The House of Neptune in Mid Main.

I am also available via e-mail & by telephone & zoom. 

To book an appointment, please contact me at

Alternately, you can text me at 910-352-1198 (text only; no calls)

If you are seeking a session ASAP, please put 911 in your text message & I will do my best to accomodate.

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I can process your credit card information via Square. If you chose this option, please let me know this in your e-mail or text. 

Note: my work is combined psychological, divinatory, and predictive in nature. Divinatory work cannot predict the future without doubt…. we all have free will and come upon forks where we have choices to make. The stars and planets will do their absolute best to push you toward your life’s purpose and most authentic life–that’s kind of their whole deal….. however sometimes we are shockingly poor fullsizeoutput_3e9c.jpeglisteners and stubbornly cling to what we think is our highest desire ignoring the cup floating right in front of us spirit is offering filled with the exact elixir we are seeking. (Tarot enthusiasts will recognize this as the 4 of Cups). This is one of the most powerful uses of astrology and all of the divinatory arts. Don’t be that unhappy pouting guy to the left…… 


Session Rates:


Deluxe Natal Chart 190  (written only)

  • The Deluxe Natal Chart is a Star Map of the moment of your birth. The Deluxe version includes house/sign analysis, aspect analysis, a look at your Life’s Purpose, Love Life, Finances, Deepest Wound. I also include some fun little bells and whistles such as your personal Tarot Cards, a guide to your Solar Return (for those 25-3; 55-61; 85-91), and what major transits are having an effect on you currently. Your vjczffftrrw4nvbw2ulneamanuscript is  written strickly by me–I do not use pre-fab computer software–via personal anaysis and channeling/automatic writing. When you receive your chart, there will be approximately 25-40 pages of work that is personal & keyed specifically to you. Because of the detail involved, your chart could take 2-4 weeks minimum. If there is a rush need, please inform me ahead of time. If I am backlogged longer than 4 weeks, I will alert you when you purchase.

Basic Natal Chart  150 (150 written; 110 recorded or in person–this will not be as detailed as the written chart and cannot be done in person without advance notice)

  • The Basic Chart is a more stripped down version of the Deluxe. This includes your house/sign analysis, major aspects only,  a look at one area of you specify in a bit more detail (Life’s Purpose, Love Life, Finances, or Deepest Wound. The Deluxe Chart includes all), your personal Tarot  Cards, and any major transits currently have an effect on you. Just as the Deluxe Chart, your manuscript is personally written by me through analysis and channeling with no computer software. It will take 2-4 weeks to complete and you should expect to receive a 15-30 page manuscript.

Solar Chart for New Year’s or Birthday 250 (limited version, 200) (full solar is written only; an in person or audio mini-version 150)

  • Your Solar Chart will take a look at your upcoming year (Jan 1-Dec 31 or this year’s Birthday to the next…. or any particular date you chose–you can order this any time of year.) I will cast a chart for  the upcoming year and advise you of changes and challenges you can expect. I will also give you a  listing of planetary transits and how these will personally touch your life. You can use this information to do annual planning and/or intention and goal setting. This is an extraordinary way to dance 1522336649252with the planets and know what energy to expect. You can therefore plan anything from your upcoming nuptials to surgery to purchasing a home to a big business meeting relying on the cosmic energy at work. Life is smoother and authentically flows when you work with the universe rather than fighting against it. There are years we have strong personality shifts that can catch us by surprise. These will be discussed if this is on your dancecard for the year.

Basic Natal Trinity (Sun, Moon, Rising) 100 (100 written; 80 in person or audio)

  • You are so much more than your sun sign! Your personality is complex and mutli-faceted–thus answering the question, how can all those Libras be the same? They are simply not. The core of your Star Map is your personal trinity and I will discuss rota a pio quarto from vaticinia by joachim of fiore (1589)at length your sun, moon, and rising (ascendant) signs and how they interact and influence/comprise you. Think of trinities–father, son, holy ghost; man, earth, spirit; maiden, mother, crone.–you get the idea!

Horary–1 comprehensive question 80; 3 questions 200

  • Horary is as old as astrology. I cast a chart to answer a specific burning question. This is the same price for written, audio, or in person.
  • Elective astrology dates are the same price. Do you need a particular date for something special–a proposal, a presentation? I can find the most auspicious date for you–while no date is perfect, some as soooo much more star struck than others! When it’s important, why leave it to chance?

Synestry: Love–150 (150 Written; 120 audio or in person)

  • I will examine you and your beloved’s–or potential beloved’s–Star Maps to determine compatability, and mostly, potential challenges and ways to overcome and prevent them–or flaming road hazards!

Diving Deep 125 (125 written or audio)

  • I will explore in depth one area of your choice–love, finance, life’s purpose, career, relationships, mother/father/childhood, deepest wound and shadow, past life, or another deep concern. Let me know what you want to know. In a Natal Chart, I cover basics and there is a good deal of enlightenment, however much more can be learned from putting on scuba gear and going deep. There’s almost no end to what can be determined!

Discounts for multiple charts

If you would like a telephone or in person session to discuss your written completed chart, please add 40 to your total.

  • I will spend approximately 40 minutes with you reviewing the information and answering your questions.


  • Prices are for in person or telephone live reads. The price in ($) are for written reads.

1 Question  25  (30)fullsizeoutput_3a4bfullsizeoutput_3e3a

3 Questions 40   (50)

Comprehensive General Read  60   (80)

The Opening of the Key 100 (125)

  • The Opening of the Key is an involved and detailed read that takes several steps and gives the querent (you!) a plethora of information. This is what Spirit determines you need to know at this time. This is an age old divinatory reading. Please plan at least an hour for this reading.

Accessing the Akashic Records 175   (225)

  • The Akashic Records contain all that is, was, and will be. This spiritual, personal, intensive reading will call down the Recording Angel to unlock the records and give me access to your files to reveal messages from those spirits who are the most relevant to you at this time, as well as messages from your ancestors and in regard to the personal path you are walking.
  • You will have the opportunity to ask 3 specific questions. Please have these prepared prior to your appointment.
  • If this reading is in person, please plan to have 60-90 minutes for the session. Come hydrated and if possible, fasting is advised (but not mandatory) on the day of the read.

Love Read 60  (80)

Clutter Intervention

  • Please see Menu for Decluttering Page with Session options & description.

 I Ching:

  • 60 written only. G4TA8JANQRqDYTM+PApZMA
  • This ancient form of divination uses the Ba Gua and coins to cast interact with & seek counsel from Spirit. Using a personally made board, consecrated coins, and a channeled Book of Changes from the Mysterious Lady of the Ninth Heaven to fullsizeoutput_3e44Benebell Wen, I will interpret messages for your particular situation.. This intense and thorough read will not only give you prophetic advice, but wisdom to change course and determine your most auspicious outcome.


Lo Shu Oracle Bone 

  • 40 in person or audio. 50 written.
  • Using the Magic Square and a private independent oracle B7gpcrB%T0COO1sXpUlOXwdeck using Chinese Oracle Bone, I will give you advise and prophecy based on the 9 areas of your life. This is a general read–not for a specific question.


  • Please schedule a 20 minute free consultation.images

Intuitive Therapy

  • I combine metaphysics with talk therapy. Being able to intuit the areas that are your most fragile, or your deepest wound know as your Chiron, as well as karmic issues & your darkness and light, I can work with you to find balance and empowerment.
  • Having studied the work of Parts Therapy & Teal Swan, as well as Shadow Work using Tarot for Empowerment, and having more than a decade of working with talk therapy, I believe I can determine your best course of action to work through what is bringing you discomfort and pain.
  • 80 or 4 sessions for 260 paid in full in advance

Women’s Topics

  • No subject is too intimate or unusual to bring to the table. I do not judge. Topics of specialization include: sexuality, women’s intimate health, parenting, pregnancy, IMG_0878natural & alternative health, domestic abuse,sexual abuse, family/loved ones with addition,  eating disorders.



Crystal Healing:

  • Consultation for elemental balancing and crystal healing for various energy and health related needs. fullsizeoutput_3e92
  • Crystals can assist you in grounding, cleansing, pain, focus & concentration, amplifying intuition & psychic ability among a myriad of other uses.


Cat Reiki:

  • Let me channel and bring peace to your feline companion.img_2003
  • Price to be determined by situation & location, minimum 100.





  • Price to be determined by situation. 50-500