tarot reads

                                             Audio & Face to Face Reads: $40

Written Reads: $50                                                         tarot 4


Reads are 10 cards (give or take; the spreads depend on  your situation & the advice you seek.)

Written reads are very detailed and include photographs of the spreads and I will be using channeling through automatic writing.

I do not work with a simple “give me a read”–please let me know the area(s) you are interested in so that I can select the  proper and most auspicious deck, spread, & even date for your read.

  • love
  • career
  • finances
  • job hunt
  • any relationships
  • vacations
  • major purchases
  • breaking habits
  • anything you can think of, really
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My reads are divinatory, but also therapeutic in nature. If I deem necessary,  I will include  an oracle or I Ching read, use a pendulum, or call upon deity. There will be no extra fees for these additions.IMG_8831

When I write, I channel, so the written read will also include these channeled nuances in your document. This is a very thorough and detailed reading. You can expect a 3-5 page document minimum.


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