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vision statement:

To walk, create, and love in grace, passion, gratitude, and poise toward the alchemic vibration of my soul’s purpose, curating my life to the beat, in this Holocene, of the anima mundi. 


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If you  found this page, I believe it is likely we have work to do together.  There are no coincidences. Oddities, yes. Reality stranger than fiction? Certainly. But no coincidences. 

I have attempted to sort out services to help you determine what interests you most & what will serve you best, however truly I use all metaphysics together.

Often an astrology session would benefit from an I Ching  read or  crystals for healing & a Feng Shui cure.  To accurately perform crystal healing, it is necessary for me to calculate your elementals which are based upon your Natal Astrology Chart. The basis of what I do is grounded in astrology.  I would personally advise at least a minimal basic Natal Chart read prior to or in addition to any other session,  however it is perfectly fine to go straight for a tarot read, crystal healing, or therapy session.

If you aren’t certain what your needs require, it is my pleasure  and honor to meet you face-to-face, online, or via telephone  for  a complementary 20 minute consultation.

I look forward to working with you.


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