feline reiki

Cats have chakras that can be out of sync just the same as you and I.

As a Feline Reiki Master and certified Cat Behavorialist, not to mention I’ve never had a time in my life when I didn’t live with a feline companion (or as a cat rescurer, many), I am qualified to work with your beloved kitty to align her chakras and channel into her particular situation assisting you to work with her emotional or physical pain.

Sessions for Feline Reiki, with crystal therapy chakra alignment & channeling, are:

In Home$100 for 50 minutes with up to 45 minute drive time. (I am located in Mid Main, Houston). Additional mileage, $25.

Let me know your area. I am available for the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area. For further distance or other concerns, please contact me for a free consultation.  *On the rare chance that your cat and I do not click well to work together, this will be determined in the first half hour and the charge will be cut to $60.*

In Office Sessions coming in 2019.

Free 20 Minute Zoom Consultation.