women’s intimate health

crystal goddess

$80– 60 minutes; $110– for 90 minutes 

Special rates for payment in advance of 4 sessions or more. 

Many of a woman’s intimate issues are related to diet, trauma, fear… and very often talk therapy and Mother Nature has the answers…. or at least are a darn good place to start.

No topic is off-limits! 

Explore talk therapy in a unique setting–via zoom online, telephone, or in the privacy of my comfortable office on my tufted pink Barbie sofa– and learn how to use crystals,  nutrition, the planets via astrology, meditation, empowerment oracle cards, reiki, divinity, altar work, the moon cycles, and other metaphysics & alternative health options to heal.  

From emotional wounds & emotional trauma from physical or sexual abuse that affect sexuality– to the physical symptoms of menopause, awakening your inner goddess, shadow work, lack of self-confidence, nightmares, PTSD, parenting dilemmas, breastfeeding instruction & concerns, parenting questions & challenges, fertility, sexual pain, digestive & weight issues, poverty, self-sabotage or self-mutilation, eating disorders, beauty, aging, relationship & connection struggles, sexual health, intimacy & relationship issues, lack of libido, frigidity, sex magic, sacred sex, lunar manifestation practices, sexual/gender confusion, vaginal pain from trauma/ hormonal issues, sexual identity, the divine feminine & divine masculine, self-pleasuring, experimental, edgy, or taboo subjects, raising a mentally ill or disabled child, grief, loss ……….. to finding your sacred goddess within.

This is a  unique version of  therapy or coaching to discuss your most intimate issues and seek advice on subjects difficult to bring up to doctors and friends–or when doctors & friends don’t have answers, as is often the situation with western medical practice. 

Know that you cannot welcome in abundance if you don’t feel worthy.  Realize that pleasure and beauty are not wrong–rather, they are not only good, but necessary parts of a fulfilling and enriching life. This is not a light and fluffy talk around the edges session. That sort of work  will get you…. nowhere. Let’s talk about what’s really bothering you without restraint, shame, or fear of being judged. You are free to discuss anything with your confidentality respected–what you say goes in the vault. 

I am not a medical doctor. I am however a woman who has survived a plethora of malodies and traumas…. I am also a trained lactation consultant and former La Leche League leader and public high school English and ESL teacher. My minor is in behavorial science and I have studied parts completion therapy and integration therapy, as well as shadow work in various forms. I am a certified Crystal Healer in both the USA and Europe, and am a Reiki Master for both humans and animals, with a focus on felines. As a therapist, I have worked closely with mental illness in teens and young adults, as well as domestic violence and eating disorders. As a mother of two adult daughters, who raised them alone, I am well versed in issues concerning poverty and a lack of emotional support. 

If you are on a limited buget, please talk to me about my sliding scale payment options.

Let’s get to work.