chinese oracle bone lo shu read


What this read is: 

Using a private unreleased deck of divination cards bearing more than 3000  year old Chinese Oracle Bone Script, I will divine 9 areas of your life.

Oracle bones are the earliest known form of divination. This particular deck was channeled to and conceived by a modern metaphysical practitioner by spirit, and gifted to other metaphysicians. I have been working with this deck for quite a while and have found it to be highly predictive and spot on, giving great insight for myself as well as my clients. I no longer do general tarot card reads, and instead turn to this deck and spread for a much higher degree of accuracy.

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The Lo Shu Magic Square combined with Oracle Bone Script Divination Cards will

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empower me to examine, divinate, and advise on the 9 areas of your life: finances/assets/money; ambitions; love/relationships; family/ancestory; health/wellnes; children/fertility/innovation/creativity; knowledge/skills/education; career; allies/community/blessings.

What I do:

I work with these card using the Lo Shu–a square based on the order of 3. The Lo Shu’s legacy is in that of mathematics and divination, and is essential to the art of  Feng Shui, the Bagua, and other esoteric Taoist magical traditions.

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Zhu Rong, Keeper of the Scared Southern Fire,  who is one of my patron dieties per my astrology, is who I seek counsel from for these reads.

As needed, I will clarify using pendulum, additional cards, the I Ching, tarot, or astrology. I can also combine this read with other metaphysics for a discount. Please e-mail me for information & special requests.

What you will do:

Email me with particular concerns in your life, up to 3 areas that you need advice and divination on. 

Send a payment of $40 via PayPal or Facebook Pay.

What you will recieve:

A written detailed, comprehensive, personal  manuscript of the read totaling approximately three (or more) pages.