projects: my venus

Venus is the planet of beauty and love, connections and value. It’s a personal planet. What we find filled with beauty, what we love and see as love, what we desire connection to, and what we find value in? These are personal. These are Venusian qualities. These, along with Patrón and buttercream icing and glitter, are the Goddess Venus’ gifts to us.

The mythos of Venus is literally as old as time as she is the brightest star in the sky outside the luminaries (the sun and the moon), thus visible to the naked eye when our ancestors turned their eyes to the sky sans telescope.

She is all that glistens and guides, for what else guides us but our heart? Our passions?

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strong pull of what you really love. It will not lead  you astray.”–Rumi

When creating this website, I was silently drawn to share my projects with you–those completed and ongoing and to come. Why? This was the question I pondered with my old friend over fancy tea and coffee. Why include them here? I knew there was reason and this is what I realized. The Rumi quote above.

I have been drawn to follow the muse of my Venus always. Often I was not in the situation where it seemed possible or viable. I made little ways because to live without passion and beauty is to be dying all the time.

“There’s no time to lose, I heard her say. Catch your dreams before they slip away. Dying all the time. Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind.”–Richards/Jagger

As you find yourself feeling 25, but realizing instead, rather you are 55 and you do the math and know there’s no time, then there is only time to reach out for Venus like the ring on a merry go round and make damn sure you grab it. The only way to live and to live fully is to ask the goddess out and court her and dazzle her with the diamonds of your desires.

After study of religions and spirituality and Oprah and mythos and psychology and pop culture….. what I know is this. It all comes back to the Bill Hicks stand up I saw in my early 20’s that has shaped my life.

There are only two emotions–love and fear. Every single other one comes from these two. If you are not choosing love, you are choosing fear. While shaking in my boots I chose love over and over…… I chose Venus.

I regret nothing in my quest.

For this reason I share my adventures, my dreams, my Venus so that you can share in my obstacles, my challenges, my pain, my joys, my tears of love and fear. So you through me you can learn to chose your Venus. Because this is the Time. Because there is no Time.

I continue to try to paint my stories with truth. The reason I am here, that I do this work is to assist and hopefully guide you to the path of your Venus. Your own private Idaho. I share my losses and my mistakes and as I work toward transparency, you can thus know my philosophy and ethos and how I continue to pull myself up, find reason in my pain, find redemption in beauty and desire and to be silently drawn, and  take the next step on my journey, even if shaking, even if on tiptoes.

For I have never, not once, been lead astray when I set my sights by the Morning Star. For I have never once felt regret when my passions are being sated.

I am here to assist you in setting your sights on your own, come what may. Come as you are.

*displayed in these images  are a few of my passions: Billie Joe Armstrong, Green Day, tattoos, beautiful words, Venus, stories of synchronicity, Hemingway, typewriters, Hemingway’s typewriter, films, old fashioned projectors, movie theaters, vintage machines.